Best Friends?

Lucy Davis and Justin Bieber have been best friends since forever. But lucy secretly is in love with justin but justin is madly inlove with selena. When justin tells lucy about his relatipnship she gets very jelous very quickly. But what happens when justins love for selena fades away? What if lucy's jelousy gets out of control? What will happen between them two?


3. Chapter 3

Justin P.O.V 


I just stood there like a idiot, i let the girl that i actually have feelings for go. I've always had feelings for her but ive covered them up. Im such a dick for kissing her and then kissing Selena, i feel like a player. The truth is i went out with selena to make her jelous, it worked but turned out not so good. i should of just told her the truth. I turned to go back to the party where i saw madison outside. 

"MADISON" I shouted so that she could here me 

"What Justin?" She said bluntly

"RIght, i know your angry but i kissed madison and she-" I was about to finish when she cut me off

"Finally....! " She stopped

"You should be happy?" She said again confused

"Well after i kissed her, i kissed selena infront of her and she got upset and ran away so i followed her said i know about her feelings for me then she ran off" I said out of breath

She stood there and i could tell she looked pissed.

"Ive always had feelings for but hid it up incase she didnt feel the same way" I said as i looked down

"Look im not mad with you, its just you hurt her justin" she said as we both walked back into the party

"I know" i sighed. i went to tyler to say im leaving, i went up to Tyler but i froze instantly.

"Baby" She said while she was grinding tyler while he was kissing her fucking neck.

"You two are having fun!" ? I said pissed

She jumped up and froze,

"Baby listen I-" before she could finish i cut her off 

"Fuck you" they were the last 2 words i said before i left to find my love!

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