Secret Love

Harry always treated Kathy like a slave, which is what she was and is. But Niall sees something different in her. He falls for her, and she for him. But what happens when Harry finds out about this secret love??


8. Of Course I Love You

Kathy's P.O.V 

We must of fallen asleep, because we were waken up by footsteps on the staircase.

"Guys?," Louis asked.

"Louis!," I whispered-yelled.

"Hey," he said kneeling down next to me.

Niall didn't wake up.

"How is he?," Louis asked nodding towards Niall.

"He's okay, but he lost some blood since he cut his arm on something sharp while falling down here," I said.

"And you?," he asked.

"I'm fine I guess.....but you still hurts down there," I said, massaging myself in my lower region.

"I brought you guys some should last for the whole day tomorrow," Louis said and gave me a cooler full of food.

I opened it and an aroma of good smell lifted in the air and woke Niall up.

"Louis?," he asked and slid over to were I was talking with Louis.

"Hey bro," Louis said.

Niall eyed the food and started drooling.

Louis chuckled. "Help yourself," he said.

Niall dove into the cooler. I slightly giggled, and messed his hair.

"Hey!," he pouted.

I smiled, and he smiled back.

"Guys....I'm going to try to free you," Louis said.

"How?, "Niall asked.

"When Harry leaves the house perhaps....or maybe....I could take Kathy up to my room to "fuck her" and I'll leave the door open to the basement, and you'll run outside.....and then I'll try to convince Harry to let me take Kathy to the store or something," Louis said.

"What if I don't have time to escape?," Niall asked.

"Well.....then.....for now I'll try to talk to Harry to let you guys out," Louis said and got up.

"Okay...," I said.

Louis smiled and left.

"I hope Harry'll listen to Louis," Niall said taking me into his lap.

"Yeah," I said.

Niall got some yogurt and a spoon out, and tried to feed me.

"Niall," I laughed.

"Eat baby," he smirked.

I gulped down what was on the spoon. Niall fed me the whole yogurt.

"Good baby," he said and kissed my forehead.

"Stop it," I said and started to tickle him.

"Kat-tt-ttyyyy!!!," he laughed.

I got on top of him and kept tickling him.

"You are in sooooo much trouble young lady," Niall said and started to tickle me.

"Niall!!!!!," I laughed.

"I won't stop," he said and got on top of me.

"Nini, please!," I begged.

He stopped.

We heard the door to the basement open. Niall quickly hid the cooler.

"GET UP BITCH!," Harry yelled at me.

I did as he said.


Two tears formed my eyes. I don't deserve love?

"I know," Niall muttered, not meaning it.

"GOOD! NOW LET ME FUCK YOU FOR THIS," Harry said to me.

"Harry......?," Niall said, before Harry pushed me up the stairs.

"What?," Harry said annoyed.

"She needs a doctor though...she was hurt really there," Niall said.

"NO SHE DOESN'T! SHE WILL SUFFER AS PART OF HER PUNISHMENTS!," Harry said and pushed me up the stairs.

"HARRY! PLEASE! LET HER SEE A DOCTOR!," Niall yelled, grabbing Harry's shoulder.

"NO SHE WON'T!," Harry yelled back.

"Please!," Niall said tears brimming his eyes.

"Listen, no she won't see a doctor, or YOU STAY HERE IN THE BASEMENT, TIED UP, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!," Harry said.

Niall wiped his tears.


"Can I at least see her once you fuck her?," Niall asked.

"Fine," Harry said and pushed me further up the stairs.

He took me to his room and told me to sit down on the bed.

"Why does he like you so much?," Harry asked.

I shrugged.

"Listen......if you don't please me well  tonight, I'll sell you to my friend.....who'll have more fun with you, then the problems I'm having with you," Harry said.

" am I causing problems? That Niall fell in love with me?," I said.

Harry glared at me.

"He doesn't love you," he said coolly.

I looked down at my hands in my lap. I better shut up or I'll get Niall and me in serious trouble.

