Zayn's Sister

It’s been four years since Zayn Malik left his mother and sister for the life in the fast lane. It’s been four years since Mickayla Malik changed her identity to Victoria Garcia. Now that she is 16, Zayn finds his way back into his mother and sister’s life bringing the rest of One Direction. When returning he finds out that everyone has a secret. Including one between Mickayla and a special band mate...


3. ~Chapter 3~

*Not very edited*

*Los Angeles- August 16, 2014 Saturday*
Mickayla’s POV

     “No! Absolutely not Belle!”

     “And why not?!” She whines.

     I turn back to face the standing mirror, in my reflection I see myself in a short black sparkly dress. The dress hugs my curves in a way I have never seen before, only in pictures of tumblr girls in dresses. Belle says is fits me ‘perfectly’, but I would disagree because it only ends two inches under my bum. I feel exposed and kind of naked in a way, but I know it’s because I don’t wear anything so short. I give her a ‘are you serious’ look as I still face the mirror, her being couple feet behind me and also facing the mirror can see my expression.

     “It’s too short! It literally ends two inches under my bottom!” I explain in my “regular” American accent.

     “It is fine. You look incredibly beautiful!” She gushes.

     I cross my arms over my chest and scoff. “I am not beautiful, you are just saying that because you are my friend! You are actually the beautiful one here, you don’t have to put on make-up because you are naturally beautiful!!”

     The dress she is wearing suits her amazingly!... But everything she wears also does.... Anyways the dress is a fuchsia pink and black. The top part of the dress, which is fuchsia pink, has a sweet heart neck line that is made up of soft cotton fabric and ends above the waist. The bottom part of the dress, which is black, has this wavy skirt style going on but with black sparkles and ends inches above the knee.

     It’s true though. Belle is just naturally beautiful! No make-up needed! She has peachy-tan glowing skin, long gorgeous legs, wavy light brown hair mixed in with a bit of blonde, soft light brown eyes, a cute square-ish buttony nose, pink plump lips, round cheeks, and a perfect oval face.

     Me on the other hand... I am not naturally beautiful. I probably need tons of make-up. I have plain white-peachy skin, pair of legs, black hair, hazel eyes, a nose, dry light pink lips, slim cheeks, and a normal oval face. Yeah, I am plain, normal, and boring. That’s exactly how I am.

     Both of us started finishing up our hairstyles and make-up. We slip on our high heels, grab our clutch purses, and head downstairs so my mum can drive us to this 18 and over club. We descend the staircase into the living room where my mum is sitting on the couch flipping through the pages of Vogue magazine.

     Once we were standing in front of her she looks up and her expression turns into a shock, surprise, and happy one.

     “Girls! You look stunning!!!” She gushes as she stand up holding her cheeks in excitement.

     We both blush at the comment.

     Belle claps her hands together. “Let’s get going, shall we?!”

     “Yes mom we will call you if we need anything!” I yell to her since the music is loud through the open car window. My mum told us to be careful and to call her, just as all mums do.

     She drives away and Belle and I go towards the door while everyone else stands in line beside the red velvet rope showing their ids, hoping to get in because of the popularity of the pub. I feel like if I was a celebrity or something, because I didn’t have to show our ids, now I know how Zay-.... Uh, how he feels.

     Standing in front of the door are two very buff guys wearing black dress pants, and a black shirt tucked in with white font reading, ‘SECUIRTY’. They both looked very intimidating with their bulky arms in front of them in a holding position. I wasn’t so sure about this, but Belle on the other hand goes straight towards to the guy on the left (probably her cousin) and hugs him, the guy responds by hugging back not wearing that mean look anymore. She whispers something to him then she looks at me making the security guard her cousin look as well, I give a small smile, he just nods. She gestures me over. I walk over to them, noticing that I am getting very dirty looks from the girls waiting in line in very revealing dresses, making my dress look like something a toddler would wear.

     “My cousin says we can go right in.” Belle whispers in my ear.

     I nod and face her cousin, “Thank you.”, I mouth and wave at him as we go inside.

     Once we step into the club my mouth drops. It looks absolutely brilliant! The lights were off but there is strobe lights pointing all over the place, neon light illuminating, fog is starting to roam the place, the music is on blast making the ground shake because of the bass. The vibe feeling is on high, people are jumping up and down moving in every direction having the time of their life. I guess this is how the teenage life is...

     Two hours had already past. Right now Belle was dancing with this guy she found really attractive, but the problem is that he thinks she is eighteen. I on the other hand, am sitting on one of the high stools by the drinks table sipping my soda every once and a while bored out of my mind. It would be weird for me just to dance by myself in the middle of the dance floor so I didn’t dance at all. It seems like everyone is having the greatest time, but then there is me over here.

     I take another sip of my Coke in the red party cup as I feel someone take a sit next to me. I don’t take much notice.

     “What can I get you?” Asks the bartender.

     From the corner of my eye I see a guy of a figure looking towards me.

     “I’ll get whatever she is having.” The guy’s deep, raspy but soothing American accent rings through my ears. He adds. “She looks like she is having a blast.”

     Sarcastic much?

     Both the mysterious guy and the bartender chuckle as I simply scoff at his remark.

