Zayn's Sister

It’s been four years since Zayn Malik left his mother and sister for the life in the fast lane. It’s been four years since Mickayla Malik changed her identity to Victoria Garcia. Now that she is 16, Zayn finds his way back into his mother and sister’s life bringing the rest of One Direction. When returning he finds out that everyone has a secret. Including one between Mickayla and a special band mate...


5. ~Chapter 5~

*Los Angeles- August 25,2014 Monday*
Mickayla’s POV

     It has been a week since I first texted Harold, after that we started to hang out. We would usually hang out at the park, because he really doesn’t like to be out in the open like at the mall. Harold and I are currently in the park walking around the hidden section of it. As I said he really doesn’t like the attention which doesn’t bother me because I don’t like attention either. I still haven’t told him about my age or about “me”, but I mean it’s not like a 16 year old can’t be friends with a 20 year old!

     “Vanilla ice cream is so much better!” Harold argues playfully in his beautiful American accent.

     I shake my head in disagreement. “Nope, chocolate is!”

     He folds his arms across his muscular chest, that is being covered with his plain gray shirt and bluish-gray sleeves. “Nah, without vanilla you couldn’t make a root beer float!”

     I scoff. “Without chocolate there would be nothing to look forward to after a nasty breakup!”

     Before he could retaliate a ring starts to come out of his black skinny jeans. He slides his large hand into his pocket and takes out his iPhone, his smile falls.

     I give a confused expression. “Everything okay?...”

     Harold looks up to me. “Yeah...” Still holding his phone he looks down at it and back at me. “I really need to take this. How about you get us ice cream from the ice cream stand by the main center of the park?”

     I nod. Who would say no to an offer of ice cream?!

     He hands me money.

     “No, I will buy!”

     He grabs my hand sending shocks through it, and places the money in the palm of it. “I will pay.”

     I roll my eyes and turn to walk towards the center.

     I am not even few feet away before Harold yells. “Get me chocolate!”

     I turn around and stare at him weirdly.

     He shrugs. “You convinced me!”

     Laughing lightly as I turn back and walk towards the ice cream cart.

Harold’s POV
     Once I see Victoria is out of sight I look down at my phone to read, Louis.

     I swipe my screen and put my phone up to my ear. “Louis.” I answer in my actual accent, which is what people call British.

     “Harry!” Louis answers excitedly.

     “That’s me.”

     “How are you mate?”

     “Uh, I am good, surviving so that is a good thing.”

     He chuckles. “That is great! So how is LA?”

     “Amazing, but we have all been here before so I don’t know why you ask.”

     “I have my reasons Harold! Anyways what are you doing?”

     I look around and there is still no sign of Victoria. “Secretly out in the park. How are you and the lads doing?”

     “I am doing fine, spending time with the family, Niall is visiting his brother and nephew, Liam is visiting his mum,” He pauses and sighs, “Zayn, Zayn is with Perrie.”

     Louis, Liam, Niall, and I are very touchy with the subject of Zayn not visiting his family since we took off. I know that right now I can’t be judging him because I am not home with the family, but Zayn hasn’t been home is about four year! As where I have multiple times! The boys including Zayn have no idea of where his mum and little sister are. The four of us had tried to locate them but it seems as if they fell from the edge of the planet. There is no sign of them at all. Records show that their names haven’t appeared anywhere else after the year 2010.

     I shake the thoughts. “Oh, well you know him...”

     “Yeah... We can’t do anything about it though.”

     “So when are you guys coming to LA?”

     “In a couple days. Are we staying at that hotel you are in?”

     I lean against some tree. “Uh, yeah. Simon made reservations already.”

     “Man, I just can’t believe we are staying in LA for four whole months just to do a magazine project!”

     I laugh at his excitement. “ I know Louis!” I see Victoria approach with two ice cream cones in her hands. “Uh, I need to go see you in a few days mate!”


     I didn’t even let him respond when I had hung up. I jog up to Victoria and take the only chocolate ice cream cone she had in her hand.

     “What happen to Miss “Chocolate is better”?!” I shout softly throwing one of my arms in the air.

     She shrugs cutely batting her long dark eyelashes. My stomach starts to feel weird when she did that. “Well, this guy I know he convinced me.” She winks flirtatiously.
     I am literally lost for words with this girl. She is so beautiful! Her long black hair blows in the wind, her stunning hazel eyes shine in the sun, her tan gorgeous legs strut as she walks, her irresistible pinkish lips makes me bite my lip, her tan skin glows in the sun, and her structured face with perfect cheek bones hardly need makeup. When I look at her I get speechless.

