Best Friends?

Lucy Davis and Justin Bieber have been best friends since forever. But lucy secretly is in love with justin but justin is madly inlove with selena. When justin tells lucy about his relatipnship she gets very jelous very quickly. But what happens when justins love for selena fades away? What if lucy's jelousy gets out of control? What will happen between them two?


14. Chapter 14



"What should i wear?"  Justin decided to take me out, he still hasnt realized it was my birthday, i was kinda disapoined but who would care about my birthday its only celebrating my age, nothing really.

"Something comfortable but sexy!" He smirked i just rolled my eyes.

"Oooo, What about this?" I held up this: 

"Perfect!" He said with a wide grin on his face

"Can i ask you something?" 

"Sure baby?" I could tell he was confused

"Why do you wanna take me out tonight?" I said curiously

"Cant a boyfriend take his beautiful girlfriend out for dinner?" He got up and snaked his arms around my waist

"Im not complaining" I said grinning and gave him a sweet peck on his cheek

"Good so you ready?" 

"Yep" I smiled and grabbed his hand

~Skip car ride~ 

hand in hand me and justin walked in the beautiful restraunt. When i got in it was dark as hell. 

"Justin?" I couldnt feel his hand anymore, i started to panic

"JUSTIN, this is not funny" Then all of a sudden the lights came on.

"SURPISEEEE" There were hundreds of people here

"Omg" I was startled and just standing there frozen with my hand over my heart.

"HAppy birthday baby!" Justin placed a passionate long kiss on my lips,

"Thank you so much " I then gave him another peck

"Happy birthday luc" Khalil hugged me and so did fredo, ryan and chaz

"HAPPY BDAY GURL" Mads came up to me and have me a huge bear hug.

"HAppy birthday!" Joe cam upto me and hugged me

"Thanks joe" I smiled and turned to mad

" thanks mad" I smiled and gave her a peck on the cheek (Friendly way xD) I was looking around,

"Wheres my-" I stopped my words and froze dead in my tracks. Dad. My first birthday without him.

"Where's who?" Everyone said in unison, i started to get teary 

"Ermm noone, Excuse me" I walked outside to get some air. A tear rolled down my cheek but i quickly wiped it away

"Why do i have to cry all the time!" I said to myself, i sighed

"Its okay to cry you know" Justin came infront of me 

"Im sorry" I looked down and justin pulled me close to him

"Hey, its okay to remember" He held me tighter

"I love you baby" 

"I love you too princess" He kissed my forehead and led me back into the restraunt. 

Tonight will be a good night... hopefully ! (:







Hey guys (: I didnt know what else to put so yeah, hope you enjoy it <3 Sorry its short ! still need ideas though! Remember you can dm me on twitter @Juustins_Babyy <3

Love you hommies ;)

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