When Mikayla moved from Queensland to the West of Sydney to be with her brother and band she falls for the bassist Calum Hood who takes her to places u could never imagine and all with the help of the boys in the band and Mikayla's best friends Tiana, Emma and Kalani but will luv end up hurting the band, Mikayla and her friends. find out in SHE'S SO PERFECT


18. Disney Land Love

Mikayla's POV

as I opened my eyes I jumped on Calum and screamed

'' babe this is the best surprise ever" I said hugging Calum as tight as I could

"there's another surprise waiting in the hotel room" he explained as we hopped into the Disney land bus going through the front gates straight to the first stop of our tour around the park.

'' Mikayla do we really have to go in the HAUNTED HOUSE'' Cal said looking freaked out

'' yeh babe why r u chicken?'' I questioned him laughing,

" um no not at all" he said rubbing the back of his neck

" u so r"

" babe lets just walk to the princess castle cause that's were u r supposed to be" he said kissing my head slowly

I got a text from Kalani


hey miki I'm not going to be late back tonight hanging with Michael going to dinner and seeing a movie so don't wait up

hey I'm not going to be staying in the bus tonight I'm with Cal tonight we will be back before the show tomorrow night

oh yeh where did he end up taking u


holy moly man Calum is good to u

yeh I know he's the best


Kalani POV

Michael and my dinner went by so fast and so did the movie we ended up getting home before Michael pulled out an oddly shaped present obviously for me 

" give me give me give me" I yelled at him

he handed me the present and I opened it realising it was the best present I had ever been given ever

"OMG a potato man how did u know Michael and were did u find it I have been looking everywhere for it"

" well ok Mikayla told me about it and where I found it is a secret" he said

Calum POV

man miki wanted to go in the haunted house but I fucking hate scary rides and I can't even watch horror movies without screaming like a girl.

"miki princess can we got to the castle instead that's were u belong" I said pointing towards the castle in the far distance"

"Cal I really want to go into this house" she said whimpering and pouting at me

"fine but I hate scary things so if u want to see ur boyfriend screaming go ahead take me in there"

"fine I don't want to get kicked out cause ur screaming ur head off "

I laughed as we walked to the castle hand in hand wrapping my arm around her neck her eyes widened when she saw the castle then turned to me.

"can we live in a castle like that Cal please"

"of course princess" I said to her kissing her softly on the cheek she squealed and pulled away

"no PDA Cal I hate it"

" what the fuck is PDA babe"

" Public Display of Affection meaning kissing babe don't u hate it seeing couples kiss in public"


"well were not being one of those couples Cal"

"ok but I am going to kiss u later babe"

" of course but not now ok"

"ok what ever but I'm still holding ur hand"


we walked into the castle and I heard her yawn we had been there for the entire day and it was about 7:30 which was quite late and we were the only people left at the park so we decided to head back to the hotel were I completely forgot my surprises were.

"miki I have two more surprises for u inside so walk in"

"OMG Mrs Hood I haven't seen u in forever" she was laughing hugging my mum then she saw my second surprise a baby pug.

"the puppy is so cute Cal who's dog did u steal"

"nobody's babe the puppy is for u what do u want to call him"

"uuuummmm what about Nala"

"Nala it is then"

'' Mikayla Cal I'm going to go to my room have fun u too"

"ok mum see u in the morning"

"night Mrs Hood"

Mikayla POV

" oh Calum, Nala is so cute thanks for buying her for me I luv her almost as much as luv u" biting my lip then kissing him softly on his smooth soft lips.

"babe PDA doesn't count in the room does it"

"no Cal it doesn't " kissing him yet again but this time running out to get my pjs and toothbrush

getting changed in the bathroom before he walked in wearing his toucan boxers

" oh I'm not kissing u while ur wearing those underwear go change"

he decided to do a keek with me he said he was 'showing me to the public' bullshit it was so he could watch the video when he missed me or I was mad at him which was quite frequently because he made me so infuriated I had three missed calls on my phone and all seemed to be from Emma which was extremely weird so I decided to call her back

Hey Emma what's wrong I asked

I'm at the hospital miki

what why r u ok?

yeh I'm fine so why u at the hospital is it Ash

no Ash is fine so is Kalani and Michael there both here with me

so who's not ok then why r u at the hospital

miki it's Tiana...  




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