Secret Love

Harry always treated Kathy like a slave, which is what she was and is. But Niall sees something different in her. He falls for her, and she for him. But what happens when Harry finds out about this secret love??


1. New Master

Kathy's P.O.V.

"Here's your new master," my dad said, flinging me toward the total stranger known as my master.

I started crying. I can't believe this! Ever since my mother died, my dad's been treating me like trash, and now, now he sold me to a complete stranger, as a slave.

The stranger took me roughly by my hand and took me to his car.

We drove in silence.

He pulled up to a big mansion and took me inside.

"You brought a girl!!! Nice! Whose is she?," a dark haired boy asked walking towards us.

The boy holding me shrugged and let me go.

"For now she's mine......if she's no good I'll let someone else have her, and get myself a new one."

"Aw, c'mon Harry......I want to fuck a girl so much right now!," a brown haired boy wined.

"No Louis! She is mine! MINE!," Harry said, yelling the last part. 

A blond haired boy walked into the room.

"What's all the yelling about?," he yawned.

"Niall, Harry bought a sex slave and won't share!," Louis pouted.

"Shut up Louis!," Harry said.

Niall's eyes fell on me and he looked worried.

"Harry why are you doing this?," he sighed.

"BECAUSE!," Harry said and grabbed my hand pulling me upstairs.

I looked at Niall as we passed by him. He had beautiful blue eyes and he looked very kind, but he had a worried expression on his face.

"Harry be nice to her," he said.

"WHAT did you say?," Harry stopped in his tracks making me stumble forward a little bit.

"Nothing," Niall mumbled.

"That's what I thought!," Harry yelled and tugged me up the stairs.

I started shivering with fright.

He led us to a big bedroom with a bathroom and closed the door behind us, locking it.

"Sit," he mentioned towards the bed.

I did as I was told.

"Okay, so I'm your new master. You can only, ONLY, call me master! Not Harry or anything else, understood!?"

"Yes master," I quietly said.

"Good! Now are you a virgin?," he asked taking his shirt off, making me panic.

"Y-yes," I said, stuttering.

"Good," he smirked.

I gulped.

"I like girls that are mine.....all mine.....," he said and pushed me down on the bed.

I whimpered.

"Better be good or I'll punish you," he smirked again.

I tried to keep myself calm.

"So.....I'll test you......give me a good hand job," he said rolling to the side.

I gulped. How the heck do I do that? I have never had any sexual experience or anything.

"So you don't know how to, hmm? Well mainly you put your sweet little hands on my dick and rub it up and down and you add a few more moves, which your going to have to learn on your own, until I'm satisfied," he said.

I looked at him blankly.

"Come here," he grabbed my waist and pulled me on top of him.

"Now do it or I won't be as nice as I am for you," he said.

I looked at him and my eyes trailed down to his waistline to his penis under his jeans. I unzipped his zipper and unbuttoned his button, slowly as ever. I heard him lightly moaning already.

I put my hand inside his jeans and his boxers, pulling his manhood out.

He was watching as I put my hands around his D and started rubbing him.

"FUCK!," he moaned.

I guess I was doing good, so I rubbed harder, circling the top with my thumb.

He moaned even louder.

I think he must of almost reached his breaking point because suddenly....

"STOP!," he moaned and threw me off of him.

I fell to the floor.

"Get up!," he said.

I got up and he grabbed my hand pulling me down on top of him and smashing his lips to mine.

I slightly moaned, but no way was I enjoying this!

He got himself on top of me and his hand undid my jeans and he pulled them off. Next he took my shirt off. His hand lingered above my privet place. He kissed even more roughly, and stuck not one, not two, only THREE fingers inside me. I gasped at the sudden pain.

"Damn, you are so tight!," he said wiggling his fingers inside me.

"Ha-r-r-ry," I moaned, with no pleasure at all.

"WHAT did you call me!!!????," he asked, digging his finger deeper into me.

"M-m-master-rrr," I moaned.

