Secret Love

Harry always treated Kathy like a slave, which is what she was and is. But Niall sees something different in her. He falls for her, and she for him. But what happens when Harry finds out about this secret love??


23. Going Back Home

Kathy's P.O.V.

I saw Louis walk into the jail and up to the officer who was standing in the doorway of Harry's room. Louis pushed past him and went straight up to Harry.

"You ass," Harry snarled.

"Me? I think you're the ass here!," Louis said.

Harry slammed Louis in the face with his fist.

"STOP!," the officer said and ran to part the two.

Harry noticed the open door. I quickly stood in the door so he couldn't escape.

Harry started to hit the officer who went unconscious.

I didn't know what to do...

"Louis! Please...Let's just go...," I begged.

"Not till I'm done with this asshole," he said and hit Harry in the balls who fell over clutching his manhood.

I closed the door, locking it so Harry wouldn't escape...but I was afraid to leave Louis with him, but I had to. I ran down the corridor to find another officer. I bumped into two of them.

" friend is locked up with the crazy man!," I said almost crying.


"Harry Styles."

They ran to Harry's room, and as they opened the door, I saw Louis all covered in blood, which was flowing from his forehead.

"ENOUGH!," one officer said and took Louis out, while the other pinned Harry down.

"What happened to John?," one of them asked, pointing to the unconscious officer on the floor.

"Harry hit him," I said.

The officer nodded and lead me and Louis out to the front desk.

"Sir...I suggest you see a doctor," the officer told Louis.

Louis nodded and took the towel the officer gave him, wiping his blood off.

"Well...I need to go help get John to the hospital," he said and left.

"C'mon Louis," I said and took him by the hand, leading him outside.

We got into the car.

"Was that really necessary?," I asked Louis.

"Sorry," he mumbled and started the car.

I stopped him by turning the car off and pulling the keys out.

"What?," he asked looking at me.

"Why is he so mad at you and why are you mad at him?," I asked.

"Nothing," he mumbled.

"Louis I want an answer!"

"He hates me okay? I saved you guys from him and he hates me," Louis said.

"That's all?"

Louis shrugged and slumped in the chair. 

"Can we go now?," he asked, looking at me, begging me through his eyes.

"Fine," I said and gave him the keys.

He drove to the hospital again.

"Want me to go in with you?," I asked.

" rest...I'll be back soon," he weakly smiled and went inside.

I took my phone out. Haven't been on this thing in a while, I thought to myself. I couldn't use a phone when I was in the hospital.


*** 5 New Messages From Nini***


I gasped and read them.


"Things were all good yesterday...and now they're not....I don't know why I'm sending this to your're not going to answer." 

"I love you Kathy....I want you back." 

"90% chance!!?? ....If you're am I."

"Going back to our not helping."

"I'm on our 40 miles away from the shore. This water is so deep...should I jump?" 



Two tears slid down my face as I screamed.


"Kathy? Are you okay?," Louis was already back.

I bawled my eyes out, and gave him the phone.

"Shit," he mumbled and started the car, gassing off to the airport.

He quickly got me out of the car and bought two plane tickets to Ireland. We waited for an hour before the plane came and got on.

I still couldn't stop crying.

"Are you okay?," the flight attendant asked.

Louis just half smiled at her and told her I'm okay, just going through a tough time.

Once we got to Ireland, I stopped crying and wanted to throw up.

What if he....actually killed himself?

"Well....are you ready?," Louis asked getting into the car he rented for us.

I nodded. I was scared, but willing to know what happened to Niall.

As we pulled up to Niall's and I's house, I started trembling. Memories flew in my head...

When he first brought me here. How he opened the door with me. How we made love for each other that night.

Louis put his hand on my knee, trying to calm me down.

"I....want to go in alone...if it's okay...," I said, still trembling.

Louis nodded and gave a hopeful look.

I got out of the car and walked up to the front porch. The door still had those bullet marks in it, which Harry made.

The door was open and I let myself in.

"Hello?," I weakly said.

No response.

I walked to the other side out to the deck. A storm was coming and a light breeze blew. I looked at the horizon, not a sight of a boat anywhere.

I went back inside and walked upstairs. I walked into our room...empty. Two tears slid down my face as I gently touched the bed. I walked out of the room and to the bathroom. Also empty. So was my closet.

I walked back into the bedroom and walked out into the balcony, leaning against it, letting my tears roll down and I cried a little bit.

Then I saw something. 

I saw a boat a little distance away towards the right. Our boat.

I ran down the stairs and outside and, running towards it.

It looked closer from the balcony, but I think I ran a good mile before I reached it. 

The storm was coming in fast and I heard Louis calling me from the house.

The boat was empty. I sat down on the sand crying hard. 


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


I heard thunder and the rain started to fall. I sat there crying my eyes out.

As the rain started to pour really hard, I screamed as loud as I could.


"KATHY!," I heard a voice from a distance away, but I couldn't make it out if it was Louis or someone else.

I hugged my knees into my chest and leaned against the boat, as the storm grew more wild.

"KATHY!," I heard again. Louis.

I cried harder and harder.

"KATHY!!!," I heard the voice again. But this time it didn't sound like Louis.

"NIALL!!??," I said and got up.

I tried to look through the pouring rain. 

And there walking, no, running towards me was a wet Niall.

"NIALLLLL!!!!," I screamed, and ran to him.

"KATHY KATHY!!!," he yelled.

I ran as fast as I could, and jumped into his arms.

"Niall....oh Niall," I said and hugged him tightly.

He didn't say anything, just hugged me back.

"KATHY!," I heard Louis yelling still.

Niall pulled away and looked me in the eyes, as the rain poured down.

"I'm sorry Kathy....for leaving you like that," he apologized.

"I think anyone would be scared like you were, when they were told that their loved one has only a 90% chance to die," I said.

Niall just half-smiled and smashed his lips to mine.

"KATH-.....NIAALLLLLLLL!!!!!," Louis said running to us.

Niall pulled away.

"Bro!," he said and hugged Louis tightly.

"Now I wanna ask how and why...but can we PLEASE get out of this storm?," Louis asked as a bright sharp lightning struck the ground.

"YES, WE GOT TO," Niall said, getting alarmed. 

He picked me up and both boys ran to the house.

I hid my face in Niall's neck.

He was back.

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