Secret Love

Harry always treated Kathy like a slave, which is what she was and is. But Niall sees something different in her. He falls for her, and she for him. But what happens when Harry finds out about this secret love??


3. Louis

Kathy's P.O.V.

Niall looked up at Louis, fear in his eyes. He got up and I sat up.

"Uh, hey Lou," Niall said.


"You-you didn't go with the others?"

"No, I wanted to stay behind," Louis coldly said, looking at me.

"Um, yeah......uhhhh, Kathy and me were just getting food....," Niall said scratching his head.



"It seemed like you were playing around instead of getting food."

Niall looked down at me. "Yeah....we were messing around a little bit," Niall said.

"What would Harry say if he saw you?," Louis asked crossing his arms.

"Please don't tell him anything! He'll kick me out or worse! Louis PLEASE! I'll do anything, just don't tell him!"

Louis looked at Niall, then at me, and back to Niall.

"Let me fuck her," Louis said.


"Let me fuck her and I won't tell Harry," Louis said.

"But Louis....she's......she's not that type!"

"What do you mean?"

"She not an actual sex-slave....! She's so kind, gentle....and nice....I'm pretty sure you'd get bored with her!," Niall said.

I looked up at Niall. He winked down at me. Okay, he wasn't telling the truth.

"I WANT TO FUCK HER! LET ME OR I'LL TELL HARRY  ABOUT YOU TWO!," Louis yelled taking his phone out.

"Fine, fine, fine!," I said standing up.

"Kathy no, you have no rights in this conversation!," Niall said.

"Oh yes she does!," Louis said.

"NO! I WILL NOT let you touch her!"

"I already did touch her actually."

Niall groaned.

"Niall please, it's don't want Harry to know so let Lou-"


Louis fist was on Niall's face.

Niall fell and hit his head against the living room table and didn't move.

"NIALL!," I yelled sinking down to my knees.

"Come with me bitch," Louis said roughly taking me by the hand.

I tried to break free, so he wrapped his arm around my stomach and threw me over his shoulder.

"NIALL!!!!," I yelled. I saw him open his eyes.

'Don't follow us' I mouthed.

Louis was going up the stairs already. Niall stood up, and was about to follow. I shook my head to him. He stopped.

'It's for the best' I mouthed.

'I'm sorry," he mouthed back, before he went completely out of sight due to Louis turning by the corner.

I heard the front door open.

"Shit!," Louis said as he heard Harry's voice. He quickened his steps and soon we were in a room.

"Now stay here, while I make a deal with Haz! OKAY!?," he yelled at me.

"Okay," I muttered. He slapped my face.

"I can't hear you!"

" I SAID OKAY!" He slapped me again.

"Behave bitch, or you'll be sorry," he said and walked out locking the door.

I sat there thinking and hoping Harry would say no to Louis doing "it" with me.....

Soon the door opened and in walked Harry and Louis.

"Okay, so have you been good?," Harry asked walking up to me.

I nodded.

"Hmmm, Louis says here that you talk-back a lot," he said.

"I don't master," I said.

Harry looked at Louis who shook his head 'oh yes she does'. Harry sighed and looked back at me.

"Whatever. So, me and Louis made a deal. He'll be you master for the night, so you must call him master tonight, after tonight you only call me master, got it?," Harry said.

"Yes, master," I said.

"Okay.....if you don't behave with Louis, I'll have punishments ready," Harry smirked and with that left me and Louis alone.

"Are you hungry?," he asked.

"Yeah, kind of...," I said.

"Stay here," he said and left.

I sighed. Well, maybe Louis has a soft spot?? Maybe he can be nice?

Short time later he returned with two plates with food.

"Here you go," he said and gave me one.

He sat down on the other side of the bed and ate his food.





"Are-are you like Harry?," I gulped.

"What do you mean?," he asked and turned to face me.

"Are you as bad as him?"

