Best Friends?

Lucy Davis and Justin Bieber have been best friends since forever. But lucy secretly is in love with justin but justin is madly inlove with selena. When justin tells lucy about his relatipnship she gets very jelous very quickly. But what happens when justins love for selena fades away? What if lucy's jelousy gets out of control? What will happen between them two?


11. Chapter 11

As i got home, i couldnt help but keep crying, my dad Gone because of me! When i got inside i fell on the couch and justlet all my emotions out. I felt tight arms come round me.

"Baby shhh please dont cry" He said as he was crying too.

"Ive ever-yone" I stuttered

"You have me baby, 'Everything's gonna be alright, ight, across the ocean across the sea" He sarted to sing and thats where i fell to sleep thinking about my dad.


8 weeks later;


I was recovering from my dads death, i was doing okay at the moment. I still cried when i thought of him but i have a wonderful boyfriend to look after me. I dont just love him, I love him unconditionally! I made my way down the stairs and into the kitchen, i got some orange out of the fridge and poured myself a glass and made justin a coffee. I then felt tight, tattooed arms snake round my waist.

"Hey baby!" He said giving my cheek a quick peck before getting pancakes out of the cupboard.

"Hey" I smiled and gave him a huge bear hug :D. I held him tight for a couple of minutes until the door went. 

"Ill get it" I said pecked his lips and walked to the door. I opened it and saw ryan. Strangely he was staring at me, i gave him a 'What?' look and then looked where his eyes were and i realised i only had justins top on. (with undies iswell obvs xD) I felt a present behind me and i turned and it was justin. He gave ryan a death glare and ryan amediantly looked in a different direction but he smirked and walked through. 

" Watch it, im only aloud to look at her beautiful body, ME " He said kissing me with full passion. 

"Mhmmm" I said while he was kissing me. 

"Er Get a room guys" Ryan said and laughed. I felt my cheeks get hot and hid my face in justin's chest. Justin came up to my ear.

"Your sexy when you blush" He whispered and bit my ear. Wow he is really turning me on. i knew he was teasing!

"Justin stop, dont tease!' I whispered and smirked and wiggled into the kitchen, game on bieber! I was going to make some fun out of this tease. 

"Ooops" I said as i 'Accidentally' dropped the cloth, i bent down to get it and i knew justin was staring

"Take a pic, it'll last longer" I said before i saw a flash. He took a pic ... i was kidding .-.

"Stop you big sexy tease!" He said as he nibbled at my ear. I moved away and quickly undid the couple of buttons on my shirt so my bra was half showing. Justin sat down and realized and he started to fidget. Me-1 Bieber- 1 , time to step my game up a lil >;)

"Its getting hot in here!" I said as i undid more buttons, i cant believe i didnt laugh, their reactions doe ;D Justins eyes nearlly popped out of his head. Chaz's draw dropped, priceless ! 

"Ive had enough, its too hot so im going to go take a shower cya guys!" I winked and trotted off. Haha game on. I walked up the stairs and stripped my cloths off and hopped in the shower. The tease is no where near done! I let the water trickle down my back. After i did my body and hair i stepped out and grabbed a towl, Wait a sec why dont i grab a short towel? ;) I grabbed a purple towel and wrapped my body in it. I walked downstairs with my hair still dripping and a really short and i mean really short towel on my body. 

"Hey guys have you seen my comb anywhere?" I asked and there jaws dropped and i knew justin was getting very yannoe, excited ;)

"Oh okay then? Dont worry ill find another one" I walked off up to the bathroom, i let out a giggle and went into the bathroom and found a comb. I walked back in to the bedroom and saw justin standing against the wall, his eyes were dark as the night. This will be fun ...

"Hey what are you doing ?" I said acting normal. i walked over to my closet but before i could even reach it i was forcefully pushed against wall

"What did i say about teasing?" He said roughly, i could see he was getting turned on. 

"Who said i was teasing?" He just stared at me with dark eyes like ready to pounce on his pray.Now i was getting turned on,  I couldnt help it, I forcefully connected our lips together. He immediantly started roughly kissing back. He ripped my towel off as i took his shirt off. I jumped on his waist never pulling away from the kiss. He threw me on the bed and removed his sweats. He started placing gentle but rough kisses down my neck i couldnt help but moan. 

"Wait, w-what about r-ryan?" I said inbetween moans

"He went home after i said i had to deal with something!" I felt him smirk against my body. I braught my mouth to his and he started roughly kissing me. He removed my undies and i removed his boxes.

                      (Yannoe what happens next!) ;) 


Thanks guys :) I was totally random but yannoe im proud of it<3 ily people ;)



sorry short chapter hope you like it <3 ily :)

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