Secret Love

Harry always treated Kathy like a slave, which is what she was and is. But Niall sees something different in her. He falls for her, and she for him. But what happens when Harry finds out about this secret love??


2. Niall

Kathy's P.O.V.

"So, what's your name love?," Niall asked.

"Kathy....Kathy Marie Logan," I said.

"Nice to meet you Kathy," he said, slightly smiling.

I looked down at my hands in my lap.

"You okay?," he asked and placed his hand on mine.

I shook my head. "I'm scared," I said.

He nodded. "I understand.....but your mine for now," he smiled. Gosh! When he smiled his eyes went bright blue!

I crooked a smile too.

"We should sleep," he said.

I nodded and got under the covers next to him.

"Sleep well darling," he kissed my forehead.

"Goodnight.....," I sighed.

He pulled me tighter to him.

~ the next morning ~

"WHERE IS SHE!!!???," I heard Harry yelling through the hallways.

I turned to see Niall all in alarm.

"He can't come in here.....the doors locked," he assured me.

" me escape! Please! I just can't stay here!," I cried.

"I'm working on a plan actually," he said.

I looked at the window, and at him, back to the window.

"He'll see us, trust me," Niall said.

"NIALL!!," Harry banged on the door.


"Is she with you?"

"Who are you talking about?"

I snuggled deeper into Niall's arms.


"I haven't seen her since last night," Niall lied.




I could hear Niall's heart pounding. 

"NO!," he said.


"Why do you want her back anyway? You threw her out last night!"

"HA! Is THAT what she told you!? Well, no, I was just DONE FOR THE NIGHT! Now.....OPEN!!!!!!!"

"I'll see you as soon as I can.....I'm sorry but I've got to let you go....," Niall apologized to me.

I nodded and hugged him tightly.

Niall quickly pulled my face away so he was looking into my eyes.

"I love you," he whispered, and smashed his lips to mine. I kissed back....his lips were so soft!! Not rough like Harry's.

"Niall!?," Harry yelled.

"Coming," Niall said and pulled away squeezing my hand, and getting up to open the door.

"AHA! I KNEW she was in here!," Harry said and walked up to me.

I backed up into the pillow, trying to get as far as possible from him.

"Come on bitch," Harry said and grabbed my hand pulling me up.

"Be careful, she's not a toy you know," Niall muttered.


"Whatever," Niall said.

"And take this damn shirt off of her!," Harry said and ripped Niall's shirt off of me.

"That was one of my best shirts!," Niall wined.

"That should teach you a lesson then!," Harry said taking my hand and leading me out the door.

"Now," he said, "Go to my room and wait there for me."

I obeyed quickly, glad to be on my own.

I passed by the boy named Louis in the hallway.

"Hey sexy," he said pushing me up the wall, his hands roaming my body.

I didn't say anything.

"I want to talk to Harry about letting me have you......I'll make you feel good trust me," he said nibbling on my ear.

Well, actually only Niall can make me feel good, I thought.

"I can't wait to have you in bed with me," he said, "In fact I can't wait ANY longer." With that he unzipped his zipper and pulled his manhood out. He pulled my panties down to my knees, and just as he was about to enter....


Harry's fist was on Louis' face.

"WHAT THE HELL MAN!?," Louis yelled.

"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!," Harry said.

"Someone just needs to learn to share...," Louis said zipping himself up.

"Fuck you Louis, get out of here," Harry spitted.

"Fine.....but think about sharing okay?"

"Yeah, now GO AWAY!"

Louis left.

"I told you to go to my room!," Harry said to me.

"I was, but Louis passed by me in the hall and then before I knew it he wanted to-to do that!," I said.

Harry let out a deep sigh.

"Come on," he said and tugged me to his room.

He threw me on the bed, locking the door behind him.

"NOW!," he said, " Me and the boy'll be going somewhere and you are to STAY HERE! IF you leave or escape, I'll find you and you'll be sorry afterwords if you do escape and I find you. But anyways I'm going to lock you in this room.....don't jump out the window, there are prickly trees down there. OKAY!?"

I nodded trying not to cry.

"Good!," he said and opened the door, "MIND MY WORDS!"  He slammed the door shut and locked it.

I cried harder then before. Why? Why me??

I looked around the room and noticed my clothes laying in a pile on the floor. I went over and picked them up, putting them on. Well at least I have my clothes back on!

