When Mikayla moved from Queensland to the West of Sydney to be with her brother and band she falls for the bassist Calum Hood who takes her to places u could never imagine and all with the help of the boys in the band and Mikayla's best friends Tiana, Emma and Kalani but will luv end up hurting the band, Mikayla and her friends. find out in SHE'S SO PERFECT


16. beside you

we kept walking with Kalani down the hall to the room were Luke, Calum, Mikey and Ash were making a keek being absolute idiots. we walking in and stood there for about 1 second before me and Tiana were picked up and twirled around crazily.

Tiana's POV

Luke picked me up kissing my cheek.

"I missed u" he said

" its only been 5 hours Luke" I laughed

immediately he replied '' it felt like a life time to me"

his beautiful blue eyes staring directly in mine

Calum's POV

I missed her so much she is my life and I have been without her I wish I never left but how did she get here and how long was she staying.

"Miki I luv u so much babe" I said

"I luv u too Calum" she said pressing her soft lips against mine

 I kissed back slowly before picking her up as she wrapped her legs around my waist

Kalani yelled at us.

"get a room u two"

Miki and I laughed as I put her down

we all walked hand in hand to the tour bus we were staying in. I showed Mikayla her bunk which was directly above me because Mikey gave up his bed which he was barley in cause he usually fell asleep on the couch. Luke and Tiana shared a bed and Kalani was usually cuddling with Michael on the couch.

'' what does this mean" Mikayla said while I put her suitcase down in the back room of the bus

'' it means ur going on tour with us miki"

she screamed and jumped on me again

Mikayla's POV

I jumped off Cal and walked to Kalani

'' it was so great meeting u today''

'' it was great meeting u too Mikayla''

''call me Miki if u want everyone does" as Luke and Tiana walked passed obviously going out somewhere me and Kalani yelled

''be safe u two please no injuries tonight and be back before 12 please"

'' yes mum" Tiana replied sarcastically

I hugged Kalani and ran back to Calum who was in his bunk.

'' can we cuddle'' I asked biting my lip

'' of course'' he brought me closer to him so my neck was on his chest hearing his heart beat rapidly.

Ashtons POV

man its sick my sister and my best friend cuddling

"Get a room'' I yelled as Calum yelled

''um this is my room" Calum said

I can't believe I chose to sleep on the bunk next to Calum I knew Mikayla would cuddle with him "At least pull the curtain closed"

"fine" Mikayla replied closing the curtain that joined the view.

I pulled my phone out to find six missed messages from Emma


miss u babe <3

call me soon :)

hey baby

I'm on the plane to u now

I will be at the bus in about 20

Come out the front


I ran out and saw Emma immediately going up to her giving her a huge hug

''hey babe how r u, I didn't know u were coming"

"that's cause it was a surprise silly Calum and Luke planned it after u flew Miki and T over''

'' man I missed u babe"

kissed her cheek and lead her to the entrance of the bus

Emma's POV

man I missed him so so so much I haven't seen him in weeks

''I missed u so much babe" I said kissing his cheek

Calum POV

Mikayla was quite flirtatious tonight kissing me like crazy 

"babe what's going on with u tonight u haven't kissed me this much before"

" I missed u so so much babe that's all" Mikayla replied

I kissed her back softly whispering in her ear " I'm going to brush my teeth and get into my pjs I will be back pecking her quickly on the lips

Mikayla's POV

I got up after Calum left and stole his nirvana shirt slipping over my head getting into my bunk and closing the curtain





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