Spot's Lifestory

I am Spot a dalmatian and I am the only stray on the street. All my street family got took from me. So i am wondering the streets trying to survive. Will I ever find a forever loving home?


15. Day 10 Cont.

My shock finally went away from earlier. I started breathing heavier and heavier for some odd reason. After a while of breathing heavy I felt like I had no lungs. I got dizzy after a few minutes. The black lab asked " If I was ok? " I replied " NO! " My legs got weaker and weaker under my weight. I fell to the ground like a stone in water. The black lab grabbed me by my scruff of my neck and put me down in the dog bed in the corner. Everything started to go black as soon as I was in the bed............after a few minutes I was out like a light.

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