Louis threw his head back laughing.

"Are you as bad as him, aye? Oh, Kathy, Kathy.......oh....hahaha. I'm Harry's best bud. 'Course I'm as bad as him, if that's how you put it," he said.

"Oh, I thought you might be different," I said.

"We are all the same. Except for Niall. He knows, that I know, that he can't fuck a girl when he has one. I kept his secret for 5 years now. The rest of us are pretty much like Harry," Louis said smirking.

"Oh," I said trying not to cry. So Louis ain't got a soft spot.

"Yeah," Louis said and finished his food.

I finished mine too.

"Here," Louis said and took my plate, "I'll be right back, " he said and left.

Well, bummer for me right? One out of five is only the nice one, the one who cares, the one that only has true love for girls.

Why? As I asked myself a million times.....why did my dad have to sell me to Harry?

Louis came back into the room, smirking, undressing me with his eyes.

He reached into the dresser by the bed and pulled out handcuffs. 

Oh no.

He was worse then Harry.

"Punishment for talking-back," he smirked and pushed me down on the bed.

He grabbed my hands and forcefully handcuffed them to the bed post.

"There," he said. 

He looked me in the eyes and when he did, I could see how bad he was. His eyes had flames in them!

"I haven't fucked a girl in a good two weeks, you don't know how long I've waited for this," he said getting up and taking his shirt off.

I could see his member through his pants.

"So lets get these clothes off of you," he said and got on top again and unzipped my sweater. He then took off my tank-top, along with my jeans.

He looked me up and down, before smashing his lips to mine.

"Trust me, I'll make you feel good," he muttered.

He unclasped my bra and took my panties off.

"Damn! Was Harry your first?," he asked.

"Y-y-yeah," I said, trying not to cry.

He whistled.

"Then you must be pretty tight aye?," he asked and stuck two fingers in me.

I moaned.

"Hehe, you like that don't you?" He wiggled his fingers.



"M-m-master," I stammered.

"Good girl," he said and took his fingers out.

He got his pants off along with his boxers right away.

"I can't wait any longer," he said and reached for the side drawer.

He took out a white pill.

"Take this," he said.

"Wh-what's that?," I asked.

"It's so you don't get pregnant," he said and shoved it into my mouth.

I sighed and swallowed it.

"Good girl," he said and kissed my neck.

I felt his manhood in between my thighs. I slightly moaned.

"You are so perfect," Louis moaned.

"Thank you master-r-r."

"Your being very good," Louis said and grabbed the key to my handcuffs.

He let my hands go, and continued kissing me down my stomach to my privet area.

He started to suck me down there.

"Master!," I moaned.

Somehow.....I was enjoying this.....Louis wasn't as rough as Harry, he was slow, and kind of gentle, even if he did handcuff me.

He kissed me back up to my neck and nibbled on my skin, probably leaving hickeys behind.

"Can't wait any longer," he moaned and without warning he pushed into me.

"LOUIS!," I screamed.

"Master, sweetie, master," Louis said against my neck, pulling my hands back up above my head, but not handcuffing them.

He started thrusting really fast and I felt the same pain as I did last night. Right away I regretted what I thought about Louis being nice.

I moaned because of the pain.

Louis kept my hands above my head with one hand and made circles on my clit, while sucking my neck.

I felt the familiar tingling in my stomach and I reached my orgasm. Louis reached his at the same time.

"Damn, so fucking perfect," he moaned as his thrusts got sloppier.

"So much pain....," I whispered.

"Your not enjoying this?," he asked after his orgasm ended.

"No......I'm having sex with someone who I hardly know," I said.

Louis groaned and dropped to his side of the bed, breathing heavily.

"Round two, your on top," he smirked.

"Wh-what!?," I asked.

"Do as your told," he said.

"But I don't know how to," I said.

"You get on top of me and ride me," he said touching his penis.

I gulped.