     To make matters worse the bartender says, “One Coke coming up.” That made the guy laugh.

     “Look, I don’t know who you are but I would like if you’d quit it.” I say with attitude in my American accent not even looking at him.

     I could see him look at me. “Had a bad night?”

     “Why do you care? You don’t even know me!” My tone not changing.

     “Fine. Let’s get to know each other.”

     I face him, and his appearance leaves me speechless. He is tall, a bit toned, but still thin. His face is structured perfectly as it consisted of an oval-squarish shape. His eyes are this mesmerizing emerald green that could make you melt. His nose being the right size and pointy at the tip. His lips light pink and plump, making them irresistible when he smiled or bit them. And oh, his hair! His hair is a beautiful brown, and he has it styled up in a small bump showing off his stunning mop of curls.

     “You want to get to k-know me?” I ask insecure now that I know what he looks like. “A strange girl at a club?”

     He nods.

     “Haven’t you heard the saying “Stranger Danger”?”

     He chuckles softly making my heart beat faster. “Are you a serial killer?” 

     I simply just shake my head a no giggling a bit.

     “Then, we shouldn’t have a problem.” He winks.

     I roll my eyes playfully. “Okay, fine. Hello, my name is Victoria Garcia.” I greet and stick my hand out.

     “I-I’m...” He stutters. “Edwards, Harold Edwards.” He finishes uneasily but then shakes my hand sending a weird tingling up it. I quickly pull my hand away.

     I swear I have seen this boy before but I don’t know where... And his name sounds familiar as well but I can’t put my finger on it...

     “Random question, have we meet before? Because I swear I have seen you before..” I ask him.

     He shifts uncomfortably on the stool. “No, I don’t think we have.”

     “Hm. Sorry, I didn’t mean to come out sounding like a creep!”

     Harold laughs. “You didn’t.”

     Suddenly ‘C’mon C’mon’ blast through the speakers and I feel my face flush. I look towards Harold and I see his face in the same state as mine.

     I decide to lighten the mood a bit. “What you don’t like One Direction?”

     He turns and his face turns bright red. “Uh.... No I haven’t heard of them.”

     “I have, I really enjoy their music...”

     Duh! Mickayla of course you like their music you wrote it dummy! But of no one knows that! Man, I am just so dumb today!

     “Um, yeah, but I don’t like them personally, to tell you the truth I don’t know what they look like!”

     His face went back to it’s normal colour. “So you don’t know what they look like?” He asks.

     I furrow my eyebrows. “Uh, no, my friend is a huge fan, but I told her I “hate” them and she covers her posters when I go to her house..” I lie. It wasn’t all a lie though, I mean I don’t remember what he looks like and I never meet the other boys to see what they look like.

     He mumbles something under his breath. I swear I heard him say, “That’s good.” but the music is too loud to fully understand.

     There is a silence, but Harold speaks up. “So why don’t we get to know each other. I’ll start!”

     He strokes his chin ‘playfully thinking’. Harold basically told me of how he was born and raised here in America along with his sister and mother, not talking much of his father. I now know that he is 20 years old... Yup... 20.... It wasn’t such a surprise because I mean this is an 18 and over club...

     I told him my story. Well, Victoria’s story. I didn’t mention to him anything about my brother. All I said was how I was born and raised here, I am “18”, my mum, my best friends, but nothing in too much details.

     “Oh my gosh, seriously?!” I ask him laughing loudly but not enough for people to hear me since the music was still blaring through the venue.

     He laughs along with me. “Yes! He jumped off the roof into the pool with nothing but his socks, just to complete a dare!!”

     Harold was telling me about his crazy wild memories, after I explained to him why I was here in the first place. I felt my phone buzz.

     I pick it up from the table and slide my screen to reveal a message from Belle. ‘Where are you?’

     ‘I am by the drinks table. Where are you?! I haven’t seen you in literally 4 hours!’

     ‘In the restroom, puking my guts out! Help please!!D:’

     ‘On my way!’

     “Harold, I am so sorry but I have to go. My friend said she is sick in the restroom and I need to help her out. But hey! Now I can say I made friends with a stranger in the club named Harold!” I joke.

     He shakes his head in a cute manner. “I wouldn’t have made friends with a stranger if I didn’t want to hang out with them again.”

     I stop. “You want to hang out with me again?!”

     Harold nods his head. “If you allow me to.”

     “Yeah!” I say too excitedly, making Harold laugh, so I took it down a notch. “Um... I mean yeah of course!”

     He hands me a little piece of paper with his number on it. I smile like an idiot.

     “Well I guess I will see you later.” I say.


     With that I walk away to go help my puking friend...


My story might not be so interesting now but I am thinking of ways to increase it to something marvelous!
I am really tired from a long week of school and I am in need to catch up on my sleep. Once you go to a One Direction concert your sleeping times go out of balance!!
I am so tired and I might've messed up somewhere so yeah please regard that.
All I have to say for this chappie is, "Epp!!!" (You know why! I hope...)

Yup do all that good stuff of following, commenting, and hearting!
Good night, morning, and or afternoon!;)

Love you all! ~Jessie<3

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