Best Friends?

Lucy Davis and Justin Bieber have been best friends since forever. But lucy secretly is in love with justin but justin is madly inlove with selena. When justin tells lucy about his relatipnship she gets very jelous very quickly. But what happens when justins love for selena fades away? What if lucy's jelousy gets out of control? What will happen between them two?


6. Chapter 6

I was currently in the kitchen with mads cooking a large Victoria Sponge. We were talking about how we should go out together tonight.

"Cmon you haveee to come tonight, its gonna be so much funn"! She said and draged the 'have' out.

"That sounds a great idea!" There was a familiar voice from behind me, i quickly turned my face and saw it was justin. Madison looked at me with the 'So?' look.

"Alrighty!" I giggled and Justin rapped his arms around my waist, i smiled at the gesture.


3 hours later

I currently getting changed for tonight. I didn't even know what i was gonna wear, i looked at this pink skater dress, but it looked to fancy so i decided to go casual, so i picked out this;

After i got changed i put some natural makeup on, light blusher and mascara, Justin says i dont need it but i defiantly have to have it otherwise i look awful, trust me! I was currently making my way down the stairs, Ryan and chaz and Justin were in the living room in a deep conversation so i decided to leave them to it so i made my way to the kichen, but it wasnt long until i felt a pair of arms around my waist.

"Whats wrong baby?" He whispered in my ear as he stroked my hips.

"Nothing?" I said as i turned around and snuggled my head into justins neck.

"Good, i don't want you to ever be upset!" He said as he held me tighter, i couldn't help but smile.

" I wont as long as i have you baby!" i pecked his lips but he held his lips on mine longer until i pulled away.

"So when are we going out?" I said as i snuggled back in his chest.

"Its totally up to my baby" He smirked.

"I dont mind as long as im with you!" And i cuddled into justins neck.

We held the hug for a long time until chaz came in. 

"You ready to go out?" He said in a happy mood.

"Yep!" Me and Justin said in unison 

I collected my phone and grabbed Justin's hand and walked to the car. 

-Skip car ride-

We were walking in MacDonald's when i heard a familliar giggle coming from opposite me. You have to be kidding me? Is she stalking us or something? I put my head in my hands in frustration but Justin soon realised and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Nothing is going to happen baby!" He said in a soothing voice as he lightly kissed my neck.

"I hope so!" I sighed

The only table that was available was next to selena -.-

"Maybe we should go!" Ryan said and chaz nodded.

"Nope, its okay, she cant get to us!" I said calmly and justin pecked my lips.

We walked to our table and sat down, i felt a little uncomfortable that something would happen and she would play with jay again!  Justin new that i was uncomfortable so he put his hand on my thigh, he new me too well, God this boy. I grabbed his hand and entwined out fingers. in the corner of my eye i saw selena staring at Justin and occasionally winking at him. I was afraid this would happen. The table was really close to ours so Selena's hand was getting closer to Justin's thigh and as soon as i knew it was placed on his thigh. And as justin does he didnt do anything. i get too jelous geez! My head was pounding and i felt a little dizzy. I got up and quickly walked to the bathroom, i saw justin worried coming after me. I felt quite dizzy so i was holding myself on the bathroom counter. The door flew open and i thought it was justin but it was barbie doll

"Go away!" I said through gritted teeth.

"Why, you scared of me?" 

"Why would i be scared of you?" 

"Because Justin is Supose to be with me, he doesnt deserve you, you cause him to much trouble , getting jealous and all that shit" She said, sounding simple. Maybe she was right, maybe justin deserves someone better. 

"Leave him and do the world a favour!" She said and she left.

A tear left my eye, maybe she was right. 

I shrugged off the thought of it for the minute and walked out. 

"Baby! You okay?" Worried as he sound i just nodded and acted fine.

"I dont feel very good, i might just go home!"

"Okay then im coming with you!" He said as if it was the simplist desicion in the world. 

-Skip car ride-

As we walked in the door, i ran upstairs and begining some more thinking about what happend with selena. I sat on the bed and loads of questions were running through my mind. What if justin doesnt deserve me? Should i listen to selena? Does he still love selena? Am i good enough for him? My mind was going crazy but then the door opened and revealed a worried justin.

"Baby? Whats the matter?" 

"Im just thinking about things" I said bluntly without turning around, i stared out the window

"What about?" He said curiously

"About us" i said and still didnt give him eye contact

"What?" He sounded confused, a tear slid down my cheek, I felt his thumb on my cheek wiping the tear away. I quickly stood up and cleared my throat, i just wanted to tell him what i was thinking

"I dont deserve you Justin" 

"What?" He said as he stood up quickly and over to me. He held my hand but i shrugged it off.

"A girl like me doesn't deserve an amazing person like you!" I said with tears slipping down my cheek.

"Hey!" He said quite load. "Dont you ever think like that, Okay! 

"What if its true!" I said painfully

"What are you trying to say?" He said, i saw hurt in his eyes

"Selena said what if im too messed up?" I said with even more tears coming down

"You listen to her now?" i closed my eyes and let tears fall. Good point, why did i listen to her? She's making our relationship more and more complicated.

"Im always jealous and im too messed up... What If - " Before i could say anything else i was stopped by his lips on mine. He pulled away

"No one in the world could be as good as you, your my princess, forever and always!" I couldn't help but smile a little

"I love you" He said instantly

"I love you too, im sorry for being jelousHe brang me into a big hug and connected our lips together. I couldnt help but smile in the kiss. I love him so much

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