Secret Love

Harry always treated Kathy like a slave, which is what she was and is. But Niall sees something different in her. He falls for her, and she for him. But what happens when Harry finds out about this secret love??


7. Liam

Kathy's P.O.V.

I turned around to see Niall standing there, with a worried face.

"Niall!," I whispered-yelled and ran to him.

He took me into a hug.

"I don't want you to go in there," he sighed.


"Liam's the worst," he said, knitting his eyebrows together.

I gulped.

"How bad?," I asked.

"He'll tie you up and....," Niall shook his head.


"He's horrible trust me....whenever he had a girl for the night.....she always came out form there bleeding.....from here," Niall gently place his hand on my privet area, through my robe.

I looked down at him touching me there. And I know one thing....I wanted him. I wanted this gentle boy to make love for me....because I know it was true love.

Niall cupped my face and kissed me.

"HEY IT'S MY TURN!," Liam yelled coming out of his bedroom.

I started shacking in fear, and wrapped my arms around Niall's neck.

"Sorry bro, I don't know what took over me....I guess I'm too horny," Niall said.

"Yeah right, now give me her!," Liam said and snatched my arm.

"Liam!," Niall said, warning in his voice.

"What?, "Liam asked annoyed.

"Be gentle with her!"

"I'm always gentle with girls," Liam said and pinched my bum.

"Yeah especially Ashley, Rose, Gloria, Amanda, Rachel, and who else am I forgetting...oh right....Violet and Anna, after they came out of your room bleeding!," Niall said.

Liam grew angry.

"You have nothing to say here!," he said and pushed me into his room.

He slammed the door behind him.

"That fucking asshole!," he said and walked past me.

I watched him get a rope and handcuffs.

I started shacking all over and I fell to the ground, and wrapped my arms around my legs.

Liam came to me and looked down at me.

I just started crying.

He sighed and knelt next to me.

I moved as far as possible from him.

"Aww...Kathy....I am not that bad," he said and tried to touch my arm.

I just pushed his hand away.

"Kathy," he said getting more stern.

I looked him in the eyes.

"You are not going to change my mind about what I'm about to do," he said.

"Who are you?," I asked.

He laughed. "Liam."

I just gave him a glare.

"Aww, c'mon Kathy, don't tell me you believe Niall that I'm going to make you bleed or something," he said.

I just starred at him.

"I mean what am I doing explaining myself to!," he said and roughly pulled me up and threw me on his bed.

He got on top of me and pulled my robe off. Then he handcuffed me to the bed post.

He got off and walked to his bathroom.

He returned with a cloth in his hand. He stuck it in my mouth, and took his shirt off.

He stuck one finger in me, then two, wiggling them.

I shivered.

He took his pants and boxers off. He flipped me to my back.

"I like fucking girls from the back," he said into my ear.

He thrust into me. I almost screamed.

His moves were so sharp and quick....that he was worse then anyone I had sex with so far.

I reached my orgasm, but he kept thrusting.

I think I had three, or four orgasms before he pulled out, like twenty minutes after.

I shivered, and my body went all crazy.

I couldn't control my own body,  it was just shivering all over and didn't stop.

Liam just pinched my bum and flipped me over again.

I panted, and kept shivering.

"You're won't make it through round five won't you?," he asked.

I shook my head.

He pulled the cloth out.

"So give my a blow-job," he said, and two seconds later his dick was in my mouth.

I gave him a blow and swallowed his cum.

He started to suck my boob while massaging the other, and stuck his dick back into me.

"You are so tight, Harry made a right choice to buy you," he said and bit my neck.

He thrust some more into me, and with little strength left, I reached my fifth orgasm.

"Okay, you can leave now," he said and let my hands go me.

I stood up, but I couldn't walk.

"GET OUT!," Liam yelled.

I grabbed my robe, put it on, and closed the door, falling face-down to the ground afterwords.

I cried, like I never did before.

"Kathy?" I looked up and it was Louis.

" going to fuck me too?," I asked.

"NO. I'm taking you to Niall's," he said and picked me up.

I winced in pain, as he picked me up.

"God! You're bleeding!," he said and quickened his steps to Niall's room.

"NIALL!," he yelled at Niall.

Niall got up startled, but once he saw me I could tell he almost started crying.

"Darling!," he said and took me out of Louis' arms.

"I'll get some aid," Louis said and went out.

Niall laid me down on his bed.

"Can....can....I look?," he asked.

I nodded, and shut my eyes.

Niall lifted my robe and gasped. He spread my legs into a comfortable position.

I opened my eyes, when I felt a pair of lips on my thigh.

I looked down at Niall, who was looking up at me, his lips on my thigh.

I just smiled. He brought his lips up to mine and kissed me passionately.

