When Mikayla moved from Queensland to the West of Sydney to be with her brother and band she falls for the bassist Calum Hood who takes her to places u could never imagine and all with the help of the boys in the band and Mikayla's best friends Tiana, Emma and Kalani but will luv end up hurting the band, Mikayla and her friends. find out in SHE'S SO PERFECT


19. Crying

what's wrong with her Emma

miki she's

spit it out Emma I can't deal with this shit what's wrong

well she is in a coma and Luke has been pretty bashed up too the shows have been cancelled for the next few weeks

OMG I felt my mind go numb what if she doesn't make it or she's got brain damaged and how did it happened why did it have to happen to Tiana of all people.

Mikayla u still there

yeh um how did it happen

a bad car crash it wasn't Luke's fault the guy swerved the wrong side of the road wiping Tiana and Luke off the road crashing into a tree on the other side the guy died immediately Mikayla the guy was drunk too.

I'm on  my way now

no Mikayla enjoy ur night if anything happens I will call u ok

okay bye

r u ok Mikayla

yeh fine just in shock is all

ok I have to go talk to u as soon as I hear something

bye Emma

as soon as the phone call ended I sat on the bed with Calum. we both had the same blank expression on our faces and didn't know  what to say until Calum turned and kissed my head and cuddled me

" we r going to the hospital now Mikayla I will drop Nala off at mums room and explain what happened I will give mum the key for the room and we will come back tomorrow to get our stuff"

"thanks Cal I really wanted to go see Tiana and Luke and u knew"

I threw on my black jeans and Calum's sweat shirt and put my hair in a small bun and threw Cal's beanie on and walked to the car

we drove all the way to the hospital and Emma came up to me and Cal who were both emotional wreaks

" guys I was about to ring u. u should have just stayed at the hotel Tiana's awake now she still has to stay here to be monitored but she will be back home in about a week she also has bad cuts and she broke a rib but they will heal themselves in time"

"oh thank god can we see her please"

" yeh she's down the hall in room 5W"

"thanks Emm" Calum and I said walking down the corridor I grabbed his hand gripping it tightly

"hey guys" Luke said very battered and bruised and  a huge gash against his head.

"Luke r u alright bro" me and Calum asked before he directed his hand to Tiana

"it's not me u should be worrying about it's Tiana she got hit more then me"

I walked to Tiana's bed side with a tear falling from the corner of my eye.

" hey miki I'm so sorry for making u worry so much I'm fine just a little sore wished I didn't break my damn rib and I hope that the guy that hit us as much as I hate him I hope he's fine"

"Tiana he died immediately he crashed into a tree after hitting u"

"that's terrible"

"I'm glad ur ok get well soon me and Cal will be back tomorrow get some sleep please

" see ya Tiana" Cal said standing up grabbing my hand intertwining our fingers

"bye guys see u tomorrow"

Cal and I drove back to the hotel to get Nala but I decided we should stay cause Calum booked the room for the night  

I fell back onto the bed getting out of my day clothes into my pjs and even tho Calum bought me my own shirt to wear it never felt the same as when I wore his I guess it was the smell of the cloth that lingered on my body so I continued to wear Calum's shirts. I threw on his NASA shirt and fell back on the bed. then I realised I had gotten dressed in front of Calum ohhh God I really just did that didn't I. the next second I got a face time call from Kalani and a weird potato man figure

'' what is that Kalani"

"Mr Potato Man Michael got him for me I have been looking for a potato like this forever''

''ok so what did u want''

'' what u doing right now''

''um about to go to bed its been a hectic day and I'm tired''

''oh ok see ya tomorrow''


immediately Calum laughed

'' what Mr Hood" I said

''don't call me that, that's my dad''

''oh yeh true um gross''

''I luv u miki" Calum said planting a his on my head wrapping his arms around my waist as I slowly fell asleep.

2 weeks later

Tiana was out of hospital and Calum and I were back in the bus touring the rest of America.

Michael and Kalani were going to Paris in a few weeks and things were back on track until...  

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