Zayn's Sister

It’s been four years since Zayn Malik left his mother and sister for the life in the fast lane. It’s been four years since Mickayla Malik changed her identity to Victoria Garcia. Now that she is 16, Zayn finds his way back into his mother and sister’s life bringing the rest of One Direction. When returning he finds out that everyone has a secret. Including one between Mickayla and a special band mate...


2. ~Chapter 2~

*Los Angeles~ August 16, 2014 Saturday*
Mickayla’s POV

     All I could see is red, this made my eyes flutter open. The bright sun is shining through the see-through curtains hitting me right in the face. I sit up from where I was sleeping, that is the couch still in the music room. I don’t remember sleeping on the couch. When I fell asleep I was sitting on the chair by the desk, I look towards the desk to see it all organized. This made me sigh knowing my mum probably carried me to the couch and fixed all my things in the early morning. I guess she really does have sleep deprivation.

     Walking up to the desk I see a green medium sticky note, and in black writing it says: ‘Good morning sweetie! I had to go to work at 6 this morning and won’t be returning until 8pm, maybe... I made you breakfast that is in the microwave, and your lunch is in the fridge so just put it in the microwave to heat it up.
You looked uncomfortable in your writing chair so I just set you on the couch, while I was at it I clean your desk a bit. Oh! I read the new song! It is perfect K! I think I know where you are coming from in this song. But I am not mad so don’t worry.:)
Now all you need to do is make the music to it and record! Make another hit baby!;) Remember, to send it to Simon before 8!
If you feel lonely call Belle and Zach to come over!
Love you Mickayla! See you tonight! ~Mum♥ xo’

     I smile widely at the note mum had written me, but it also made me sad because she has to work late. Also, if she checked up on me, made food, and had to go to work at six, then she probably didn’t sleep enough. All this wouldn’t had happen if the man that made me had left us, along with him. Losing both of the men in our (mum and I’s) life I can say it has been quite hard. Not having a father, mum had to take on the role of both parents. Not having a brother my mum had to act child-like so that I can be kept entertained. I don’t really care about not having a father figure or a brother figure, all I need is mum.

     Before heading upstairs to eat breakfast I skim over the song once more making sure it is ready to be put together with the music and to be recorded. Happy with the song, I go upstairs to the first floor. While my breakfast (pancakes, hash brown, and bacon) is heating up I decide to text Belle, ‘Hey!:)’. I take out my plate from the microwave place a fork on it and set it on the island. Then, I get a glass and pour some orange juice, when I sit down to eat my phone buzzes in my pocket. Pulling it out, I see that Belle responded.

     ‘Hi Vic! Wyd (What you doing)?’

     ‘Just eating breakfast:9 You?’

     ‘Surfing through channels. #Bored -_-’

     ‘Well, my mom is out at work and she said I can invite you over;)’

     ‘YES PLEASE! What time?’

     I look at the time on my phone and see it’s 10:34am. ‘Um 12?’ So I can start the music for the song, and get ready.

     ‘Okay see you soon!:D’

     After I finished my delicious breakfast and put the dish in the sink, I plan on taking a shower and getting ready for the coming of Belle. Darting upstairs to my room, I pick out my clothes I want to wear and go into the washroom in my room. I finish my shower within ten minutes, change, and style my hair. I settle for dark blue skinny jeans, with a white blouse covered in black small bows, black flats, and curl my hair putting half of it up in a ponytail. I couldn’t help myself so I kept on adding accessories like a cute black bow to my hair, a gold necklace with a music note dangling form it, and couple of bracelets.

     Looking at the clock that is nailed to one of my bedroom walls it reads exactly eleven. Having one hour left until Belle arrives I go back to the basement to creating the music for the songs. Once I entered my special room I grab my ‘lyrics book’ and place it on the stand that is attached to the black shiny piano. I take a sit on the bench that goes with it, then I open my book to the pages I written the song on. I hum the beat I thought of for the song aloud and play with the keys to see what the outcome would be like. After lots of trials and errors I finally made the music for the introduction and the verses. I did a different riff for the chorus and bridge. To check if everything goes perfectly together I play the song with the piano.

