Risking it all

" I stopped him just before he reached the end of my drive way and I said ' I know what I'll be risking, I know what is going to happen . I'm willing to take this risk though, for you and me.' He looked at me and said,' Are you sure?' I nodded my head"
Sam was willing to risk it all just on one boy , but it just wasn't about him. It was about breaking free and being herself once and for all. Sick of being told who to be , what to do , and just everything that comes with it. However, will the consequences be greater than she expected.


7. Chapter Seven

          Sam's P.O.V 

                             Watching a movie with Luke was an amazing time, every time I would get scared at a part He would bring me closer and sometimes whisper into my ear, " I'm here, it's alright" I would giggle at the moment to think I was actually scared of a movie. Eventually he left and Mia then came over. I filled her in on what had happen and then after talking we ended up just giggling about random stuff. She ended up sleeping over since it was Friday at last. The best time of the week and the worse. 

                                  Around 10 Pm Mia and I are in my room just laying around. " Hey Sam, I got a text about Tyler Grants party tonight. Want to go? Please," She practically begged of me. I sighed and said," I don't know. I never really been to a party remember?" She smirked and said," Well, now you will because we are going it's finial and now I am going to find something for us to wear at this party." I laughed and she went looking through my closet. I was pretty nervous. I wasn't allowed to go to many parties because of my brother and I never have really been to one besides the collage party looked took me.

                      Mia came running out of my closet and said," I have the perfect outfit for the both of us." She laid down on the bed a black pencil skirt with a sliver  top and adjacent to it was another black pencil skirt with a gold top. I looked at her and said," So we're suppose to be twining?" She shook her head and said ," Duh we are best friends , now pick your outfit and get change so I can do you hair and makeup. " I grabbed the sliver top out fit and got change into the bathroom. I came out to see Mia in her out fit and then I said," How do you stand wearing strapless tops I had to pull it up at least 15 times before I exited the bathroom?" She chuckled and said," After a while you get use to it, now sit while I do you hair and make up."
                         For what I am guessing about 15 minutes she works her magic on me. When I am done I look in the mirror. " Oh my gosh, I would have never thought I could look like this." My hair was straighten and a waterfall braid was done on my right side. My make up was fully down with black mascara , black eyeliner with a wing,and sliver eye shadow. Glitter was spread across my face and to top off the look bright red lipstick was on my lips. Mia clapped at the job she did and said," Now I left a pair of sliver heels over by the bed ,while I get ready practice walking in them because they'll make this outfit killer." I nodded my head and went to put on the heels. I practice walking in them and actually fell a few times. Soon enough Mia was done and I was getting the hang of heels.

                            " Ready to go Sam," Mia asked as she grabbed her purse. I smiled and said," As ready as I could be!" We walked out of my house and went in my car. Yea I have a car, I just barely use it. I looked at my house one last time before we took off and said," Here's to change." I then drove our way to Tyler's house with directions from Mia. We pulled up to the house that you could hear the music blaring from outside. As I exited my car I took in a deep breath and though ' This is my first high school party'. I met up by Mia's side and we made out way to the house. Mia knocked on the Front door and Tyler opened it. He smiled at Mia and said," Glad you could make it you looked Hot tonight, and who is your sexy friend?" I almost freaked out by his reply. I never been called that . " Tyler this is Sam she has been in our class since freshman year and she is off limits." At that moment my heart was pounding for I have never had a boyfriend ,never been to a high school party, never been called sexy, and I have never been able to turn down a guy because I had a boyfriend.

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