Ma Belle [A Short Story]

Every Christmas, Annabelle's family goes to Paris to meet up with her cousins.
The first year, she met Edgar. He was oh-so charming, so swoon-worthy, he was the one, she thought. As years go by, things change. Hearts get broken. Days grew longer. Everything was different.

This was the last time she was ever going to step foot at Paris before she goes off to college. Will things go back to where it belong before midnight strikes?


5. Chapter five

December 20, 15:00, 2014


California, day before boarding to Paris.


"Hand me my scarf please, Tommy?" I asked, sighing. He glanced around the room and his eyes flickered to my hanger behind the door.

"I remember...."He trailed off, handing me the scarf.

"What did you remember?" I muttered, not hearing to what he was saying. He took the toy fire truck and rode on it around the room.

"You wore that scarf the first time you met Edgar." He chirped. I stopped packing and froze. Glancing back over my shoulders, I stared at him wide-eyed.

"How did you know his name?" I asked, arching one eyebrow. He placed his toy down and laughed at me.

"You're so forgettable, sis! He sent you a letter and mom left it downstairs. It didn't seem like it belonged to you since you never even bother picking it up. So I took it and read it." He beamed. Anxiety shot through my blood, slicing me open.

"Y-you read my letter? H-he... He sent me one?" I whispered. His face fell and he frowned. He ran out of my room and came back with an opened letter on his hands.

"Sorry... I forgot to give it to you, I promise. I didn't keep it away from you on purpose." He was at the bridge of crying, and I hugged him.

"No, this... This is wonderful. He actually sent me a letter. And I...." I paused, pain stabbed through my heart. "I didn't let him explain to me... I... I need to see him again." Tommy jumped out of his seat and cheered. Tracing the letter with my finger, I opened it. The date read July 15th, 2014

Ma Belle,

I have no idea how to start this letter. We've always started it with a fun, weird greeting. But this time, I want it to really reach to you. I really want you to hear me out.

I don't know whether or not you'll read this letter after my behavior, and I won't blame you if you wouldn't even touch it.. But I've hired a professional to help me draw again. 

I was wanting to tell you right after our lunch in that café, but I snapped and I ended up leaving. I screwed it up Belle, I'm so sorry.

A few months after you left, I started drawing again. I was so numb from the pain I caused, I was torn. Without you, I was nothing. And that was when my brain began to function again. I felt renewed. I never felt this way right after my mum and sister left, the sorrow just ate me up. But with you, it's....It's definitely different, you're different. I realized, you are mes inspirations. I've only gotten mere memories of my family, and they will forever be etched in my mind. Those paintings were all I have, but with you... You're everywhere in me.

Now don't say anything yet, I know what you're thinking.. And it might take me a while to finish everything. But when you come back, on the 24th I presume, you'll be there to see it. I promise. 

Looking forward to your arrival,


I sniffled and folded the letter. Tucking it underneath my sweater, I looked up. My mom was watching me. She had was holding a paper.

"I know you're excited for school in Alabama, but just take some time to look at this again. You might want to re-consider." She sighed, handing me the paper.

It was my scholarship to ENS Paris. I turned it down right after I knew it was another trip to stinking Paris when I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself, but looking down at it, something sliced me up. I looked up at my mum and she smiled.

"Mum..." I trailed off, not being able to say anything else. But she got it. She smiled at me and walked away.

"I'll give them a call right away. Pack your bags honey!" 


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