Secret Love

Harry always treated Kathy like a slave, which is what she was and is. But Niall sees something different in her. He falls for her, and she for him. But what happens when Harry finds out about this secret love??


5. Mom

Kathy's P.O.V.

"Niall!?," I quickly put the club down and ran to him.

"Babe, what are you doing here? You know Harry's looking for you, "Niall said and embraced me.

"I ran away.....I couldn't take it any longer," I said.

"But how do you know about this place?"

"My mother and I used to come here and spend a lot of time here," I said smiling.



"I started coming here ever since I was 15," Niall said.


"Yeah....I so happy I found you though...I was worried when I heard Harry yelling at you downstairs and then running after you, but you escaped him thank God!," Niall said.


"But you need to return."


"Kathy....please sit down," Niall said and we sat down on the grass, "You can't stay here. As magical as this place is, it also can be dangerous. There is a thunder-storm coming tonight...and you have no shelter. If you go somewhere else, Harry will find you, he's starting a search party for you....and if you take one foot out of this place you'll be caught," Niall said.


"I know babe.....let me take you home, and maybe Harry will let me punish you. And you know what that means, staying with me for the night," Niall said.

I started crying.

"Shh," Niall said and took my into his lap, cuddling me.

"I want to run away....I don't want to go back!," I cried.

"I know.....I want you to be free too," Niall sighed.

We stayed in each others arms.

"It's okay darling," I heard a familiar voice.


"I'm right here." 

I looked up and mom was standing there.

"MOM!," I said and leaped out of Niall's arms to her's.

"Hello darling," she softly said, and hugged me tightly.

"Mom I missed you so much!," I cried.

She pulled me off her chest and looked me in the eyes.

"I know sweetheart, that's why I'm here," she said. She was as beautiful as ever!

"Uhhh...," Niall said and got up.

"," I said and then started crying again.

"Hi darling," mom said and gave Niall a hug.

Niall smiled.

" is is this real!?," I asked.

"Magic....this place has always been magic hasn't it? I told you no matter what....this will always be our place....our secret place," she said.

"But....why'd you leave me....why'd you die?," I asked.

"Your dad hasn't told you right?," she asked.


"He killed me darling," she said.


"Mhmm. One night he just got a gun and shot me in bed....and then got rid of my body so you wouldn't see, and told you I died," she said softly.

"But....I thought you died of your sickness..."

"No....your father wanted you to think that, but that never was the cause."

"I can't believe this! Mom he sold me to this stranger named Harry and he-"

"I know darling....I've seen it all."


"I'm with you all the time, even when you can't see me."

"Is this the only place I can see you?"

She nodded.

"So....what are we going to do now?, " I asked, looking at Niall.

"Do as Niall says....he knows what's best and how to get you out of this and away from Harry," she said.

Niall blushed.

"I don't know anything," he mumbled.

"Oh yes you do! I know you can do this Niall....your plan is pretty good and you know it!," my mom scolded him.

Niall blushed even more.

"What plan?," I asked.

Mom and Niall looked at me.

"Niall's working on a plan that'll make you free, and that Harry won't bother you anymore....and he'll be gone for good," my mom said.

"How?," I asked.

"He's still working on that," my mom winked at Niall.

He smiled.

"So....this boy your secret love darling," my mom said leading me to Niall. 

She took his hands and my hands and put them in each other.

Niall smiled and looked me in the eyes.

"He will be your guardian angle.....and I'll be with you too, both of you," mom said.

"But what about Harry and being his sex-slave?," I asked.

"I can't do anything about that sweetheart, I'm sorry..."

"How much more suffering do I have to go though?," I asked.

"I'm not God sweetheart....I don't know what happens in the future.....I only know that it'll end," she said.

I started crying into Niall's chest.

"Shh," mom and Niall said.

"I think we should go's getting dark outside," Niall said, worried as he heard small rumbling of thunder.

"Yes. That's a good idea," mom said.

"But I wanna stay with you mom," I said and hugged her.

"I know....come here and I'll always be here, "she said.

"How?," I asked.

"How did you get here today?," she asked smiling.

"I ran away," I said.

"Exactly....and I helped you. If Harry would of not tripped over my foot, he would of caught you," my mom said smiling.

"You tripped him?"

"Yes," she smiled.

I giggled and Niall chuckled.

"Well.....goodbye dear," she said and hugged me again.

"I love you mom....forever and always," I said.

"Me too dear," she said.

She gave Niall a hug.

"Bye darlings," she said and Niall let me out of the secret garden.

"Wow....that!," Niall said and we walked out of the park.

" mom never breaks promises. She promised we'd never be apart and she kept it," I smiled.

"Do you have enough courage to return home now?," Niall asked.

"I guess....but I'm still scared," I said.

"I know....I wish I could....oh never mind," he said.

I looked up at the sky and shivered.

"You cold?"

"Not really."

"Here," Niall took his jacket off.

"Thank you Ni," I said.

"Anything....anything for my angle," he smiled.

"Actually mom said you are my angle," I corrected him.

"Yes and you are mine," he said.

I giggled and kissed him.

"I wish we were free like this," I said.

" too," he said and sighed, "Soon, we will be. Your mother gave me the courage to continue my plan."

"What plan?"

"I'm still working on it babe, but I promise it'll be successful."

"Okay," I said.

We neared the mansion.

Niall sighed. "Here it goes," he said and opened the front door.



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