why do u love me

My name is Kathy but i go bye Kat my best friend is Alexandrea but people call her Alex were punk rock were 16 me and Alex have been best friends since 1st grade we both lived in Atlanta Georgia and 2 years ago our parents agreed to let us move to Sydney Australia to live with my aunt .... One day at school one of the " popular guys" invited us to a party the next day we woke up in a unfamiliar room not knowing what happens other than we both had a really bad head ache and a hot guy with hot pink staring at us...


2. Calum likes who

Kat's prov:"F off Calum "

"no i need to ask u something "

"if i say what will u leave us alone"

"yes" he said souding very excited

"then what"

" um uhh um "

" hurry up my carring for what u have to say is fading "

" ok um come sit with me so i can tell u "

"um ok " i moved to sit with Calum

"what do u wa- " right then Calums lips were against mine i kissed back then stopped when i noticed what was going on


"im sry its just i think your really cool and i want u to be my gf and i was wondering if u would come to my party tonight "

omg do Calum really like me idk if i like him back or not " idk um ill go to the party i guess  but only if i can bring Alex and i guess that ill think about being your gf cuz i srsly dont no what i felt when u kissed me "

"well u had to feel something cuz u kissed back"

"well not gonna lie it felt good so like i said ill think about it "

" ok but will u sit with me for the rest of the way to school "

"i would but my best friend is sitting alone and she dosent no whats going on"

"ok well ill pick u up for the party at 6:00"

"i can drive myself "

"ok ok "

"so ill met u there what should i wear and i dont wear dresses "

" just dress like u normally do"

"Ok im gonna go back to my set now"

"ok babe"

" im not your babe "

"at least not right now "

" huh well bye "

he leaned in to kiss me but i just put my hand over his face and stood up and went back to Alex


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