Risking it all

" I stopped him just before he reached the end of my drive way and I said ' I know what I'll be risking, I know what is going to happen . I'm willing to take this risk though, for you and me.' He looked at me and said,' Are you sure?' I nodded my head"
Sam was willing to risk it all just on one boy , but it just wasn't about him. It was about breaking free and being herself once and for all. Sick of being told who to be , what to do , and just everything that comes with it. However, will the consequences be greater than she expected.


13. A/N

       Dear Viewers,

                            If you read my last A/n then you know I am not so certain about this book anymore. I was hoping you guys would input that you would like me to continue in the comments. Considering my amount of viewers and likes etc that was probably a high expectation. I am serious though. IF I probably don't get some sigh people actually like this book ( Like increase in likes, reads, favorites, comments) Then I am probably going to either put this on hold for a little or delete it . I hope you have enjoyed it so far , so please state if you would like me to continue I would appreciate it. 

                                                                            Thanks xoxox , Secretive Writer .

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