When Mikayla moved from Queensland to the West of Sydney to be with her brother and band she falls for the bassist Calum Hood who takes her to places u could never imagine and all with the help of the boys in the band and Mikayla's best friends Tiana, Emma and Kalani but will luv end up hurting the band, Mikayla and her friends. find out in SHE'S SO PERFECT


6. Cuddling

I woke up yet again in Calum's arms but this time he was still asleep. So I yelled at him I will just have to find someone else to kiss when his eyes shot open." I guess u can kiss me"he replied softly removing his hair from his eyes to see me. I asked him if I could wear his shirt cause mine were all in the wash. He laughed and said " of course u can anytime u need to he tried to kiss me again but I refused too seeing I had morning breath he kept trying to attack me with his plump lips. I yelled at him as he grabbed my waist tightly still trying to kiss me. " NO CALUM" I said causing him to run off being a toddler. " Calum I can't just keep kissing u all the time I need space I yell from the bottom stairs." He was being an idiot about the whole thing "Cal I still like u" all I heard was Calum run from his room to Michaels room obviously pissed with me. I walked to Ash giving him a cuddle and walked away cause he was with Emma obviously having a make out session. I texted Tiana

Come to my house :)

I soon got a reply back

Ok be there in about 10 bitch :)

Ok see I then :)

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