I went over to the window and saw a car pull out of the drive. I sighed. I walked over to the door and twisted the knob, but sure enough it was locked.

I sunk down to my knees and cried, curling myself into a small ball, rocking myself back and forth.

There was some clicking in the door all of a sudden.

I got up and backed up......was that Harry? Did he stay behind?? Or maybe that Louis guy? 

My heart beat faster as the doorknob twisted.


Niall came into view.

"NIALL!," I yelled and ran to him.

He smiled and wrapped his arms around me.

"C-can we escape?," I asked.

"No......what Harry said to you is true.....if I will escape with you he'd kill me and take you back. He warned me before he left," Niall said.

"Oh," I said turning around to go sit on the bed.

"But come to my room," Niall said.

I smiled and he handed me his hand and led me down the hall.

"What is this place?," I asked.

"Harry's grandparents left him this house.....he made friends with Louis, Liam, Zayn, and me.....and we all decided to live together. Harry all this time was trying to find a girl, but no girl wanted to be with him, so he bought some sex slaves and used them up, as did Louis, Zayn, and Liam. I never could hurt a girl, so whenever they gave me one, I would treat her nicely and just talk to her," Niall said.

"Wh-what happened to those girls?"

"Some escaped on their own, Harry's looking for them. Others are in our house in the woods, were we go once a week to check on them, well usually it's Zayn and Liam that go..."

"And-and me?"

Niall sighed. "I wish I knew what he's going to do with you." Niall squeezed my hand, a worried look on his face.

I shivered. "Did-did he ever kill any one of those girls."

Niall looked me into my eyes.

"Promise not to tell him that I told you?"

I nodded and listened.

"He killed two....that.....he got pregnant," he said.


Niall looked up at me tears in his eyes. "Yeah....:"

"Then why are you even here? Why are you friends with this bastard!?"

"Harry used to be nice once......really nice......then the death of his mom, and the devilishness of his step-dad made him become who he became. I saw it all happen.....I still think that maybe his personality will change and he'll change the way he lives....but that day still hasn't come," he said.

"I can't believe my dad sold me him!"

"I'm sorry."

"You don't have to be sorry."

We sat down on Niall's bed.

"I wish I could help you get out of here......I'm actually working on freeing you along with the other girls in the woods, but you are different," Niall said.

"What do you mean?"

"Your different form them," he said putting a lose strand of hair behind my ear, "They're actual sex-slaves, you are a beautiful girl, that never had any sexual experience.....kind, gentle, sweet, cute," Niall inched closer and closer to me.

"I love you Kathy," he gently placed his lips on mine.

He pulled away to see my reaction. I just wanted more so I leaned back into him. He kissed me passionately, and  somehow he ended up on top of me.

"I love you so much....I-I-I wish you were mine, but your Harry's," Niall sighed, his breath tickling my face.

"We can do this every time he leaves?," I smiled and stroked his face.

"IF he lets me stay behind.....but he might get suspicious. You see, every time he lets me have a girl, I'm suppose to fuck her, but I can't. I'm just not that type of guy! So yeah, he only thinks I'm as bad as the other....and he probably thinks I'm fucking you now, since he let me ONLY open your room to do that....," Niall deeply sighed and looked me into my eyes.

"Oh....I see. So in Harry's eyes your a bad guy....but in mine your the sweetest person here....and the sweetest person I met since my mother died," I sighed.

"Yes, exactly! I'm so sorry for your loss," Niall said and kissed my forehead, before he rolled to his side.

"It's okay...., when are the others coming back?"

"In three, four hours they said."



"Hell yeah!"

Niall chuckled and got up. He extended a hand for me, but then changed his mind and picked me up bridle style.

"Niall!," I giggled.

He laughed and ran down the stairs.

"PUT ME DOWNNNN!!," I laughed harder.

"Not so fast," he laid me down on the couch,got on top of me and tickled me.


"Never!," he smiled devilishly.

I tickled him too.

"KATHY!," he laughed.


"NO!" He tickled me harder.

"SurrenDER!" I tickled him harder too.

"Okay, okay  I surrender!," he said.

We stopped tickling each other.

"I love you so much Kathy," Niall said and kissed my forehead.

"Looks like your having fun," a deep voice said from behind us.

Louis! Damn!



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