What could go wrong?

How could one day just ruin Christmas? Well, ask Lila Cordelia, now 16 on Christmas, and had it all ruined. Could it have been that left over pudding? Well, you'll have to read to find out!



So now you know the true story of my cruel and dispicable punishment. And you thought it was going to get worse? Sorry, but this is where back story comes in. Yes,yes, I know all of you are moaning. But you want to get through this to get to. . . . . IT. Well, shall we begin? I met Mat in the, second grade or something around that. He had just moved from wild New York, down to mediocre Georgia. The first he came in, I swear I saw a devilish smile light up his.face.Everyone turned to him. I took an immediate interest because of how flashy he was. He looked at everyone individually, and his eyes landed on me. We knew we had a friendship starting. Even from th beginning, Mat always wanted to us into trouble. Maybe it was hitting a bee hive, or smacking the teacher in the face, he always had an idea in store. Me on the other hand, didn't like getting into trouble. I somehow managed to keep him away from the really dangerous plans, then the plans for a while. But now and then they would pop up. "Mat," I asked him, this was in the 5th grade, only 1 year ago, "How the heck do you come up with your ideas?!?" I asked. He had just had an idea to hide in the teacher's lounge and scare the crap out of them. "Well, it starts with thinking, how can I destroy the world in a small way. Then, how can I use the materials in my surroundings. And the plan is in full swing by then!" he said cheerfully. "Wow. My faith in humanity is restored. Thanks bro." I said. He laughed at the comment, then continued to tell me about his dastardly plan. Isn't he the charmer?

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