Secret Love

Harry always treated Kathy like a slave, which is what she was and is. But Niall sees something different in her. He falls for her, and she for him. But what happens when Harry finds out about this secret love??


17. Boating

Kathy's P.O.V.

I woke up, the sun shining in my face.

I felt around...but Niall wasn't in bed.

I got up and the covers fell off of me, reminding me I'm naked and of last night.

Before I could find anything to put on, Niall walked in with a sliver platter in his hands, in his boxers only.

"Oh good morning babe," he said.

I jumped back into bed and tried covering my body.

" don't have to cover from me, but I think you'd like this."

He put the platter, with breakfast on it, on the bed and gave me my robe.

I slipped it on and tied it.

"Good morning Ni," I said and got up kissing his cheek.

He smiled.

"Breakfast?," he asked picking the platter up again.

"Yes!," I said and sat down again.

He gave me the platter and sat down by me.

There was a small red box on it.

"Niall whats this?," I asked picking it up.

"Open it and find out," he winked.

I opened it and there was a beautiful necklace....with the initials N&K...written on a heart.

"'s beautiful!," I said hugging him, then lightly pecking his lips.

I took the necklace out of the box and gave it to him to put around my neck.

"It looks more beautiful on you," he smiled.

I giggled.

We ate our breakfast watching the tv in our room.

"It has been told that the criminal Harry Styles has escaped jail," the reporter said.

I dropped my bagel.

Niall just looked with wide-eyes.

"Yes I saw him on the street yesterday, and he was drunk and he had a gun with him," an evidence said.

"Oh fuck it!," Niall said and switched the channel.

"It's okay Ni.....he won't find us?," I said.

Niall looked at me worried.


"Didn't you want to see him?"

"Well...yeah....but," I started crying as all the memories came back, what he did to me.

"Shh, baby, shh," Niall took me into his arms.

I crawled into his lap and stayed there, never wanting to leave this very spot.

Niall kissed my forehead.

I sobbed into his chest.

"Niall....I don't want him ot find us....I don't want to see him.....I dont....I don't-"

"It's okay love...we're far away. We're here in Ireland, by the sea. He has no idea where we are," Niall said.

"But what if he do-"

"Shhhhhh....he won't okay? I'll make sure that you'll be safe baby," he said and kissed my forehead.

I sighed and wrapped my arms around Niall's neck.

Niall picked me up and took me out to the balcony, putting me down on my feet there.

"Beautiful morning, isn't it?," Niall smiled and inhaled deeply.

"Yeah," I said and leaned on the balcony.

Niall did the same.

"That white boat right you see it?," Niall asked pointing to a big white boat, more like a pontoon.


"That's all ours," he smiled.

"Niall you did not buy a boat!!," I exclaimed.

"Oh yes I did," he winked and went inside.

I followed him and pushed him on the bed getting on top of him.

"Heeeeeyyy," he smiled.

I sat down right on top of his member, and twirked a little, making him groan.

"So.....can we go on it??," I asked.

"Would you like to finish breakfast first??," he asked raising his eyebrow.

Gosh! I couldn't take it no more...he's so damn cute!

I slammed my lips to his and within seconds he was on top of me and french kissing me.

I giggled and pulled away.

"I think I would like to finish my breakfast," I smiled.

"Okay," he kissed my nose and got off.

After we finished eating, I went to the bathroom to freshen up a bit. Then I went to my closet, and picked out white shorts, and a blue lose crop-top, blue flip-flops, and a white sun hat. And blue sunglasses.

I walked out to see Niall in blue shorts and a white T-shirt, with black sunglasses in his hand and a picnic basket??

"How'd you know I was wearing white and blue?," Niall chuckled.

"Don't know, perhaps you're the one stalking me...and you have a camera hidden in my closet!?," I said.

"Awe babe...I wouldn't do that!," he smiled.

"Are we having a picnic? We just ate...."

"I'm taking it with us on our boat," Niall smiled.

"Ohhhh," I said and made my way downstairs.

We walked out into the sand towards the boat. 

Niall lifted me up into it and jumped in himself.

"You know how to drive a boat like this?," I asked trying to get some balance on it.

"Course I do...I know how to drive a car don't I?," he winked and sat in the drivers seat.

I sat on the passengers seat and let my hair down.

Niall smirked and hit the gas and the boat started moving. At first I had butterflies in my stomach but then they faded away.

"This is so nice...," I said smiled and tipping my seat back. I looked over at Niall...his strong hands wrapped around the steering wheel, his eyes under his sunglasses focused on the water, his hair blowing all ways.

I got up and stood behind his seat and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Oh hey babe," he said and stroked my arm with one hand, keeping the other on the wheel.

I kissed his neck, and he chuckled and parked the boat in the middle of the water. We were like half a mile from the shore.

"You wanna start that?," Niall asked getting up and pushing me on to the couch, that was on the boat.

I giggled.

"Or shall we go swimming?," he asked.

"I don't have anything to swim in," I pouted.

"I brought this along," Niall said handing me a pack....that had a bikini in it.

"Were do I change?," I asked, looking around.

Niall lifted his eyebrow.

"TURN AROUND!," I directed.

"Okay," Niall said and took off his shirt and jumped into the water.

I laughed and quickly changed.

"Hey babe!?," Niall asked from the side of the boat.

I leaned over.


"Can I see your hand?," he asked.


I gave him my hand and he pulled me into the water.

"NIALL!!," I screamed, when I came from under the water.

He chuckled and swam away. I swam right after him.

"When I get'll be more kisses for you!"

Niall stopped and turned around swimming my way.

"I'm so so so so sowwy...please...I can't live without your sweet kisses baby!"

I giggled and he wrapped his arms around my waist.

" am I suppose to stay on the surface!!??," I asked trying to stay on the top of the water.

Niall just wrapped my legs around his waist and pushed me up against the boat, slamming his lips to mine.

"Niall....," I moaned and kissed harder.

"Mmmm?," he said slipping his tongue in.

I wrapped my legs tighter around his waist, his member pressing against my privet place.  He tilted his head back and moaned.

"Niall...I wanna go back up," I said.

"Okay," Niall said and pulled a small ladder down.

I climbed up and he slapped my bum.

"NIALL!!," I screamed.

He chuckled and got up himself.

"What?," he innocently said.

I frowned at him and stuck my tongue out. He stuck his out too, and turned around to get something from the cooler. I took the opportunity to slap his ass.

"HEY!," he cried.

"Serves you right for pulling me into the water and slapping my arse," I said.

Niall just stared at me.


"You're cute when you're mad," he smiled.

I sat down on the couch.

"Yeah..yeah...," I said and crossed my arms.

"Awe babe," Niall said and sat down next to me wrapping one arm around my shoulders.

 "I wanna tan!," I said and grabbed a towel spreading it out on the floor of the boat.

"Okay babe," Niall said and laid down on the couch.

~ 3 hours later ~

I was laying on our couch in our house, waiting for Niall to "park the boat somewhere safe".

There was a knock on the door. Thinking it was the mail, I went to open it.


I froze to my spot.


A gun pointed at me. And a face I never wanted to see again.



So sorry for not updating in AGES! I know it took me a long time, and I'm super sorry for that. I would like to thank you again for the support on this story, the likes, favorites, mean a lot! 

Also....I'm so sad that Zayn left the band. I've spent the last three days crying....I just can't believe it! But in my heart, One Direction will always be 5 boys that stole my heart. Zayn will ALWAYS be part of 1D. Always. I'm hoping that maybe he'll change his mind....and come back on tour....

Love you all so much! 


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