Secret Love

Harry always treated Kathy like a slave, which is what she was and is. But Niall sees something different in her. He falls for her, and she for him. But what happens when Harry finds out about this secret love??


6. Zayn

Kathy's P.O.V.

Harry came over and grabbed my wrist really hard.

"Haven't I told you NO ESCAPING!!," he said angirly.

"Yes master, I'm really sorry," I said.

"I don't think you are. Niall thanks for finding her," Harry said.

"It was nothing, I just bumped into her along my way....uhh....home. And I was wondering if I found her, can I punish her for the night?," Niall asked.

"NO! I GIVE PUNISHMENTS! You can have her tomorrow," Harry said and tugged me upstairs.

He brought me to the familiar room and made me sit down.


"Punishment?," I whispered.


"Master please no! I'm really sorry, I really am! Please don't let the others touch me!," I begged.


I started crying and my stomach rumbled really loud.

"Have you eaten today yet?"

I didn't say anything, just kept crying.


"No," I managed to say.

Harry stormed out of the room.

I got off the bed and went to the corner of the room, and hugged my legs to my chest and cried.

"Mom....please....why me? Why do I have to go through this?," I asked.

"Not for long sweetheart, just stay strong, okay? Perhaps Liam or Zayn are not that bad as you think," I heard her voice.

"Zayn is for sure going to fuck me! Liam might be different but I highly doubt it," I said.

"Just stay strong remember that. I wish I could do something about this, but unfortunately I can't," she said.

"Okay mom, I'll try to stay...," Harry walked into the room, "....strong."

"What?," he asked.

"Nothing," I mumbled.

"You were saying something when I walked into the room," he said.

"Yeah.....nothing important though."

"What were you saying?"

"Nothing important."


"FINE! I WAS TALKING TO MY MOM!," I yelled and then burst into tears.

"Your mom? How? Over the phone?," he asked.

"NO! My mom died four years ago," I sobbed.

"Then you're just hearing things," he said.


Harry glared at me and put the tray of food on the table.

"Eat," he demanded.

"I'm not hungry," I lied.

"I know you are. Your stomach thinks so too," he said and walked up to me.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me up to my feet, and pushed me towards the table.

"Eat," he said again.

I did as he said. He sat down on the bed and pulled his phone out.

"You know....if I was angrier I would of done something worse," he said.

"Like what?"

"Sold you to one of my friends that treat girl more worse then I do," he said, looking at me.

"You would do that?," I said in shock.

He chuckled. 

"No, because you're too good," he came up to me and cupped my cheek, "And too pretty to be used like that."

I gulped as tears slid down my face.

Harry pulled his hand away, and walked out of the room.

He returned five minutes later, and took my hand taking me to the living room.

All the boys were here. 

Harry made me stand in the middle of the room, and stood next to me.

"Okay you all know Kathrine here, escaped today. And her punishment will be to be fucked by every single one of you," Harry said.

I saw Niall put his hand on his mouth. I smiled at him, but he returned it with a worried look as he looked at Liam, who was licking his lips.

I gave Niall a confused look. Niall just shook his head, and sighed.

"So.....I will have her first, who calls second?," Harry asked.

"Me!," Zayn said.

"Me third!," Liam said.

"I'll have her forth," Louis said. He also had a sad look on his face.

"I'll take her last," Niall sighed.

"Good! And she'll stay with you for the rest of the night, since you found her," Harry said.

Niall nodded.

I looked at him and saw tears in his eyes, which he quickly wiped away.

Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me to his room, slamming the door shut behind him and locking it.

"Now! I get what I want, the way I want," he said, and pushed me on the bed.

He started to kiss me furiously. I just went along with it, thinking and being scared about what Zayn and Liam are like.

Niall seemed worried about Liam....I wonder why??

"Fuck, damn, shit.....this perfectness," Harry moaned.

I sighed, which made Harry look up at me.

"What?," I asked.

" You're not enjoying yourself sweetie?," he smirked.

"No," I simply said.

He frowned and continued undressing me.

Well....I did it once with him, so I know what he's like....I just went with it.

~ half an hour later ~

"That was fucking perfect," Harry panted.

I still gasped for air, and moaned in pain that was in my lower region.

"Okay....go over to Zayn's he right next to Liam's room," Harry said and covered himself with the covers.

"Do I have to?," I asked.

He glared at me, which made me quickly grab my robe and walk out.

I found Zayn's room and knocked.

He quickly answered.

"I've been waiting for you," he smirked. He was already in his boxers.

He took my hand and pulled me into the room.

He backed me up all the way to the bed.

" we have to?," I asked, trying to be as cute as possible.

"Yes," he said and pushed me down on the bed.


"BEHAVE!," he sternly said and got my robe off.

"DAMN!," he said looking my body up and down.

I just started crying.

"HUSH!," he said and covered my mouth with his hand.

He started to suck on my boob.

"Zayn-n-n-n," I moaned.


He pulled away and rolled to his side.

"Give me a blow," he demanded.

"Wh-what?," I said.


I shook my head 'no'.

"Okay fine then....I'll tell Harry you've been bad and he'll punish you even you to someone who is even worse then me," he said.

"NO! Okay.....I'll give you a.....," I gulped, "Blow-job."

He smirked.

I got on top of him and slid his boxers off. His manhood sprang up. I had to admit....he was even bigger then Harry and Louis.

I put him in my mouth, and sucked and bobbed my head up and down, until he reached his orgasm.

I felt liquid in my mouth, so I quickly pulled him out.

I made a weird face and kept the liquid in my mouth.

"Swallow it," Zayn smirked.

I did as I was told.

"Now....," Zayn said rolling on top of me, "My turn.."

He spread my legs apart and started sucking me, and twirling his tongue into me.

I moaned. I wanted this to end faster. I reached my orgasm.

"You taste amazing!," he exclaimed, coming back up to my face.

I sighed.

"Now time for pleasure of the best brand," he said and spread my legs even wider, putting his member between my legs.

"WAIT!," I exclaimed.

"What?," he asked confused.

"Aren't you going to wear a condom??," I asked.

He chuckled.

"What's so funny?," I asked.

"Louis gave you a pill yesterday right?," he asked.


" works for a whole week," he said and pushed into me.

I moaned in pain.

"Damn you ARE tight!," he moaned.

"You are huge!," I said.

"I know," he smirked.

I rolled my eyes and he thrust into me.

"Ohhh babe.........," Zayn said and put his hands on the bed post, thrusting in farther.

I felt the familiar tingling and reached my orgasm. Zayn reached his a short time later and I felt his liquid fill me.

"You are amazing!," he moaned.

I wanted him to just take his fucking big dick out of me, but he stayed in there for like, forever!

He finally pulled out and dropped to his side.

"That is exactly what I needed!," he said.

"That is exactly what I didn't need!," I said.

He glared at me.

"Can I go?," I asked mentioning to the door.

"Yes, because you're getting my nerve," he said.

I grabbed my robe and walked out.

I stopped for a minute in front of Liam's room.

I was about to knock when....

"Kathy?," someone from behind me said.


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