Secret Love

Harry always treated Kathy like a slave, which is what she was and is. But Niall sees something different in her. He falls for her, and she for him. But what happens when Harry finds out about this secret love??


22. Where is Niall?

A/N: Okay, first I wanna say a  HUGE sorry for not updating. I know I say it a lot....but yeah....I kinda suck at updates.  I've been really busy the last couple of weeks...and knowing that summers right around the corner, I'll be updating often. I'm trying to wait for a good idea to continue this story....that's why this updating process took so long, I want this story to be the best ever and I hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you again for the support and here is the next chapter...:


Kathy's P.O.V.

It's been three weeks and Niall hasn't come to see me, or won't answer Louis' calls.

I still couldn't forgive him for what he done, but my heart felt sad and lost knowing he wasn't near.

"Hey, good morning love," Louis walked into the room.

"Hey," I smiled at him.

Louis broke up with Eleanor, just to stay with me and I felt horrible for him doing that, but appreciated it.

"How you doing," he calmly said.

"Good, I think," I said.

He sat down next to my bed.

"I'm glad you're doing so well, in such a sort time," he said and placed his hand on mine.

"Me too. Niall.....he...?," I asked.

"No, hasn't answered yet," Louis said.

"Where is he!?," I exclaimed.

"I dunno," Louis said.

I looked out the window and tears slid down my face. I wanted him. I wanted him here beside me, not Louis.

"Perhaps...he went back home?," Louis suggested.

I shook my head.

"Knowing him, it would of brought back too many memories for him," I said, looking at Louis again.

Louis nodded.

I sighed.

"Well, I'm going to get some breakfast, would you like something?," he asked.

"I'm good. Go fill yourself up," I said.

He half smiled and left.

Niall....where are you?

~ 3 days later ~

"Okay, so that's good, that's good, and're good to go!," the doctor said to me.

"Yay!," I said.

Louis grinned from ear to ear.

"You can go home today," the doctor said.

Home. Where is home?

"Thank you doctor," Louis said and got up to shake the doctor's hand.

I got up and hugged the doctor.

"Now Kathy," the doc said, "No more sleeping pills for you okay?"

"Yes doctor, I won't let that overcome me again," I said.

He smiled and nodded.

"Well good luck on finding Niall....," he said.

I looked down at the floor.

"Thank you once more," Louis said.

I looked up at Louis.

"C'mon love," Louis said getting my jacket.

He helped me put it on and took me to his car.

"So...I'm afraid to ask you this....but were do you want to go?," Louis asked, looking at me.

"Our the lake...," I said.

"Are you sure?," he asked worried.

"Niall's and I's house, yes Louis please take me there...," I begged.

"Yes love," he said and drove to the airport.

"WAIT!," I said.

"What?," Louis asked and hit the brakes.

"Jail....take me to see Harry before we leave...," I said.

"Um....okay....but I'm not going in with you," Louis said and turned the car around.

"It's fine," I said.

Once we got to the jail, Louis helped me out of the car and I went slowly inside.

"Hello can I help?," the desk officer asked nicely.

"Um....could I....would it be possible for me to talk to Harry Styles?," I asked.

"Of course....Your name?"

"Kathy..just Kathy," I answered.

"Okay....well follow me please Miss Kathy," he said and lead me to one of the jail rooms.

He opened the door.

"Mr. Styles, Kathy is here to see you," he said and gently pushed me in closing the door behind me.

"Kathy?," I heard Harry say as he turned around.

"Um....hi....," I said not making eye contact with him.

"I'm so happy you are okay."


"I'm so sorr-"

"Harry don't-," I said, then stopped, realizing I called him Harry...not master...for the first time in a long time.

He just slightly smiled.

"I...uh....came to ask you...if you maybe know where Niall is?," I asked.

"Is he not with you?"

"No. Louis told me that after I went into the difficult-"

"Louis," Harry breathed, as thought he would kill him if he was with me right now.

"Yeah Louis."

Harry's eye turned into flames again.

"Harry just snap out of it! Niall's missing!"

Harry quickly DID snap out of it.

"What do you mean he's missing?"

"Ever since the doctors told him I have only a 90% chance to live...he left...and didn't return...and it's been about three weeks and a few days," I said.

Harry sat down on the squeaky bed.

"This is not good," he said.

"What!?," I said getting alarmed.

"The boy might try know....," Harry said and looked up at me.

"No, no, no, NO!," I said shaking my head, "Do you might know at least were he might be??"

"Ireland....that's for sure," Harry said.

"Yeah...that's what I thought so too."

"Who's taking you there?"

"L-o-uis," I said slowly.

Harry's eye again turned into flames. 


" can''re in jail...," I said.

Harry literally growled at me, and pushed up against the wall.

"Harry. Let. Me. Go," I said trying to free myself.

He didn't say anything just pulled my jeans down.

"HARRY!," I yelled, but he quickly shut my mouth with his hand.


"Shut it bitch," Harry said and took his manhood out.

I bit his hand, but it didn't's like a complete different Harry was standing in front of me about to rape me again, from the Harry that was just worried about Niall missing.

I tried to say something but he just pressed his hand to my face more, and pushed his fucking big dick into me.

I screamed, but it wasn't loud enough.

"Fuck you. Fuck Louis. Fuck Life," Harry said and thrust into me.

I trembled all over when I felt the familiar sensation in my stomach.

"Come on lovely, reach you climax," Harry whispered into my ear.

With that my orgasm took over me.


Harry reached his orgasm and pulled himself out.

"Just to tell you...I didn't have a condom on...oops," Harry smirked.

"Fuck you. I'm on birth control," I said, spitting on him.

"Oh....sorry," he chuckled.

With that I kicked him hard in the balls, and ran to the door banging on it.

The officer came quickly.

"WHERE WERE YOU!?," I yelled at him.

"What?," he asked confused.


The officer pulled me out quickly.

"He WHAT!?"

"What you heard," I said and started crying.

"Ma'am.....I didn't hear anything...," he said.

"Put damn cameras in there...and leave me alone!," I cried and ran outside.

"What happened?," Louis asked as I ran into his open arms.

" ...again," I sobbed.

"In THERE?," Louis asked pointing inside.

I nodded.

"Let me get my hands on him...," Louis said and walked inside.

"Louis don't!," I ran after him.

If Harry see's him....


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