"That's what I thought," he said, finally taking his long fingers out of me.

I gulped and felt stinging pain in my lower region.

"So how'd that feel?," he asked, burning his eyes into mine. I had to admit he had pretty eyes, emerald green.

"It hurts," I told him the truth.

"It will hurt even more when I use my dick, trust me," he smirked and took his pants off, along with his shirt.

"D-do you have to use your dick?"

"Haha, what a question! YES!," he said angrily as he suddenly started kissing me madly.

"Why?," I choked back the tears, "Why did he have to sell me to you!?"

"BEHAVE!," Harry yelled.

Tears rushed down my face as Harry, unclasped my bra and took my panties off.

"Damn!," he said.

Within' seconds he pushed in waaaaaaaaay too fast and started thrusting without even giving me time to adjust.


"MASTER!," he angrily spatted.

" hurts!," I said grabbing the sheets.


"No it's not good," I cried, as he thrust harder.

"Behave," he said into my ear.

He put my legs around his neck and thrust even harder. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to find a way out of this pain, but there was none.

Suddenly I felt a weird feeling in my stomach.....I think this is when I'm suppose to come. I reached my height and screamed, but Harry had his hand on my mouth.

"Shut up!," he said.

He came too and I felt his juices inside me. 

"Damn, fuck.....shit!," he moaned, "Your s-s-so tight-t-t!"

I closed my eyes again. I hated him! I hated this guy named Harry!

He pulled out and fell to his side, still swearing.

"Go to Liam he's right next door, I'm done being pleased. And anyways I wanted to  take your virginity away and that's exactly what happened!," Harry said.

I stood up and almost threw up.

"GET OUT!," Harry yelled.

I scurried to the door, grabbing my bra and panties along the way.

I closed the door behind me and put my clothing on. Well, it'll have to do.

Liam?  Was he nice or......? 

I gently knocked on his door.

"Who's there?," he grimly said and opened the door.

He looked surprised at the sight of me.

"Uh, Harry told me to come here...," I said gulping, and keeping my fingers crossed that he's nice or something.

He sighed.

"Look, I'm not in the mood to fuck girls right now!," he said loud enough so that Harry could hear.

"Do whatever you want with her!," Harry said from his room.

Liam scratched his head.

"Go over to Niall's, okay?," he said to me.

"Where's his room?"

"Right down the hall to your left," he said and shut the door.

"Thank you?," I said and left sighing......Niall???

I knocked on his door.

Great, I wonder who he'll send me to.

"Yes?," he said, and suddenly his grin fell and he had a worried expression on his face.

"Um, Harry told me to go to Liam, and Liam sent me here, " I said. Wow, I used the name Harry twice instead of master, oh well.....

Niall quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me into his room and locked the door behind me.

Was he like Harry?

He grabbed a blanket and covered me with it.

"Are you okay?," he asked, looking into my eyes.

I shook my head, as tears started to roll down my face.

He picked me up bridle style and carried me to his bed. He sat down and hugged me closer to him.

"Shhh, it's okay.....Niall's got ya," he said, kissing my forehead.

"Why....why can't he be like you?," I sobbed.

"Because he's different," Niall answered, "Did-did he hurt you much?"

"Much!?," I said looking into his eyes, "Much!? He took my virginity away, not the way I was planning on having it taken away! The most horrible, terrible way EVER!," I said crying harder and harder.

Niall's eyes filled with tears and he hugged me again.

"Asshole," he said under his breath.

Yes! Exactly, I thought.

"Well, at least your here now, and I won't hurt you trust me," Niall said and sat me down by him, getting up himself.

He took his shirt off, and I looked at him wide-eyed.

"No, I'm giving this to you," he said and handed me the shirt.

I quickly put it on.

"Thank you master," I said.

"DON'T call me that! I've got a name and it's Niall, Niall James Horan!," he said and took me into his arms again, and laid us down.

"Thank you Niall," I said, sighing.

And this is how it all started......mine and Niall's secret love.


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