What could go wrong?

How could one day just ruin Christmas? Well, ask Lila Cordelia, now 16 on Christmas, and had it all ruined. Could it have been that left over pudding? Well, you'll have to read to find out!


1. What just happened?

 Hi there! I'm Lila, and this is a forced punishment. Yeah, I have to write a book for my bad deeds for Christmas. 'It's not even Christmas yet!' is what you're saying, and I agree with you! But, alas, the damsel is in distress, and no prince to save her. Or materials to break out with. So, I might as well tell you guys what happened. Yes, no, love you too Mum. Yeah, bye, I'll miss you, bye! Okay, now the fun begins! This wasn't my fault, I didn't even lay a finger on this plan. It was all Mat, my "best friend", or so he says. FLASHBACK! "Li, why don't you do a party or somethings like that?" Mat asked, always ready to start up trouble. "No, and then no to your next dastardly scheme." I replied, looking him in the eye, and trying not to laugh at his pouting face. "But, it will be nothing without you. Pretty please?" he asked, using puppy eyes. "How about," I asked pausing. He perked up, "NO!" I almost yelled, causing him to fall backwards off his chair. I laughed, exploding all the laughs inside. My face turned red from trying to stop laughing. Then Mat was laughing, and he couldn't stop. A kid, I think his name was Jack, turned to look at us as if we were crazy." Can you two shut up already? I'm kind of busy here." he scolded us. "Sorry(laugh) about th(laugh attack) that." I replied during my laughing spree. "Oh, are you serious? I'm trying to study, why can't you just move along?" Jack motioned his hands, like we were children. "We(laugh) can't (laugh/gasp) leave, this (laugh) is our class(laughing/gasping)." I somehow got out. The rest of the class ignored us, used to out laughing attacks. Even the teacher and librarian blocked us out, all except Jack. He sighed and looked around, noticing that no one else was paying attention. "Why is no one helping me out?!?" he cried out, not used to this. "Sorry dear, everyone is used to these two." Mrs. Marma, our teacher, jutted out her thumb at us. "What! Mrs. Marma!" Mat cried out from the accusation. "You know it's right Mat! Now don't sass your teacher!" she cried back, this time in a laughing matter."I don't see how Li keeps you in control." she remarked. It was a common mystery how I kept Mat in line. "Why, thank you for the remark Mrs. M!" I replied, going a bit far with the Mrs. M, but she kept moving on her way. Jack looked back at us, stunned by her reaction, shocked by her reaction. "Get (gasping) over it b(laugh) bro!" Mat called out. Jack shook his head and returned to his studying. "So (laugh), can we still have a party?" Mat laughed, making it seem like a joke. "Yeah(laughx3), why not?" I said. I really thought he was joking at the time. FLASHBACK ENDED! So, see how it wasn't my fault?!? It was all Mat's idea. Crazy, stupid Mat.

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