     Since I had finished early I move along to the guitar. My favorite instrument is the guitar. I remember the time I got my first guitar. I was eleven, my mum was having financial problems but I really wanted one, I have never wanted anything before like this. Of course I didn’t want to bother my mum while she was struggling so I just kept my mouth shut. Then there was this one time where I was looking at pictures of guitars and I got really upset because I knew I couldn’t have one. I was sad but I didn’t want to show it, the next day came along and my grandfather handed me some pounds. Dumbfounded I asked him why he gave me money just like that, he told me that he saw me looking at guitars, my grandfather also knowing my mum having problems he decided to give me the right amount for one. I miss my grandfather dearly he died couple months after I turned twelve.

     Again, I was doing the same progress of trials and errors until I got everything perfectly. I stop since it barely became twelve and Belle should be coming very promptly. Then I felt my phone buzzing. ‘Hey Boo! Can I come at 2 instead, my grandparents came over and yeah...You know how it is.’

     ‘Of course! Tell them I said hi! Have fun! Cya later love!;)’ I simply reply. I was kind of happy that she is not coming until two because that gives me time to finish my song! But at the same time I am quite sad because I have to be alone for another two hours!

Happily I sigh. I had just did the finishing touches for the music. I can finally record and after send it to Simon! I open the door to the recording studio and close it behind me. I head to the recording microphone in the middle of the studio, I place my ‘lyrics book’ on the stand, and put on my Beats by Dre drenched in light blue. I have a small soundboard that is already fixed to my voice and the song, so I just press the ‘play’ button. Sound affects were filling my ears then the piano and guitar came along. I wait patiently knowing where to start sing.


‘You’ve been a lot of places.
You’ve been all around the world.
You’ve seen a lot of faces.
Never knowing where you were.

On the horizon.
Oh, well, you know, you know, you know, you the sun will be rising
back home.

Living out of cases,
Packing up and taking off.
Made a lot of changes
But always forgetting who you were.

On the horizon.
Oh, well, you know, you know, you know, you the sun will be rising
back home.

Don’t forget where you belong-home.
Don’t forget where you belong-home.
If you ever feel alone-don’t.
You were never on you own.
And the proof is in this song.

You’ve been away for ages.
But you’ve got everything you need.
You’re flicking through the pages.
You’ve written in your memory.

You feel like you’re dreaming.
Oh, so I know, I know, I know, I know that you’re never leaving.
No, you won’t go.

Don’t forget where you belong-home.
Don’t forget where you belong-home.
If you ever feel alone-don’t.
You were never on you own.
And the proof is in this song.

Lights off when they should be on.
Even stars in the skies, they’re wrong.
Short days when the nights are long
When you think of the things you’ve done.
Don’t matter how far you’ve gone-
You’ll always feel at home.

Don’t forget where you belong-home.
Don’t forget where you belong (don’t forget it)-home.
If you ever feel alone-don’t.
You were never on you own.
Never, never, never.

Don’t forget where you belong-home.
Don’t forget where you belong(don’t forget it)-home.
If you ever feel alone-don’t.
You were never on you own (you were never).
And the proof is in this song.

Don’t forget it.
If you ever feel alone-don’t.
You were never on you own (you were never).
And the proof is in this song.

Never forget it.
This song.
Don’t forget it!
No, you’ll never forget it.
This song.
You were never...’

     Belle and I are currently in my room acting like idiots. Actually we are not acting... Belle had arrived at two-thirteen. Thirteen minutes late! I gave her a lecture about being late. She argued that it wasn’t her fault her grandparents drive slow.

     We are trying to watch this film, or should I say movie, about a girl with a dream. I am putting a lot of emphasis on trying, because every time something clique happens Belle makes a joke out of it making me crack up. Belle is really something else I’ll tell ya. Another dumb clique moment happens and I turn to Belle waiting what she has in store this time. It surprises me that she doesn’t say anything, she is actually liking what is happening in the movie. I put my attention on what is occurring that makes my best friend so much interest in.

     On my telly, the girl with a dream is being dragged to the pub by her best friend. Why would Belle have so much interest in this? The best friend is telling the girl that they should make fun and wild memories. If they don’t take chances, then when they are older they will regret it and have no amazing stories to tell. I mean if they go out, they get caught, they get in trouble, it’s that simple. This is really clique! Why won’t Belle say anything?!

