Spot's Lifestory

I am Spot a dalmatian and I am the only stray on the street. All my street family got took from me. So i am wondering the streets trying to survive. Will I ever find a forever loving home?


5. Day 4

I woke with a startle to the girl holding me in her arms and a feeling of warmth and happiness grew inside me. The girl was with a adult by her side and the girl asked the adult "Can I keep her?" The adult was a girl just like the little girl and she said "I will think about it." The girl laided me on the concrete next to the dirty box and put a soft rag inside my dirty box. She said "See you later". She walked off with the adult and I walked over to my dirty box. I jumped in the dirty box and got comfortable with the rag inside my dirty box. My eyes grew heavier and heavier as I lied down inside the dirty box. Before I knew it I was dreaming just like a day ago.

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