Spot's Lifestory

I am Spot a dalmatian and I am the only stray on the street. All my street family got took from me. So i am wondering the streets trying to survive. Will I ever find a forever loving home?


2. Day 2

 The next morning I rolled around in the box as happy as I could be. Suddenly I realized there was no one in the box with me. All my siblings and my mother disappeared........."where are they?" I thought to myself. I sat up in the box and looked around me. All I saw was emptiness in the sunny light, so I stayed where I was in hope of their return. I waited a long time for them to come back. It started getting dark after hours and hours of waiting, so I layed down in the box still waiting. I waited another two hours for my siblings, but my eyes grew heaver and heaver as time went on. I finally closed my eyes to find myself dreaming.

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