Zayn's Sister

It’s been four years since Zayn Malik left his mother and sister for the life in the fast lane. It’s been four years since Mickayla Malik changed her identity to Victoria Garcia. Now that she is 16, Zayn finds his way back into his mother and sister’s life bringing the rest of One Direction. When returning he finds out that everyone has a secret. Including one between Mickayla and a special band mate...


1. ~Chapter 1~

*4 years ago-Bradford~ August 15, 2010*
Mickayla’s POV

     It was my twelfth birthday today! As any twelve year-old I was mega excited! To celebrate my special day I am going to have a party with my mum, my friends, and hopefully my brother Zain. I say ‘hopefully’ because my brother went (mum forced him) to go audition for ‘The X-Factor UK’! He has an amazing voice!

     Anyways, it had been twenty-three days since my brother and four other boys had been put together as a band called ‘One Direction’, which was officially on July 23. Some guy named Harry, one of the members in the band, thought of the band name. I really don’t know anything about the band, I mean we do watch The X-Factor but Zain hasn’t called to talk to us about everything that has happened. My mum and I don’t worry much, we both know Zain is going to be extremely busy now that he is starting to live his dream. Zain wanted to be a solo act, but luckily they realized he is an amazing talent, so he was put together in the band that Simon Cowell decided on. We were there the day the band was officially...well a band. When I looked at my older brother all I can see was happiness, nothing could ruin that day for him, absolutely nothing. That day was really crazy, at first it was sad because Zain didn’t make it all the way through auditions, but then he was called to be put in One Direction!


  Around eight all my friends started to leave back to their homes. My birthday party was grand!... Well, almost grand... I was showered with clothes, twelve pounds, gifts of all sorts, happiness, and love. Everybody was having such a great time with all the games my mum had planned. At about seven-thirty it was time to bring out the cake to be cut and passed out.
  My mum placed the cake on the center of the table as everyone gathered around it. I looked up towards my mummy. “Can we just wait a little longer?” I asked with my thick British accent.
  She sighed. “Baby, your friends have to leave in a while.”
  I nodded understandingly. With a lighter my mum lit the ‘one’ and ‘two’ candles. Once my mum whispered, “One, two, three.” Everyone started to sing the famous ‘Happy Birthday’. After the song was finished I looked up to my mum she gave me a small nod. I bent down a bit closed my eyes tightly before blowing out the candles.
  “I wish for my brother, Zain, to always make time for us even if he has something important to do.” With that I blew out my candles.


*Present Day-Los Angeles~ August 15, 2014*

     I open my eyes to see the smoke rise from the ‘one’ and the ‘six’. Applauds were filling the room I look up and see my three favourite people. I shook off the frown I had from the flashback and quickly replace it with a fake smile that no one could tell it was fake. My mum gives me a hug, then my best friend, Belle, and finally my brother..... Zach. My mum gave us all a plate with cake and we sat down at the rectangular dining table. Another hour passes by and my two best friends have left after calling it a night. I go into the living room and sit down in the love seat by the window. I stare into the black night and the only light there is is from the full moon and shining stars.

  I still can’t believe it been four years! Four years since all this madness has started. One Direction was becoming a hit on ‘The X-Factor’ and Zain still hadn’t called or anything. School was becoming harder for me, some of my friends stopped being my friends and the others only stayed with me because of my brother. If that wasn’t bad enough I started to get bullied too, guys would push, shove, and call me names, all because they thought Zain was gay for being in a boy band. My mum and I both finally had enough, she was also getting told off everywhere she would go, so we decided to move out of Bradford. We moved into London hoping for a better life, but boy were we wrong. Almost everybody knew who we were and the same situation happened as it did in Bradford. Mum was getting depressed, she thought I wouldn’t noticed but I did, and I was getting depressed too. At that time we felt like nothing was going to get better, and it seemed like it.
  Thankfully, we moved to America, where One Direction wasn’t discovered yet. We didn’t want to commit the same mistake as we did back in the UK. Therefore, my mum and I changed our names. Mum’s new name is Alice Garcia, instead of Janelle Malik; my new name is Victoria Garcia, instead of the old and boring Mickayla Malik. So people won’t know that we are for the UK, both of us started to speak in a regular American accent, as if we were born and raised in America. I started school with a brand new, and better life. People at my new school were so nice, they didn’t tease me or use me just for my brother.
  My brother..... He never made, never the less, tried to make contact with us. Mum called multiple times, but he never answered. I would secretly go online and look him up only to find that under family, our names weren’t there, but strangers’ names. I then knew that he didn’t want us to be in his famous life, and that’s okay because I don’t want to be in his. Mum, on the other hand, just makes up excuses for him doing this, I personally don’t care about him anymore, so he can do whatever he pleases. I don’t need him, because I have another ‘brother’ that loves me like a sister.
  Once we moved here I visited the near-by park just to think and release all my feelings. I sat under a big old oak tree and cried non-stop, at the time I had no idea someone was looking at me. That person came up to me and hugged me tightly, without knowing who I was or why I was crying. Since then the boy that comforted me, Zach, and I promised to each other that I would be his sister and he would be my brother. Zach was seventeen, and I was thirteen. As a symbol of our trust and honesty to each other we carved our names into the tree I was sitting under. When I was carving my name all I felt was guilt. As I mentioned before I didn’t want to commit the same mistake, so I didn’t tell him that in reality I was Mickayla Malik, sister of Zayn Malik, I come from Bradford, and I am British. The same thing happened to my best friend/sister, Belle.
  When we came to America I was sent to a middle school. I was new to the school and to the eighth grade, so I was given a tour guide, and that happened to be Belle. Belle is just so beautiful, sweet, outgoing, funny, and so many other things. I am not what she is I am the opposite (in my eyes) and yet she still wanted to be my friend. I haven’t told either of them who I really am, but at the same time I don’t really know who I am, so it’s better if they see me this way, as Victoria Garcia.
  This all happened three years ago, I am sixteen as of today going to start tenth grade so is Belle, and Zach is twenty and he is in college. Three years of being together and we act as if we knew each other since birth, but I am not arguing. We know everything about one another from favourite colour, food, programme (show), film, clothing size, shoe size, height, song, and band. The band part is quite a problem, the reason why is because Belle is really obsessed with One Direction... Yes One Direction... I tell her I hate them so when I come over to her house she covers up all her posters, because she respects me and I am very grateful. When I say all I mean all! She has posters covering every inch of her four walls! If she knew I am was Zayn’s Sister, I don’t know how she would take it.
  Now, when I step back and look at my life, I can describe it as perfect. I have a beautiful and supportive mother that loves me, two amazing best friends, a huge house, everything I need, and things I want! I can admit that I still have a piece of me that’s broken and I just can’t understand why. My life as I said is basically perfect, but I still get sad for no reason. Then I remember the reason why I am still broken, but I promised to never tell another living soul except from the one who already know, my mum, Belle, and Zach.

