Ma Belle [A Short Story]

Every Christmas, Annabelle's family goes to Paris to meet up with her cousins.
The first year, she met Edgar. He was oh-so charming, so swoon-worthy, he was the one, she thought. As years go by, things change. Hearts get broken. Days grew longer. Everything was different.

This was the last time she was ever going to step foot at Paris before she goes off to college. Will things go back to where it belong before midnight strikes?


4. Chapter four

December 23, 18:00, 2013


"Please, dad!" I pleaded. I've gone a year without hearing any single thing from Edgar, I needed him to hear from me. I did a mistake the last year and I needed to fix it quickly.

"I'm sorry Belle, but you've missed Christmas last year and i'm not letting you go back to that boy just so you could miss dinner with us again. He's dragged you out too far, you're drifting apart too quickly." Dad said through gritted teeth. Mom has been having a migraine since the kids have been dragging her out for Christmas shopping. Dad was taking me to a museum in which he's been wanting to take me too since he and the others already went last year.

"Dad, please. It's just for a minute. I need to see him again." His frustrated growl was noticeable, he stopped the vehicle and unbuckled his seat belt.

"Enough, Belle. We're going to spend some time together whether you like it or not." I clenched my tights and let out a sigh. Unbuckling me seat belt, I jumped out of the car and followed behind him.



* * *



"This painting of the Mona Lisa is exquisite, isn't it?" Dad said in awe. I couldn't care less, sure it was a pretty painting, but I couldn't focus right now. All I could think of was Edgar's pale face when I talked about his family. He hadn't mentioned anything about a sister. Unless.... No, I can't possibly assume. Shaking the thoughts away, I glanced at dad.

"I'm going to the bathroom to freshen up, be right back." Dad frowned but nodded. Reluctantly, I headed for the bathroom.

"Sit still, mademoiselle. I need to finish!" A familiar voice echoed the halls. I peeked around the corner and saw Edgar and a lady that was perched on a stool posing for him.

"This is boring Edgar!" Oh, she's french as well. Perfect. She was beautiful too, with a sleek bob hairstyle and full red lips.

"Just a moment now, i'm almost finished." His eyes met mine and he froze immediately.

"A moment, please, mademoiselle." The girl snapped her head to look at me and immediately she frowned. Clearing her throat, she walked off with her hands flapping and head up high.

"Belle, you're here.. Now... What are you doing here?" Edgar's soft voice surrounding me was just what I needed. Tears stung my eyes.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have disturbed you." He shifted his legs awkwardly and sighed, I walked away.

"Belle, please. I can explain." He said, reaching for my hand.

"Really, Edgar? Can you?" I raised my voice and he winced.

"Belle, please.. You have to listen." He took my hand in his and I jerked it free.

"Oh, like you would even listen to me. Why should I listen to you if you didn't even want to hear me say the things I needed to last year? Why do you deserve to explain to me while I did not?" Tears were flowing rapidly down my cheeks. I could feel the puffiness in my eyes starting to swell.

"Fine, you want an explanation?" He said, pinching his lips.

"My sister is dead, okay? She died along with my mom." He paused, considering whether or not he wanted to continue.

"They were on their way together to pick me up from school, and this lorry... This huge lorry... And the driver.. Oh, he was drunk... So drunk, he didn't see them on the road... God, Belle..." His eyes grew weary and he slouched. "I didn't remember much about them, the pictures were my memories about them. I was never given anything else to remember, those pictures are what keeps me going in life." He rubbed his eye with his sleeve and moved forward.

"Belle, I cannot lose you too... Please..." He slipped a hand on my waist and waited. My brain grew fuzzy.

"I'm sorry, Edgar. I really am." I stepped back and his hand fell on his sides.

"But no, it's too late. You haven't even contacted me for the whole year, and that doesn't explain why a girl was there with you, you clearly told me you have not had any inspiration ever since your mum and sister died. But her.... I don't know who she is, but... I hate her." I spat, my words were harsh but I needed to let it all out. He didn't flinch once.

"I hated the fact that she got to be your inspiration, I hate that she gets to be the 'one in the pages'. All your drawings are so beautiful, and... Well, she is too." My face was completely dried out of tears now. The numbness engulfing me was thick and I quickly stopped myself.

"But I'm sorry, there's no going back to apologizing. You don't deserve my apology." And with that, I walked away.

"Oh, and I should have never done this. You should've never picked it up. You should've just leave it lying on the streets. It would've been better for us." I said, fiddling in my pocket to reach for the bell I've hung two years ago. I threw it on the ground and walked away without glancing back at Edgar.

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