 "I've got some of the ointment, "Louis said walking in.

He noticed us kissing.

"Sorry for interrupting," he blushed.

"It's fine," Niall said and sighed. His hot breath on my skin, made me shiver in pleasure.

Louis handed him a cloth and some bottle.

"This might sting a bit," he said and compressed the cloth to my privet area.

I gasped in the pain.

Louis came to my side and sat down next to me and made me look him in the eyes. He stroked my face as Niall did something, "down there".

"How does Niall know how to do this?," I asked Louis.

"He used to be a doctor's assistant, " Louis said.

"And I've seen this happen to plenty of girls here," Niall said.

I looked at Niall, who was looking at me worried.

"And I'm afraid you're one of the worst cases I've seen," he said.

I gulped as two tears slid down my face.

"She needs a doctor," Niall said, sighing.

"Do you think Harry will let us take her there?," Louis asked.

"Don't know...., but she needs one soon, how many times did you have sex tonight darling?," Niall asked and took my hand in his.

"Seven," I said.

Niall went pale all over.

"Liam fucked you five times!?," he exclaimed.

"Yes," I said, trying not to cry harder.

"I'll be right back," Louis said walking out of the room, his hands in fists.

"Where'd he go?," I asked.

"Probably to go and teach Liam a lesson," Niall said and put my legs back to a normal position, and pulled my robe down.

He picked me up and put me under the covers. He got in himself right next to me.

I turned to hug him, but the sharp pain in my lower region made me slightly scream, and fall back down to the same position.

"Shh, don't turn hun," Niall said and prompted himself on his elbow.

He placed his hand on mine.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT TO HER!," I heard Louis yell.

Niall pulled me closer to him.

"It hurts Niall.....," I said.

"I know....go to'll subside some pain," he said and kissed my forehead.

"It hurts to much to sleep," I said.

Niall stroked my cheek and kissed me on my lips again.

He pulled away, but I longed for his lips to stay on mine. I pulled his face back to mine.

He asked for entrance and I granted. Our lips fitted perfectly like if they were meant for each other.

Niall got gently on top of me and kissed my neck were Liam left his hickey bite.

I moaned in pleasure.

He lightly took my robe off my shoulder and kissed my shoulder.

"Niall.....I want you," I said.

He looked up at me, lust in his eyes, but it quickly disappeared.

"You can't," he said.

I pouted.

"We'll wait until you get better darling," he said, and laid on his side.

Suddenly the door burst open and Harry walked in.

"WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT!?," he yelled.

"What do you mean?," Niall asked.

"Why are they fighting!?"


"Louis, Liam, and Zayn."

"Kathy's been fucked seven times, five times by Liam, and now she's bleeding in a certain place," Niall sadly said.

"Better get well soon, you have more fucking to do tomorrow," Harry said to me.




"NO I'M THE BOSS HERE AND I TELL YOU WHAT TO DO," Harry said poking Niall in the chest, with a knife he suddenly pulled out.

I jumped out of bed, but suddenly dropped to the floor, with much pain.

"Kathy!," Niall ran to my side.

"WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH FOR HER!?," Harry yelled.

"Because," Niall said tears rolling down his face as he held me close.


"Because he feel in love with her you fucking asshole," Louis said, walking into the room.

"WHAT!?," Harry exclaimed.

I held on tight to Niall.

"What you heard, just leave them alone Haz," Louis said.

"NO!," Harry said and came up to us and grabbed Niall by the collar of his shirt.

He pulled out a gun.

"Harry don't," I said and jumped up, only to fall back to the floor.

"OUT!," Harry yelled and nudged the gun to the door and back to Niall.

Niall obeyed.

"Louis!," I said in pain.

He quickly came to me.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and he carried me out the door after Niall and Harry.

We kept a short distance behind them.

I saw Harry fling Niall down a staircase, probably to the basement.

He turned around and saw Louis with me. He came up to us and grabbed my hand.

"Harry she's weak," Louis yelled trying to free me from his grip.

"FUCK OFF LOUIS!," Harry said pointing the gun at him.

He flung me down the staircase, and slammed the door behind me.

I looked around in the darkness for something, and I found a light switch.

I saw Niall laying on the floor, holding his hand that was bleeding.

I found enough strength to crawl over to him.

"Ni?," I asked.

"KATHY!," he said and took me into his lap, kissing me all over my face.

"Ni, what happened to your arm?"

"I cut it against something sharp," he said.

I ripped some of my robe and put it on his wound.

"There," I said and kissed his cheek.

"I'm worried Kathy....I don't know what Harry might do to us," he said.

"Louis will help," I said.

"You really think so?"

"I know so." 

He smiled slightly.

"I love you Niall," I said and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I love you more," he said and kissed me.

Mom, please help us.....I thought.



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