Spot's Lifestory

I am Spot a dalmatian and I am the only stray on the street. All my street family got took from me. So i am wondering the streets trying to survive. Will I ever find a forever loving home?


14. Day 10

I woke up with a startle..........the black lab got excited too. He asked me "What was wrong?" and I just said "Nothing." He asked me again and I told him "That I heard a loud noise upstairs." He said "I will go and check it out........stay here" I stayed as I watch him go up the stairs and disappeared into the hall. He sped down the stairs at top speed. I said "What is wrong?" He said "He would explain later." He dashed back upstairs with a home phone in his mouth. A few minutes later I heard a ambulance. I looked out the window and it was parked right outside! Two men dashed through the door and hurried up stairs. When they came back down they had Ashley in their arms rushing out the door. I ran to the black lab and ask again "What is going on?" He said "Ashley fell out of her bed and was hurt." I felt like crying..................but the tears wouldn't come. I stood their in the middle of the room in shock for a hour or so. 

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