     I usually go for older women, but I mean she is only two years younger than me so it’s not a problem. When I was on the phone with Louis I wanted to tell him so badly about Victoria, but she doesn’t know who I am, and she did kind of mention she didn’t like us (One Direction). Of course I could change her mind, me being me, but I am not sure I feel like she is hiding something too. Then again I barely meet the girl and she is not just going to tell me everything just like that, friendship takes time. Speaking of friends I should ask her about her friends.


     “Hey Victoria.” I say in my American accent and look at her, she is licking her ice cream then her eyes meet mine. “You never really told me about your friends, I told you stupid stories about my friends.”

      A genuine smile appears on her face making her cheekbones rise. “I haven’t have I. Don’t tell Belle that, she’d kill me!”

     Now I know one of her friends is named Belle.

     She giggles. “Well let’s start with Belle. Man, she is literally my second half, without her I don’t know where I’d be. I meet her when I moved schools, she was my tour guide, and yeah our friendship started there. At the time I was in this “depressed” stage but she helped me out of it by just being herself, and I can’t thank her enough. We see each other everyday, it doesn’t matter the weather we are always together. I basically can tell her anything and everything and the same goes with her to me. Belle is like my sister.”

     I smile widely at how she talks about her friend, I can tell she is really important in her life. I lick more of my ice cream that is starting to drip. “So do you have any siblings? Sister?” I pause and she shakes her head. “Brother?” As ‘brother’ came out of my lips her eyes darken. She takes awhile and finally shakes her head.

     “Uh, no, but I have another friend and he is basically my brother.”

     I nod my head, that resulting in my curls jiggling.

     “His name is Zach. He is the sweetest most caring guy I have ever known. We actually met in this park, as I mentioned before I was in a stage and I came here to just let everything out. He didn’t even know me but he came up to me to comfort me.” She stops to look around, she specifically looks at the trees. Then she starts marching up to a certain one.

     I walk behind and finally she comes to a stop. I look towards to tree, in the bark ‘Zach & Vic’ are carved into it with a heart surrounding their names.

     As she looks at it, she continues to talk. “He came to visit me on my birthday, but he left again to his university. He doesn’t go to university here, he goes to Harvard in Massachusetts for law, he wants to become a lawyer. Trust me, he’d be the best lawyer, he always would argue with me over the stupidest of things. Like this one time he was arguing with me about who gets the remote!” She laughs a beautiful laugh. “He best brother I could ever have. I-I miss him so much!” A sad tear falls from her eye.

     I bring her in for a hug, making sure my ice cream doesn’t get anywhere near here. She wraps her arms around my torso. I whisper. “I know you do...”


Mickayla’s POV
      At this point I don’t even know which brother I am talking about...



      After Harold dropped me off at home I quickly made myself upstairs and dial the familiar number into my phone.
     “Hello?” Answers the boy that always brings a smile to my face.

     I feel myself shake of nervousness. “Z-Zach?”

     “Victoria?!” He asks in disbelief.

     I smile. “Yes Z, it-it’s me!”

     He sighs in relief. “Man Vic, you seriously called me at the right moment!”

     “Why is that?”

     “I have been stressing over this huge test we have in a few days, and I have been studying day and night when I have the chance. Everything on my schedule got messed up because I also have a project due on the same day as my test!”

     “But if you are so busy, then shouldn’t I not be interrupting?” I ask confused.

     “Baby girl, you would never interrupt me at all! In fact I was in need of a long break, and the best way to spend it is to talk to you!”

     I feel the heat rush to my cheeks. “Zach you are making me blush, stop!”

     He laughs, and oh, how much I missed his laugh. “So how have you been?”

     I sigh. “Good.”

     “Mmmhhhmm... Good.” He mocks.

     “Well, it is going good!”

     “More explanation in detail please!”

     I scratch the back of my neck. “Um... Belle and I kinda... We kinda...”

     “Spit it out!”

     I blurt out. “We went to an 18 and over club!”

     “YOU DID WHAT?!” He yells.

      “Look, Belle wanted to make crazy, adventurous memories, and well the best way was to go to a club that we are not allowed to go to!” I defend Belle and I.

     “Did momma bear let you?!”

     “As a matter of fact she did!”

     He chuckles. “Well, then when I come back I will have a long talk with her.”

     I laugh. “Okay.”

     “Uh, Vic, I have to go now...” He sighs heavily. “Sorry Boo!”

     “It’s okay, at least I got to talk to you!”

     “Okay. I’ll call you when I can okay?”

     I nod. “I would be waiting for your call!”

     “I miss you Victoria...”

     “I miss you too Zayn...”

     I clamp my hand over my mouth. I just called Zach, Zayn! Oh, no!!

     “Who is Zay...”

     Before he could ask I hang up feeling really panicked.


     Do I really miss Zayn?.....

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