Risking it all

" I stopped him just before he reached the end of my drive way and I said ' I know what I'll be risking, I know what is going to happen . I'm willing to take this risk though, for you and me.' He looked at me and said,' Are you sure?' I nodded my head"
Sam was willing to risk it all just on one boy , but it just wasn't about him. It was about breaking free and being herself once and for all. Sick of being told who to be , what to do , and just everything that comes with it. However, will the consequences be greater than she expected.


9. Chapter nine

      Sam's P.O.V

                                        Luke was simple smiling at me as he said," Well, of course we can do this when your done hanging out with you friend, but I was wondering if you wanted to hang out maybe at my place today and I could teach you how to play some of my video games or something?" I was smiling at said," I would like that, and you can stay here if you want while you wait. Mia was just going to get ready to leave here after breakfast anyways." He smiled and said ," I would like that." We left the door and went to the living room where he made him self comfortable. I then looked to see Mia finishing her breakfast in the kitchen. "Mia can you bring me my food while your over there," I asked her. She just rolled her eyes at me and said," While I'm at it want me to go rob a bank too!" She ask joking

                               I rolled my eyes and then looked at Luke who was still staring at my outfit. " I take it you really like my outfit," I asked him . He smirked and said," I love it, but It seems you partied a little hard with out me!" I laughed and said," The high light of my night was dancing with Mia and maybe being able to reject someone I liked that a lot too." He gave me a look and said," Reject someone?" I laughed and said," This dude in my class asked me out last night but I simply told him no for many reasons The main one was because he didn't even know my name after what four years of school together." I heard Mia laughing at that and said," He probably won't even remember your name on Monday either." I laughed again. Then Luke said," Well, I'm glad you said no." I giggled a little then heard Mia again say ," I am going to get ready to leave. How about you come with me so you can get ready for the day." I looked down at my outfit and said," I probably should. I'll be back Luke." 

                       I walked up to my room with Mia and as soon as the door closed she said," Man, You got a hot boy there. Tell me your brother has more friends!" I laughed and said," Doubt it, my brother is already a pain in my butt for just that one date with Luke and at the moment he thinks I told him I won't date him anymore." She laughed and said," Well, that is going to be a fun event to show up at when he finds out." I laughed too and said," Sure if you don't mind getting punched in that face."
                                  Mia packed all her stuff up and changed outfits and I changed into some leggings with a t'shirt that covered my butt and said," Kiss?" I threw my hair into a pony tail and removed that left over makeup off my face and applied a light coat of mascara and lip gloss. I grabbed my purse and went down stairs to see Luke already ready to go. I Gave Mia a hug and said," See you Monday!"  She returned my hug and said," Unless I text you first." I laughed and we both left but our own separate ways. I was in Luke's car and he was driving to his place. " So how far is your place away," I asked him. He smiled and said," Believe it or not it is just four blocks away a lot closer than your brothers place." I laughed and said," Well, At least I will know where it is know." He laughed and said," Yeah and you can come have sleep overs with me." My cheeks heated up and I said," Well, we will have to arrange that."

                   When we got to his place I was a little nervous . I have never been to a guys place ever and now I am here at a guys place alone. He showed me around a little and then said," So what to go learn how to play some video games?" I smiled and said," As long as I can learn to kick you butt." He smirked and said," That won't happen." He then started to teach me the controls on the controller and what I need to do in the game. Along the way I caught on and surprisingly was quite good, but not as good as Luke. He kept beating me in all the rounds and eventually I just said," Can't you do the boyfriend thing where you let me win even though I didn't ?" I asked him. He smirked and put his arm around me. " Well, why would I do that. I could all ways kiss things to make it better." I rose and eyebrow and said," Well, then could you kiss me right here." I said pointing to my lips. His smirk widen and he said," I would love to." He started to kiss me and I felt electricity run through us and soon we were making out on his couch.

                                              About maybe 20 minuted later we stopped due to a knock at his door. He got off of me and said," I'll be right back babe." He went and open up the door. I couldn't hear the other guy ,but I heard Luke say " You can't I am busy right now." after that I was finial able to hear the other guy who said, " Dude come on, I'm sorry about the whole thing with my sister at the party , but I'm sure you understood it was for the best and besides she told you she didn't want to date you right?" I knew then it was my brother over and I was scared in a way. I then heard Luke say," I know I know , but right now isn't a good time for me okay. I have someone else over and We want privacy." He said trying to give away few details. I then heard my brother said." See you already moved on from my sister. Just give me a call then and we can hang out later."I was relived and I believe Luke was too since when he closed the door I heard him sigh.



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