Secret Love

Harry always treated Kathy like a slave, which is what she was and is. But Niall sees something different in her. He falls for her, and she for him. But what happens when Harry finds out about this secret love??


10. Freedom

Kathy's P.O.V.

I hid my face in Niall's neck.

"I just took Kathy.....uhhh-"

"DID I LET YOU TAKE HER ANYWHERE!!!???," Harry yelled.

"No you didn't," Niall said.


"I took them," Louis said walking between us.

Harry glared at Louis.

I saw Louis, behind his back, give Niall the keys to the car.

"Harry look, I just took them to....WHO IS THAT?," Louis said pointing behind Harry.

Harry turned around.

"I think I saw Ashley," Louis said.

"WHERE!!?? WHERE!!??," Harry yelled.

"In the yard go after her!," Louis pushed Harry forward.

"Guys this is your chance go, escape don't come back. Call me once you're safe," Louis said and pushed us towards the car.

Niall quickly put me in the passengers seat and got in himself.

He quickly backed-up and gassed off.

"," I said, being in shock.

"Not yet.....when we catch the next plane to Ireland, then maybe we will love," Niall said, and placed his hand on my knee.

"Who's Ashley?," I asked.

"A girl that ran away from him," Niall said.


"Harry really liked her, but of course she didn't.....and one day she got away."

"Good for her," I said.

"Yeah, but if Harry ever finds might be bad," Niall said.

We pulled into the airport.

"Quick love......before time runs out," Niall said and got me out of the car.

We ran into the airport and Niall quickly got two plane ticket to Ireland. Luckily, the plane was leaving in fifteen minutes, so we quickly got on.

"Deep breath love, deep breath," Niall said sitting down next to me.

"Yeah...,'' I sighed.

The plane took off.

We. Were. Safe.

Louis' P.O.V.

"I swear I saw her!," I said running after Harry.

Gosh I am so glad they got away.....I hope they take a plane far, far, far, away from here.....perhaps Ireland. 

Yeah, Niall will surely take her to Ireland.

"ASHLEY! IF I FIND YOU!," Harry said looking around our yard.

I tried to keep in the laughter.

"Where did she go??," Harry asked me.

"Must of escaped.......," I sighed.

"Great! NOW LET ME GET EVEN WITH THOSE TWO AT THE DOOR. LOUIS GET A ROPE IT'S HIGH TIME I KILLED THAT....where are they??," Harry said walking to the door.

"OH MY GOD THEY ESCAPED AND TOOK MY CAR!," I yelled, play-acting.

This was fun.

"HOW THE HELL!!??," Harry yelled and ran into the street looking left and right.

I smiled when he wasn't looking.

"LOUIS GET MY KEYS!," Harry yelled.

"Okay!," I said and as slow as ever got his keys.

He snatched them out of my hand and got to his car and drove the opposite road from which Niall and Kathy took.

Good! Yay! I saved them! THEY ARE FREE! I jumped around like a crazy man.

I got my phone and texted Niall


"Hey bro."

"Hey man, is Harry looking for us?"

"Yeah, he got mad and drove the opposite direction you guys took. Where are you anyways?"

"On the way to Ireland ;) "


"Haha right. I can't believe we won!"

"Yeah. I just hope he doesn't find you soon. Now all we have to do is call the police on him."

"What about Liam and Zayn?"

"Don't know...haven't thought about that yet."

"Okay...well....I'm tired right now, think I'm gonna take a nap. See ya Lou. Oh and I'm going to text you my new number since I have to change my old one so Harry doesn't find me."

"OK. Have a safe flight. Love ya bro."

"Yep me too. And thank you again."


I smiled and put my phone away.

Niall's P.O.V.

Kathy was sleeping in my chest.

Heading to Ireland meant that we'd have a time difference, I hope she'll get used to it.

Then I thought about what Louis told me earlier I might be able to save Kathy even more....if.....I get her pregnant. But I don't want to....we're still too young to be parents, I think. But then IF the police don't find Harry, and he would find us......having Kathy pregnant maybe would save her. I have one hell of a situation here...

~ 2 hours later ~

"Kathy?," I said, lightly shacking her.

"Mmm?," she said.

"We're here love," I said.

She lightly opened her eyes and smiled, then closed them again.

I picked her up and we got off the plane.


Haven't been here in a long time. 

"It's so beautiful," Kathy said.

" hometown and my country," I said.

She kissed my chin.

"So....let me call the taxi and I'll take you to my old home," I told her.

"Okay," she said.

I gently placed her on her feet and she leaned on me as I dialed the taxi number.

Soon we were headed to my house.

I got my key to the house....I always kept it around my neck.

"Niall do your parents live here?," Kathy asked as I put her down on the front porch.

"My parents died.....four years ago," I sighed.

"Oh, I am so sorry Ni," she said.

"It's okay.....I have you now, and that's all that matters," I said.

She smiled and I opened the door. I picked her up and carried her inside.

"I come here every three months to clean this place," I said.

"Oh no wonder it's so clean!," she exclaimed as I placed her on the couch.

"Yeah.....last time I was here was a week before Harry bought you," I said.


"Yeah...Kathy there is something I need to tell you," I said gulping.


"It's about our safety.....if the police don't find Harry....he might find us. Me and Louis also....think that, here it goes, if I get you pregnant, then Harry will leave us alone IF he finds us. He'll have maybe more respect, and he won't be able to have sex with you anymore so he'll leave you and me.....," I said, looking down at me feet.

Kathy didn't say anything for a while.

I looked up and saw her deep in thoughts.

"Kathy?," I asked.

"But you said we were safe," she said.

"Yes darling we are.....but what if he does somewhat find us?," I asked taking her hand in mine.

"Then we'll have two kids by then," she smiled.

"What?," I asked shocked.

She giggled.

"So you are alright about having a child with me?"

"Yes. But I've got to wait two weeks before I have sex remember?"

"Yes, yes I do."

"So.....maybe after I get better?," she said cheekly.

I smiled and thought..: "I'll be engaged to you by then."



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