why do u love me

My name is Kathy but i go bye Kat my best friend is Alexandrea but people call her Alex were punk rock were 16 me and Alex have been best friends since 1st grade we both lived in Atlanta Georgia and 2 years ago our parents agreed to let us move to Sydney Australia to live with my aunt .... One day at school one of the " popular guys" invited us to a party the next day we woke up in a unfamiliar room not knowing what happens other than we both had a really bad head ache and a hot guy with hot pink staring at us...


3. A/N

hey guys i was just wondering if u like it so far im pretty sure no one is reading it yet so yea but when u do youll see this ...duh.... anyways im just gonna tell u what the look like and stuff so Alex has blue scence hair and blue eyes  and Kat has amber hair green eyes

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