     I turn back to my best friend who is still putting all her concentration in the movie. I pat her gently getting her out of her deep trance. “What’s wrong?” I ask in my ploy American accent.

     She turns to look at me. “What do you mean?”

     “Every time something clique happened you would joke about it. What just happened was so clique, but you didn’t joke about it, you were actually into it.” I explain to her.

     She shifts her body completely facing me. “What if they’re right?”

     I just raise an eyebrow in response.

     “Vic, we just turned 16! Isn’t time for us to make crazy, wild memories?!!”

     I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. “We can make memories! But what kind of memories are you thinking of specifically?”

     “Let’s go clubbing!!!” She answers with way to much excitement.

     My eyes bulge out. “Clubbing?! As in going to the pu- club?!” I fix myself.

     Belle nods her head vigorously.

     “Are you insane?!! No club will let 16 year old girls in! All the clubs here are 18 and over!”

     “Yes they will.” Belle argues. “My cousin is the bodyguard for the most popular 18 and over club, he will let us in without an id! Plus, we don’t really look like we are 16 years old, and we can dress up and do make-up that makes us look older! This can be something we tell to our grandchildren! So please, please, please!” She begs like a child.

     “We will have to ask my mom, but...”

     “Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” She jumps are tackles me down on the bed to give me a hug.

     I hear my mum’s car lock from my open window. I check on my phone to read ‘6:45pm’. The locks from the door click open, and both Belle and I run down the stairs to the first floor. Mum comes through the door and closes it behind her, we wait patiently for her to fully get into the house. As she walks to the living room where we are, Belle and I greet her. “Hi!!!!”

     Her shock face turns into a fake happy one, only I could tell it was fake. “Hello girls! How was your day?” She asks us in her American accent, because Belle was here, and well because Belle still doesn’t know about who we really are.

     “Good!” Belle responds for both of us. “Um, second mom, we wanted to ask you permission to do something...” Belle always calls my mum second mom, because it seems like it.

     My mum put her hands on her hips playful. “What is it this time?”

     “Well... You see we are 16 now and we want to have crazy adventurous memories!” I explain to my mum.

     She raises an eyebrow. “And?...”

     “Um... We want to go to the.....”

     “Club!” Belle finishes for me. 

     My mum’s eyes widen but then they go to their regular size, meaning she is calm about the situation. “T-to the c-club?”

     We both nod in unison.

     She takes a deep breath. “Okay.”

     I turn to Belle. “See I told you she would say no...” I turn back to my mum. “Okay? Did you just say okay?!!!”

     She simply nods.

     Belle starts to jump up and down clutching my arm in the process, while I just stand there making no movement.

     I examine the expression my mum holds, and I know she is hiding some thing.

     I face Belle. “Hey, why don’t you go upstairs and pick out an outfit for you and me?”

     Belle grins widely, nods, and runs up the stair to my room.

     I face my mum and I gesture towards the couch. We both sit down. “What’s wrong mum? When you entered it had looked like you’d seen a ghost! And you said yes to us going to the pub!” I whisper in my normal British accent, just in case Belle were to come down.

     “Uh, it’s nothing just work.” She answers in her British accent.

     “Just work?” I say sarcastically.

     She sighs. “Look Mickayla, new celebrities are going to be working with us this month and they are huge, worldwide celebrities. They told us who these celebrities are and I got pretty nervous.”

     “Mum, you are amazing! You shouldn’t be nervous! I bet the article entries you are going to write, are going to be fantastic for these “famous worldwide celebrities”!” As I mentioned before mum works at a magazine company, she does the article entries for the celebrities. The article entries are basically interview questions with answers, and they have to write a paragraph on that person’s life making them sound amazing and nice.

     “Thanks Kayla, but the Vogue manager for the state of California wants me to be very close with these people, and I am not sure how I am going to handle it.” She complains.

     “Mum I assure you everything is going to be absolutely fine!” I give her a big genuine smile.

     “Well you should go upstairs and get ready.”

     I shake my head side to side. “Why did you accept anyways?”

     “Like you and Belle said, you need to make crazy adventurous memories.”

     “Yeah but we can make crazy adventurous memories at home or something, not at a pub!!”

     “Love, the best memories happen at midnight.” With that she winks and goes into the kitchen leaving me in astonish.

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