why do u love me

My name is Kathy but i go bye Kat my best friend is Alexandrea but people call her Alex were punk rock were 16 me and Alex have been best friends since 1st grade we both lived in Atlanta Georgia and 2 years ago our parents agreed to let us move to Sydney Australia to live with my aunt .... One day at school one of the " popular guys" invited us to a party the next day we woke up in a unfamiliar room not knowing what happens other than we both had a really bad head ache and a hot guy with hot pink staring at us...


1. what just happend

1. BEEP BEEP BEEP  ...... I woke up to my alarm ... its 5:45 A.M. UGH i hate mornings i grabbed my phone and called Alex i mean she dose live in the room right next to me but i'm to lazy to get up so ... plus i can here alarm going off shes really bad at waking up so i just call her in the morning to wake her up but it never really works so i end up going in her room and legit jumping on her that always seems to get her up .. so after she dosent answer i get up and go wake her up by slapping her with my pillow then i go in my room to get ready for school i took a shower and brushed my teeth and did my make up then i went to get dressed i chose a Hollister hoodie and  ripped jeans with uggs

then i went to straighten my hair and then eat breakfast which was a pop tart .

Alex's prov:I was perfectly fine sleeping tell i was rudely interrupted by Kat aka the bee yatch how ruins my beauty sleep by jumping on me ....literally... when i woke i got on my phone and started playing weight liff  by all time low and then got in the shower when i got out i brushed my teeth and then got dressed in a nirvanna sweatshirt ripped jeans and vans which were doubel knotted and then i went and straighten my hair and then went to eat with Kat .

Kat's prov: After breakfast we walked to the bus stop we were both listening to music so we werent really talk but both of us only had one ear plug in when we got on the bus we kept getting winks from these stupid boys and glares from the popoular girls and nerds trying to talk to us but the both of us dont really like people so we tried to find somewhere  to sit wear no one would mess with us but that didnt work bc Calum one of the stupid boys that trys to hit on me started talking to me...

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