Best Friends?

Lucy Davis and Justin Bieber have been best friends since forever. But lucy secretly is in love with justin but justin is madly inlove with selena. When justin tells lucy about his relatipnship she gets very jelous very quickly. But what happens when justins love for selena fades away? What if lucy's jelousy gets out of control? What will happen between them two?


12. Chapter 12

I woke up to the sun shining right through the certains. I groaned and turned my head to expect justin there but its was empty? I sniffled but i could not smeel bacon or egg. I pulled myself out of bed and wore this; 


I went downstairs and looked for justin but there was no sign of him and no note? 

"Justin?" No answer? Thats odd.

I decided to ring his mobile, i grabbed my phone and rang justin. But he didnt pick up? I decided to call ryan and see of he was with him. I tapped on ryans contact.

"Hello, ryan?" 

"Yes its the man speaking!" douche! i couldnt help but giggle. He sounded drunk?

"Is jay with you?" I heard loud music in the background? A club?

"Um- um maybe?" He sounded suspicious and more drunk

"Which club?" I sighed

"Myst- wait um i have to go"

"Ryan?" before i could say anything else he put the phone down

"Urghh" I said to myself in alot of frustration. Justin went to a club without leaving a little note or even telling me? Club = Sluts = Prostitutes. What is he up to now? I started to get worried and a hint of jealousy. Which club though, ryan said myst... MYSTIC! Mystic club near daple street. I got my car keys and spead off to Mystic. When i got there i rushed out. All i could smell is alchol. I walked in frustratidly. Why couldnt he just left a simple note!!!!! I was beyond pissed. I went into the kitchen barging past everyone searching for justin. There he was talking to a bunch of guys with ALOT of girls. A shock of jelousy ran through me. I was beyond pissed. Ditched me for a club with prostitutes and dint even leave a note? I just looked at justin and just didnt want to speak to him now. He suddenly turned his head but before i could look at him i walked out to my car not bothering to look back.

"Hey Baby, Wait UP" He shouted but i didnt here the rest cause i already drivin off. 

Once i got home, i went inside and i just went upstairs and fell on my bed. I sighed and just covered my face with my hands. I decided to call madison because i havent seen in like forever. 

"Hey mads" I smiled. 

"Hey girl, Whats up babe?" She said, i just sighed

"Can i come over?" I again sighed.

"Ofc baby, are you ok- Wait tell me when you arrive." With that i hung up and drove to Madison's.

On my way there i saw justin with ryan walking to i asume is the house. Ryan was so pissed he keps tumbling, Justin was holding him up. justin wasnt drunk? Justin saw me and i just drove past, i had mixed emotions. I knew he was going to follow me but i dont really care at this point. Maybe i should calm down because he didnt mess with prostitues right?... Once i got there i knocked on her door and then madd appeared


"Hey luc" She kissed my cheek and i walked in a sat comfortably on the couch. 

"Tell me what happend" So i told her what happend with justin.

"Maybe you shouldnt be angry, he didnt do anything bad but he did go without telling you and you never know he might of fucked some prozzy" She laughed. I gave her a serious look but couldnt help but giggle

"That really helped thanks" note the siacasm. 

"Sorry, lets just go and get a chocochino and get your mind off it! Sound good?" 

"Sounds epic!" I smiled at her and walked in kitchen. 

As soon as i sat down with my chocochine the doorbell went. 

"Ill get it" Mads walked off to the door. 10 seconds later justin appeared. i sighed and just couldnt be bothered to speak. i was too tired! 

"What is up with you?" He said sighing

"Ill give you two some space!" Mad left before i could say anything.

"Nothing" i replied and looked down at my chocochino. Maybe my jelousy was overacting a lil bit. OKAY alot ! he just sighed and sat down. I felt my eyes get watery, my feelings were messing our relationship up. He was only out with ryan! He didnt fuck anyone!

"Im going to use the bathroom!" I said and quickly walked past justin.

I walked into the bedroom and sat on the bed wiping my tears away. What has got into me? I just sat there looking out the window. Until i heard a knock on the door but i didnt bother to look because i already knew who it was. 

"Baby?" Justin kneeled infront of me

"Im sorry for walking out, i just felt jealous and i guess i worried about you at a club full of sluts"i laughed a bit but soon went back to frowning.

"Hey your the only girl who catches my eye. I love you and dont forget that. And your also the only one i would fuck!" He smirked i playfully hit his arm but pecked his lips

"Next time, a note would be nice" I laughed and so did he

"Oh yeah!" He laughed. He pulled my chin up and kissed me. He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance which i gladly excepted but before it got hearted i pulled away.

"1 thing, We are at my best friends house? Remember" I laughed and pecked his lips. I was about to walk out when he stopped me.

"Next time, tell me if your feeling down?"

"Okay" I smilled and pecked his lips. We intwined fingers and walked out. I need to sort myself out!



Thanks guyssss ;) It was really random this time but i hope you like it <3 i wont be able to update in the next 3 days but ill try my hardest! Comment ideass for the next chapter ;* 

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