  I decide to shake off the thoughts running through my head. I look upon the clock on the wall to see it was already one in the morning. I spent about three hours sitting and looking outside just thinking about everything. Before heading upstairs to my room to sleep, I went into the kitchen for some water. I saw my mum sitting on the chair that goes with the island in the middle of the kitchen, she has her back towards me but how she is sitting made me upset. I walk up towards her and I lay my hand softly on her shoulder making her jolt up. She turns to look at me and my face softens, her hair is sticking all over the place, her eyes have dark bags underneath them, and her beautiful face appears like if she hasn’t slept in days. How did I not notice my mum having sleep deprivation?   “Sorry mum, didn’t mean to scare you.” I whisper in my normal thick British accent. I take a seat next to her.
  She shakes her head. “It’s okay love. What are you doing up, anyways?” She asks in her normal accent as well.
  “I was in the living room just thinking a bit. I could ask you the same.”
  This made her sigh. “Doing the same.”
  The room stays silent. I look down at my hands and play with them. I suddenly hear a small sniffle my head whips towards my mother that is holding back her tears.
  “Mum?... Are you alright?” I stand and pat her back gently.
  She responds by shaking her head and burying her head into her hands. Mum raises her head and looks at me with tears running down her eyes. “Am I a bad mother?”
  My eyes bulge out in shock. “Mum! You are the most perfect mother ever! What makes you say that?!”
  “Mickayla, don’t you see your brother doesn’t want us in his life! He hasn’t communicated with us in the past four years! I know it’s because of me!”
  “NO! It is not because of you mum! You pushed him to go to that audition, and look at him now! He is part of the biggest boy band in the world, world! Zain is just an idiot for leaving his family for a one that has to act to love him! If he truly did love and appreciate us then he would present us as his family to the world, and not be embarrassed!” I yell in frustration knowing now that she thinks that about herself. This is another reason why I despise Zain or Zayn or however he spells him name.
  Mum didn’t stop crying, instead she cried harder. “What did I do to deserve you?”
  She asks softly embracing me in a spine-crushing hug.
  I pull away and shake my head. “No mum. What did I do to deserve you?”
  Standing from her chair she wipes away the tears. “Thank you Kayla. I love you so much! Remember that, okay?”
  I nod my head understandingly. “Of course I will remember, you tell me everyday. But I love you to infinity and beyond.” I challenge her.
  “Well... Well, I gave birth to you! Huh? What about that?!” She retaliates.
  I pout jokingly. “You win!”
  “Okay, well I think we should head to bed now.”
  “Actually....” I scratch the back of my neck, “I have some ideas and I was wondering...”
  “Yes, you can stay up late and write a song.” She finishes for me.
  I jump up and down clapping, probably looking like a child getting a toy from the store. “Thanks mum!” I kiss her cheek.
  “Night sweetie. Don’t stay up too late, that you don’t get any sleep.” She kisses my forehead and heads upstairs to her room.
  Since my house has two floors, an attic, and a basement, I had to go down a flight of stairs to the basement. The basement is my music room. It has a built in studio, with microphones, guitars, a piano, drums, a soundboard, basically all a professional studio would have. I use that room for certain reasons, reasons that only I and my mum know, and hopefully it stays that way. My friends don’t know about the basement, they don’t even know the basement exist. Anyways, the first floor is where the kitchen, living room, dining room, family room, restroom, and book room is at. The second floor consist of all the rooms with their own bathrooms, which is my room, my mum’s room, and five guest rooms. The attic is where we put all boxes and other items. Mum has an extremely well paying job at this magazine company, therefore, she got to buy this extraordinary house, but she has to go to business trips every year leaving me alone in this humongous house.
  I push open the heavy steel door to reveal my beautiful music room. I make myself up to the rolling chair by the desk and sit down. On the desk my pencils, pens, markers, and writing book are scattered everywhere on it; I didn’t tidy up since the last song session I had. I open my writing book and grab a pen, my pen glides on the top of the blank page creating a perfect title for the song I had in mind, ‘Don’t Forget Where You Belong’. This song is basically going to sum up my feeling towards the boy that left me and my mum. I didn’t want to make him seem like a bad person, so it was a song on how I think he should feel, or how I feel and I am directly telling him without him even knowing. Some many ideas came to me at once and I immediately started to scribble them down. Before I knew it I feel into a deep sleep.

First fanfic!
Hope you enjoyed!

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