What could go wrong?

How could one day just ruin Christmas? Well, ask Lila Cordelia, now 16 on Christmas, and had it all ruined. Could it have been that left over pudding? Well, you'll have to read to find out!



Well, you now see how Mat is so idiotic and just plain weird. Oh, wait, Mum's back. Can't show her the first chapter. *This is now going on at 10:39 AM* Hey Mom, yeah, just finished the second chapter. No, nothing unfriendly, see you later. Okay virtual diary that everyone can see! Let's go back to backstory, now it's time for my backstory. BACK TO THE PAST! I was born in New York, and moved when I was 7 years old when I moved down to Georgia, or to be more specific, Atlanta. To all those people originally born in Atlanta, give me a like! Anyhow, I met Mat, my life looked pretty okay right then. Until my parents got into an argument. They divorced, and now I spend most of my time at my Mom's, she's awesome though on the plus side! Now, I'm in 6th grade (it's so harsh :( ), and basically stopping the world from death by Mat. But wait, there's more, my life in five words: Stop killing me Mat. So true, and so realistic. So, I guess that's it for me, see you next time internet!






A/N~ So, if you're wondering or confused, I am NOT this character. Just wanted to make sure this isn't awkward. I am a Georgian!


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