She was the last one

Taylor is thrown into the glades like everyone else, In a dark Metal box, with no memory of her past life. Soon she comes to realize her new life isn't the best one. Until she meets...... Keep reading to find out


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

  Taylor's POV    A teen, about 17, reached his hand into the box, and I grabbed it. He pulled me out like I was nothing.    He was quite tall. Dirty blond hair. A square jaw, nice brown eyes.   "Welcome to the glade, greenie." His accent threw me of like I knew him somewhere, but I could place it.    The boy looked away.   I looked around, I was so confused, I had no idea we here I was, who I was with and why I was her.   Someone snickered and reached out and tried to poke me, I smacked his hand away and there came a chorus of stifled laughs.   "We got ourselves one feisty shank."   I was so confused at that, what even was a shank?   There was at lest fifty boys. All different shapes sizes and races. Some had long hair, short hair. All the clothes they wore were dirty, as if they had been hard at work.   I looked around and found that we were all surrounded by a giant, ivy-covered dirty cement wall. The wall had to be hundreds do feet high and formed a perfect square around us.   I studied all the boys, then I finally asked the question. "Where am I?"    "Nowhere good" someone answered.   "Which keeper is she gonna get?" Someone shouted.    "I told ya, shank-face," a deep voice had said "she's a Klunk, she'd be a cook or a slopper, no doubt about it! Aren't they supposed to work like that anyway?"   Some people laughed like that was the funniest thing on earth.    I felt so much confusion all at once. What the hell was a shuck? Or a keeper, or a slopper, or a Klunk? It made so sense.   A scratchy-voice teen was yapping about something "she's not going to do good look at her"    " I already said shut your holes" a dark boy yelled.    This must be the leader.    Feeling awkward, I studied the faces of theses boys. One of the boys eyes were filled with hatred, and that stopped me cold.   Suddenly, the leader- probably 17- took a step forward.   "It's a long story, shank, I'll take ya on a tour tomorrow. Till then don't break anything.  Names Alby." He said   He held his hand out for me to shake it.   I shook it, with growing confidence I said "really, were are we?"   " I already told ya, the glade. Where we live." Alby said   I shook my head "I mean-"   "Just wait for the bloody tour, you'll get the answers then." Alby said once again. The boy who helped me out, stepped forward.    "Names Newt." He said,  He extended his hand for me to shake it. He seemed a lot nicer the Alby"   I shook it   "Anyway, we lived in the glade. Call ourselves the gladers." Newt said   I nodded my head.   " nights comin, the runners will be back soon." Alby turned around to a younger boy, I never seen him before, he was at least 12 or 13. He was short and chubby. Curly hair.   "Chuck, find her a bed." Alby and most of the people walked away.   The boy named chuck stepped forward. "You'll get used to Alby. He isn't bad once you get to know him."   I nodded.   "So, what's your name?"   He was the first one that didn't call me greenie.    "Taylor" I simply said.   I shrugged "how old do you think I am?" I said with little smirk    Chuck looked at me for a minute then answered. " well your short with dark brown hair, really pretty eyes, I say about 16. Not bad if you ask me" he said looking me up and down    "Ahah your right and thanks" I said happily    "Anyway," chuck said "you'll love my best friend, Thomas. He's about your age, he's a runner! I'm so proud of that kid." He said   Chuck kept rambling on about god knows what, so I shut him out and was thinking, "what did I do to get here?"     A/N: hey guys how you liking it??                        "                                  
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