When Mikayla moved from Queensland to the West of Sydney to be with her brother and band she falls for the bassist Calum Hood who takes her to places u could never imagine and all with the help of the boys in the band and Mikayla's best friends Tiana, Emma and Kalani but will luv end up hurting the band, Mikayla and her friends. find out in SHE'S SO PERFECT


15. backstage

Mikayla POV

After the show me and Tiana ran back stage laughing before someone came up to us.

"Hi I'm kalani the boys hair stylest"

"Wow ur the one that makes there hair perfect every time their on stage"

" yeh they can't do there own hair, I mean it takes half and hour to do Luke's quiff alone then Calum's takes at least 20 minutes"

"How come we haven't met u yet then u seem awesome"

" u have never been to a show before"

" that's true, well do u know were the boys r at right now"

"Yep I will show u"

We walked for what seemed like forever

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