Spot's Lifestory

I am Spot a dalmatian and I am the only stray on the street. All my street family got took from me. So i am wondering the streets trying to survive. Will I ever find a forever loving home?


4. Day 3

I woke up with a startle to a stranger petting me and saying "Are you alright and where is your mother?". The petting felt good on my little back and it made me feel comfort even though my mom was gone. She picked me up from the box and hugged me like I was part of her family. I wish I was part of her family.......................but I am so filthy my white fur looks like tan. Who wants a filthy puppy? one does. She layed me back down in the box that is my home............... so far in my little life. The girl ran off like I knew she would, because I am so filthy who would want me. I was starting to get worried about my mom and my siblings. After a few minutes I cured up inside the box by myself and went to sleep.

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