why do u love me

My name is Kathy but i go bye Kat my best friend is Alexandrea but people call her Alex were punk rock were 16 me and Alex have been best friends since 1st grade we both lived in Atlanta Georgia and 2 years ago our parents agreed to let us move to Sydney Australia to live with my aunt .... One day at school one of the " popular guys" invited us to a party the next day we woke up in a unfamiliar room not knowing what happens other than we both had a really bad head ache and a hot guy with hot pink staring at us...


4. the party

school was pretty normal so im just not even gonna say anything about it but now i was home playing on my phone waiting for Alex to be ready so we can go ...6:30 and she finally ready and we go

skip to party

we walked in and i found Calum and went to talk to him " oh Kat !!!" he said and hugged me then he hugged Alex i guess she felt a little awkward so she kinda just walk away to talk to some other ppl and then i found my slef being pulled in a room ... by Calum when we got in wearever he was bringing me he closed the do and looked me straight in the eyes and i knew what he was gonna ask

Calum's prov :Kat looked so pretty i just couldnt help it i had to be with her by the end of tonight i had to kiss her but i have to see if shes figured out her answer to dating me first so i pulled her in my room i had to try my hardest not to kiss her but it was really hard so i looked her right in the eyes god her eyes r so beautiful ' ok stay focoused ' " so whats your answer Kat " "answer to what " " to going out with me " "oh um uhh" "yes ?" " um uhh " she looked really nervouse she was so cute i couldnt help my self so i just kissed her 

Kat's prov : i was kinda freaking out i didnt have a answer yet then he kissed me and i kissed back i now new my answer " yes " i whisperd in to his lips and then kissed him more he pulled back and smiled at me " lets go get a drink " he said and pulled me to his kitchen 

next thing i knew i woke up in a room ive never seen b4 not noing what happend last night and michale was looking at me 

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