When Mikayla moved from Queensland to the West of Sydney to be with her brother and band she falls for the bassist Calum Hood who takes her to places u could never imagine and all with the help of the boys in the band and Mikayla's best friends Tiana, Emma and Kalani but will luv end up hurting the band, Mikayla and her friends. find out in SHE'S SO PERFECT


3. Calum's obsession

It grew late and Calum, Michael, Luke and I sat on the couch I don't know where Ash got to but he wasn't with us. The door rang and I realised it was my bestie Tiana she jumped on me and Luke's eyes widened. I yelled to Luke " go get her tiger" everyone started to go to bed but me and Tiana Luke and Calum. Eventually Tiana went home and Luke went to bed leaving me and as I went to say goodnight to Calum he pulled me back grabbing my waist pulling me in as he said " hey Mikayla can we cuddle" giving me a smirk then pouting like a little puppy dog. I walked into the open planned kitchen grabbing a drink and hearing footstep behind me as I turned I bumped into Calum spilling my drink all over his shirt. "I'm so so sorry Calum" i said truthfully. Calum said it was alright as he removed his shirt to show his amazing abs

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