Risking it all

" I stopped him just before he reached the end of my drive way and I said ' I know what I'll be risking, I know what is going to happen . I'm willing to take this risk though, for you and me.' He looked at me and said,' Are you sure?' I nodded my head"
Sam was willing to risk it all just on one boy , but it just wasn't about him. It was about breaking free and being herself once and for all. Sick of being told who to be , what to do , and just everything that comes with it. However, will the consequences be greater than she expected.


12. chapter twelve

   Sam's P.O.V

           When I got to my room, I redid my makeup and made sure I looked nice.I then went downstairs and waited for Luke to come. It was at least ten minutes of waiting until I heard the door ring. I got up and went to the door. I opened it and to my surprise I saw my brother Nate ,and my smile disappeared a little." Nate, what are you doing here?"I asked him. He smiled and said," What I can't come and hang out with my little sis." I rolled my eyes and said," Why don't you go hang out with friends. I am sure they are ten times more fun then sitting here with me." 

     He gently pushed passed me and then walked to sit on the couch. I closed the door and walked over to him and he replied ," Luke said he was busy tonight and the rest of my friends are at Gregsblatest party."my eyes kind of grew with he said Luke's name. I then said," Okay, I don't want to be rude ,but I had plans for tonight and I would appreciate it If we can reschedule brother sister bonding time." He got up and said," I understand, I'll just come back tomorrow ." He walked over to the door and I sighed with relieaf.

            That all went away, for as soon  open the door. Luke stood on the other side ready to knock with flowers in his hands. I then heard my brother grumble something and he then said,"I thought you told him you can't see him anymore!" I walked a little closer and saw them glaring at each other."Well, I did,it just so happen afterwords I decided to change my mind!" Ante just got angry then looked at Luke and said,"GO AMD GET AWAY FROM MY SISTER." In was ready to smack Luke because he smirked at him and said ,"I believe that is up to her and looks like she doesn't want me to go." 

         Nate stared him in the eyes and then turned around to face and said," tell him to leave!" I hesitated and then he said,"It's him or me Sam!" I the choked out ," I don't want either of you to go. It's unfair of you to make me choose!" His face drop and said,"Here I'll just leave then!" He walked out the door and Luke came up to me and said," Everything will be alright."



            Hello to all of those reading, I just wanted to say that updated will probably be slow for the next couple of weeks due to midterms which I'm sure you guys will,have,or are experiencing them too. Thanks for understanding and feel free to like favorite and comment. Check out my other book. Thanks again bye 😁😁😁😘

                  -Secretive Writer

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