Risking it all

" I stopped him just before he reached the end of my drive way and I said ' I know what I'll be risking, I know what is going to happen . I'm willing to take this risk though, for you and me.' He looked at me and said,' Are you sure?' I nodded my head"
Sam was willing to risk it all just on one boy , but it just wasn't about him. It was about breaking free and being herself once and for all. Sick of being told who to be , what to do , and just everything that comes with it. However, will the consequences be greater than she expected.


2. Chapter two

            Sam's P.O.V

                                             I got into my house with butterflies in my stomach and my heart racing. I just been asked out by a guy. I squealed in excitement.The only date I have really been on was the couple of ones my friend set me up on.I was excited and thought about how amazing this was. Truly nothing could have brought me down. Eventually though I settled down and went to bed for another day tomorrow at the place we call school. I stripped down into my pajamas and brushed my teeth. Soon enough I was under my covers. The only thing in my head was the replaying of the moment Luke asked me out.

                                       I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm clock and got up at 6:00 am for school. I changed into some black skinny jeans, a blue t'shirt that said " Food?" , and some plain old sneakers. I brushed out my hair and decided to leave it down today and then went downstairs and eat some breakfast. Soon enough I was off to the bus stop for school. I generally listen to some music on the bus in the mornings since I have no friends on my bus stop and since everyone is usual grumpy in the mornings. It usual consist of random music. I don't have an exact liking, I listen to music from rock to country. When the bus arrived at school I made my way to my locker and prepared for first hour. Before I knew it the bell had rung and I was making my way to Math. 

                           It was an long and exhausting hour , yet before I knew it Lunch had arrived. I sat down at my table waiting for my Best friend Mia. While I waited I check my phone to see I received a text. 

                                      (586)-243-5892 : Hey. Sam!!! It's Luke : p. I was just thinking that our date could be tonight?

                   I smiled at the text and immediately added his number. I then responded back.

                                                 Me: That sounds Good to me : )

                                      Luke <3 : Great !! See you tonight then ! : ) 

                                      Me: See you tonight !!

                    I shut my phone and was blushing , like crazy. Mia sat down and said ," What happened ?" I looked down and said," One of the best moments of my life." I filled Mia in on the details and when I finished she said," OH MY GOSH! I am coming over tonight to get you ready. I been waiting for this moment. It's about time you found someone else to hang out with." I laughed and said ," Come over all you like." She smiled and then took a bite into her sandwich. Mia and I have been friends since freshmen year. Ever since I knew her she has been free. She did what she want when she wanted. She was determined and would go for anything she wanted. I at the time was the opposite of her. I think it was why we became friends though because when she was planning for something too high and would get her or me in trouble I would bring her back to the ground again. She had her hair dyed in multiply soft colors like a baby blue,pink, a lavender, and some white. She like to partied and have fun and all that. Nate never really liked her said she would be a bad influence. It was the one thing I fought him on though since she was my one and only friend really.

                                           The rest of the day couldn't have gone any slower. I was dying to get out and get ready for my date. I was excited for this. Finally when the day did end I met up at Mia's car so we can head to my house and get ready for my date. I was rummaging through my closet and said," Nothing seems good enough for this Date. HELP ME!" I shouted out to Mia. She laughed and said," Here , go simple with this black skirt and this red crop top." I looked at the outfit and said," Oh my gosh that is brilliant. " I went and changed into it and came out. The skirt started on my hips and ended a little bit above my knee and the crop top only showed a small part of my stomach. I jumped up and down and said," Perfect!" She then pointed out two pair of shoes on my bed. One was a set of black heels the other were white converse. I laughed and said," Maybe one day those heels , but at the moment I'm going to kill my self in them." I put on the converse and then started out doing my hair.

                                   I set curls in my hair and did my makeup naturally. I was all ready to go. I grabbed my purse and put in my cell phone and wallet and said to Mia," Are you suppose to be this nervous on a date?" She giggled and said," My girl is all grownup now." I slapped her arm ,lightly, and then said," Really ?" She shook her head and said," For first real dates yes your suppose to feel that way, but it also happens when you really like a person." I nearly jumped when I heard a honk in my drive way. I looked out my window and saw Luke's car. " That's him," I nearly squealed. I raced down the stairs and was about to leave when I said," Mia one last time to I look okay." I did a little spin and she said," You look beautiful now go get him." I laughed and made my way out to his car. 

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