New keys of my life


1. Running

My name is Mara Print I'm 17 years old. I'm that classic nice girl with long black hair and and a caramel completion, but a bit darker, and dark brown eyes. I'm always nice to everyone, apart of all school activities, and dating the caption of the base-ball team( Michael ) but everyone doesn't know that my life is complete hell. When i was younger my father left my mother and I, when he left she became an alcoholic and would be at clubs almost everyday and would bring strange people, mostly men, into the house. When I was 10 my mother got herself cleaned up and went to rehab and met a super nice guy, Josh.

My mother really loved Josh, but I think she didn't love him enough because over a period of time my mom went to her old ways and got Josh into too. After a few months of clubbing and alcohol and drugs, my mother married Josh. I was happy for my mother but it didn't feel right. The day I turned 15 my mother died of an overdose… and Josh was my legal guardian. At first it was nice living with Josh he helped me cope with my mother death. Three months after her death Josh would drink and do drugs, go clubbing and bring women into the house. One day he was really drunk so I helped him to his room and before I left he grabbed my arm and wouldn't let go, when I started to scream he knocked me out with one punch. When I woke up I was naked and couldn't move, he duck tapped me to the bed and when he walked back into the room he rapped me.

Ever since that day he would rape me two or three times a week. I know what your thinking why didn't you call the cops or tell someone… he said if I every said anything about this to anyone he would kill me where my mother died. So I never told anyone not even my boyfriend. After he said that the next day I planned my escape, I got two jobs one at Starbucks on weekdays and at the local library on weekends. I saved up as much as I could i also have a duffle bag in the back of my closet with all my clothes in it and my two pairs of shoes (vans and flats) and other needs. After about a year and a half of this crap I'm ready to go.

When Josh came home that day I was hiding in the corner with a frying pan in my hand and when he walked thought the door *wham* I hit him on the head when he fell to the ground I ran to get my bag and my cash (that I hid in my mattress). When I came back to the door Josh was gone and when I turned around… "Where do u think your going missy" he said in a creepy voice as his head was bleeding. "I'm leaving!!" I said with confidence. He ran toward me and punched me right in the face "your never leaving!!!" he screamed in my ear. Then I hit him again with the frying pan he fell the the ground not moving I grabbed my jacket and started to run. When I thought I was safe I started to walk then I herd a honking noise getting closer and closer. It was Josh in his silver Honda coming right at me. I started to run as fast as I could but his car hit me from behind. When I fell he got out of the car and dragged me by my hair back into the car.

When I was in the car he was like "Try something like that again and I'll run you over!" So I did i made a quick right turn into a tree and when the air bags went off I jumped out the car with all my stuff and ran into the woods. As I was running I could here him yelling "Come back here!!!" But I didn't look back or stop running. Once I slowed down I looked around and realized I was lost so I sat down and started to think of a plan. I also thought about what I just did…

This is my first time writing a fan fiction so tell me how you like :)

-clarinet girl🎵

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