When Mikayla moved from Queensland to the West of Sydney to be with her brother and band she falls for the bassist Calum Hood who takes her to places u could never imagine and all with the help of the boys in the band and Mikayla's best friends Tiana, Emma and Kalani but will luv end up hurting the band, Mikayla and her friends. find out in SHE'S SO PERFECT


17. bunks

I'm sorry this is going to be a super long chapter but I though my last few were quite short so I hope u enjoy :)


I heard Calum walking back to his empty bunk trying not to laugh from my bunk I let out a small giggle and I felt Calum open up the curtain from my bunk and jump up in the bunk. He was in his black Calvin Klein boxers only no shirt and no proper pants oh god who knows what's going to happen as I laid my head on his chest softly before I got up and ran to the kitchen getting the ben and jerry's ice cream running back to the bunk asking him to get my laptop and open Netflix so we could watch a movie

" Cal lets watch a movie" I moaned

"nah lets just cuddle tonight" Calum said quietly trying not to wake the others up

"nah what about mean girls" I said laughing

"fine but only cause ur so cute" Calum said biting his lip 

" let me feed u the ice cream" Calum argued

"ok babe but don't get it on my shirt I don't have anything else to wear to bed" I said

" that's fine Cal said its my shirt any way and I have tonnes" he said putting his marron beanie on

I laughed and stole it and got Cal to put it on my head handing him my snapback that said 'DRAMA QUEEN' on it.

I looked at him and turned on the movie moving and sitting on Calum's lap hugging him.

close enough to hear my heart beat against his at the same time.

I moved closer to him wrapping my legs in front of him. Now we were face to face I looked into his eyes then kissing his neck

'' I thought we were watching mean girls miki" he added

" I have something better to do" I added

"nah miki I'm to tired" he spoke quietly

I got myself off his lap asking him to leave my bunk he jumped down into his bunk when I got a text from him.


babe I'm sorry just so tired from the show x Cal

its fine Calum :(


night Calum


I woke up still extremely pissed at Calum I decided to go back to sleep as I felt Calum come sliding into my bunk closing the curtain behind him. I open the curtain up and pushing him out so he hit his head on the ground.

" what was that for" he asked obviously annoyed

"for last night" I added closing the curtain

the rest of the day was littered with Calum constantly texting me even tho we were in the same bus and me no replying to any I must of at least got nine it was so annoying finally I gave in


I'm sorry miki


please text back miki

do u still luv me

I luv u so much miki

I'm sorry about last night

let me luv u

cuddle me please

I miss you and I'm sorry about last night babe x Cal

Calum Thomas Hood stop texting me and come kiss me.

of course anything for my lady <3 <3

I'm still mad at u tho Calum

he came out of his bunk grabbed me pinning me against a wall as I grabbed his hair pulling myself up as I slowly whispered in his ear "cook me pancakes and bacon and I will forgive u"

"fine but we r getting back to that later" Calum giggled as Emma and Kalani walk out

"Calum's making us breakfast guys" I giggled looking at Calum's face

"what I thought it was breakfast for just u and me babe"

"remember what u owe me Calum" I smirked

I was interrupted by Kalani

"what does he owe you" she asked

"nothing don't worry just couple business"

"ohhh I get it" Emma and Kalani laughed viciously

'' no u don't " I whimpered "Calum u r burning my bacon babe"

"no I'm not its just crispy bacon babe" Calum laughed

I walked and sat down Calum resting my breakfast down kissing my head and saying he would be back he was already dressed so he was defiantly leaving without me I wonder why

Calum POV

I'm going to get coffee from Starbucks and to get miki a few presents for her

I got her a book she had wanted for ages a new shirt my size so she could stop stealing mine to sleep in and an adorable beanie along with a turtle pillow pet and chocolates and of course a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and an adorable pug mug and a mac book air.

I got back to the bus with my arms full of stuff but I couldn't see Mikayla I walked past her bunk and she was asleep typical Mikayla after breakfast back to bed so I took everything to the back room and grabbed her latte waking her up handing it too her flipping my hair out of my face so I could see her properly.

" OMG Cal yummy man I luv u" she said kissing my lips softly as she was still half asleep.

she started to get up still only wearing my over sized nirvana shirt I put my beanie I was wearing on her head covering her bed head. we walked to the back room and showed her the presents she cried and kissed me again and again unwrapping them first the book then the shirt etc.

"I luv them Cal and I luv u. u shouldn't have I haven't bought u anything"

"don't worry babe I wanted to buy those things for u cause I luv u"

she wiggled over to me sitting on my lap kissing me for what felt like forever I unwrapped her hands from me stood her up and pushed her back up against the wall never splitting from the kiss

Mikayla's POV

I wrapped my legs around Calum and reminded him that he owed me

"I owe u what" Calum asked  

"nothing just kiss me" 

I tore his shirt of throwing it on the floor when Kalani, Tiana and Emma walk in I jump of Calum and throw him his shirt blushing like crazy.

the girls laughed pretty damn hard the whole time as I tried to explain

'' it wasn't what it looked like" I explained trying not to show my blushing cheeks taking a sip of my latte. 

'' yep sure" they all laughed

'' it wasn't"

"mmmhhh totally" they laughed

"oh shut up" I yelled walking away to go have a shower

Calum POV

god damn it those girls r so annoying always catching us if its not them its Ash god damn it.

Mikayla went for a shower and she sang in the shower the whole time to she smells like teen spirit and I miss u a nirvana song and a blink182 song OMG this is why I luv her not to mention she sounded like an angel when she sung. I came up with a brilliant idea when  Mikayla got out of the shower I was taking her out to Disney land for the night.

she walked out in a towel almost dropping it

"pack an over night bag babe and get into comfy clothes don't bring ur laptop but bring ur phone and camera" she laughed and agreed

Mikayla POV

man I wonder where were going for the night I mean we r never alone cause of the guys and the girls.

"were r we going Cal I asked getting into his mustang"

"its a surprise baby" he said

"ok but I just wanna say I hate surprises"

I was wearing my black ripped skinny jeans a NASA shirt black vans and Calum's black beanie

Cal was wearing quite similar clothes which was really funny he wore a black singlet and black ripped skinny jeans with black vans and my 'DRAMA QUEEN' snapback.

Cal made me close my eyes as we got close so I just started singing listening to my music and wearing a mask so I couldn't see when we got their he unmasked me revelling it was Disney land...


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