Harry came to me and lifted my chin, so I was directly looking into his fierce green eyes.

"God.....why are you so perfect?," he said, and slid his index finger down my chin to my chest, between my boobs.

I sighed.

"Are you really in pain?," he asked.

I nodded and tears formed my eyes.

Harry got up and came back with a glass of water and a white pill.

"This'll help the pain stop," he said and handed me the pill and glass.

I took it and gave him the empty glass.

".....So now I  can fuck you again," he said and put the glass away

"Master please no,"  I begged.

"There is no no's," he said and took my robe off, flinging it to the side.

Tears slid down my face as he entered me, and sharp pain came from my lower region.

Eventually I reached my orgasm.

Harry shook for some time then crashed onto me.

"Such perfectness," he moaned, and pulled out.

I gasped in pain.

"Okay now go to your lover boys room," he said, flipping over to his side.

I quickly got up, tried not to scream in pain, and grabbed my robe.

I exited the room and literally ran to Niall's room. I saw Zayn walking down the hallway smirking.

I gulped and passed by him.

"Can't wait to fuck you again tonight," Zayn said into my ear as we passed each other.

I tried not to cry, and got to Niall's door, which I opened without knocking.

Bad Idea.

Niall was changing out of his boxers at that moment.

"Sorry, so sorry, Ni I didn't mean to...I....I...," I said covering my while pressing my back against the door closing it.

I felt two hands wrap around my waist.

I uncovered my eyes.

"It's okay love,'' Niall said, looking me deeply into my eyes.

I half smiled and noticed he was wearing his boxers already.

"Did he hurt you?," he asked, worry written all over his face.

I nodded and two tears slid down my face.

Niall sighed and hugged me.

"I'm so scared," I cried.

"Shhh, it's okay love," Niall said massaging my back, then picking me up and carrying me to his bed.

He laid me down on his bed.

"I need to take a look though," he said and lifted my robe.

I gulped and held back the tears.

Niall again took some bottle, put the medication on a cloth and compressed it to my privet place.

I gasped in pain.

"Niall what is that what your compressing?," I asked, trying not to scream. It stung so bad when he did that.

"It's a special ointment, for know, vagina to not hurt so much, and it eases the slight rips," Niall said.

"Rips?," I said shocked.

Niall gulped and nodded.

I put my hand over my mouth.

"Liam and Harry must of been harsh for that to happen, and that's why I wanted you to see a doctor.....," Niall said sadly and took the cloth off.

"My vagina ripped? How is that possible?," I asked.

"They are too big for you, Harry and Liam, your vagina is made for smaller, uhhh, members," Niall blushed.

"How big are you?"

Niall blushed even more.

"Sorry," I apologized.

"No, it's okay....Harry and Liam are eleven inch, and I'm seven," he said getting even redder.

"No wonder I was in so much pain when I had sex with them," I said.

"That is why your vagina ripped a little," Niall said and put my robe down.

"So back to the helps the rips right?"

"It should," Niall said and covered me with the sheets.

I sighed.

He got in next to me.

I quickly turned to face him and smashed my lips to his.

He chuckled and kissed back.

I pulled away to see him smiling.

"Harry keeps telling me that you don't love me..... I don't believe that," I said, stroking his face. 

"Of course I love you darling......your so special to me......I fallen deeply in love with you," Niall said wrapping his hands around my waist.

"But how can our love grow when we're stuck here in this mansion!," I said.

"Louis and I are going to work on a plan....," Niall said sighing.

"Won't Harry find us?"

"He might.....I want to run away with you and then call the police on him," Niall said.

"What if he finds us, before you call the police?"

Niall sighed.

"That's why me and Lou are still working on the plan."

"Oh I see," I said.

"You want something to've been wearing this robe for a while now," Niall said.

"For now I just want you to hold me in your strong, soft arms," I said smiling to him.

"As you wish baby," Niall said and wrapped his arms around me.



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