"Come here," he said and grabbed my waist pulling me on top of him.

"Now lift your butt up," he said.

I did as I was told.

I felt his dick a couple inches from my pussy.

"Now back down," he said.

When I did his penis went straight back into me.

I gasped in pain.

Louis started thrusting.

"Roll your hips into me......double the pleasure," Louis moaned.

I did as I was told.

Soon, we reached our orgasms again.

I breathed heavily and tried to get off of Louis, but he put his hands on my hips, holding me firmly down.

"Stay," he told me.

"But-but it hurt," I said trying not to cry. His dick was so freaking big!

"You are so tight, I like to have your inner walls around my dick," he said, burning his eyes to mine.

"It hurts," I whispered.

"Fine get off," he said and let go of my waist.

I quickly got off of him and dropped to my side.

"You did good, I'm not going to tell Haz that you were naughty and didn't listen," he said.

"Th-thank you master," I said.

"Mhmm, no problem," he said.

I don't know why but my hand went up to his face and I stroked his cheek. He looked at me confused but didn't do anything. I kept stroking his cheek until.....

"I want her NOW!," the blacked haired boy said walking into the room.

"NO ZAYN, She's MINE now," Louis said pulling me closer to him.

"But Louie!!"


"Why can't you share!?"

"That's what I exactly said to Harry and he gave me her for tonight! Wait for your turn! Now OUT!"

"Fine," he said and left.

Louis let go of me and got up himself.

He walked over to his door and locked it.

"No one can come in now," he smiled.

I sighed.

"Why were you doing that?," he asked getting back under the covers.

"What master?"

"Stroking my cheek like you did."

"I don't know what took over me, sorry master."

"Call me Louis."

I looked at him confused. "But-"

"Call me Louis, only Harry comes up with stupid names like 'master'. I ain't nobodies master."

"Oh, okay."

"So you enjoyed yourself tonight?"

"Not really."

He frowned.

"Sorry it's just that......I'm not that type....different guy every night. Harry was my first time and I'm pretty scared. I lost my virginity and now I'm going to have sex with all of you right?"

"I think you might."

"See? So how am I suppose to 'enjoy myself'?"

"I see your point," he said.

Going back to Louis having a sweet spot now. Maybe this is why Niall told Louis the truth about him being nice to girls??

I nodded and inched closer to him. He wrapped his arms around me.

"Oh are different. Niall's got a point here," he said.

"Then why'd you hurt me?," I said sadly.

"I haven't fucked a girl in two weeks, okay!? It's a pain!," he wined.

"I don't understand you sorry, I'm not a guy that has a dick."

Louis chuckled.

"You are not like Harry," I said looking into his eyes.

"I'm not?"

"No, you have a sweet spot."

"Where?," he asked looking around.

I giggled a little bit. He smiled.



"Help me escape Zayn?"

"Help you escape sex with him?"


"I'll talk to Harry.....but you know that you are 'his property' as he puts it. He'll probably say no to Zayn. He only gave me you for 1 night only, he said 'Tonight you can have her. Since your my best friend. But ONLY for tonight, if you want sex again there's plenty of other.....uhhhh-"

"Other girls in the woods?," I finished his sentence.

"How do you know? oh right Niall told you aye?"

I nodded. "Just please don't hurt him for telling me that...."

"I won't. Harry my bad-ass friend and Niall's my good-ass friend."

"Then why'd you hit him downstairs?"

"Was angry. One, Harry hit me earlier. Two, I wanted sex SO badly!"

I sighed and laid down again.

"Go to sleep are going to have a long day tomorrow trust me."


"Can't tell you, you'll figure it out yourself. Now sleep," he demanded.

I fell asleep thinking and hoping tomorrow wouldn't be rough......



Hey there! I hope you like this story so's more darker then the one's I wrote before, I know. But yeah....working hard on it :) 5 likes, favorites for the next chapter..... 

Love you my readers! <3

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