Best Friends?

Lucy Davis and Justin Bieber have been best friends since forever. But lucy secretly is in love with justin but justin is madly inlove with selena. When justin tells lucy about his relatipnship she gets very jelous very quickly. But what happens when justins love for selena fades away? What if lucy's jelousy gets out of control? What will happen between them two?


10. Chapter 10

Its been 6 weeks since me and Justin have argued. I have to admit i miss him so much but the relationship was not working, i should of known, Hayley is way more prettier than me even selena was, i dont blame him for going for them. Im currently at home in my pj's watching the notebook. My dad was in the kitchen doing some paperwork. I decided to go and see if he was okay. 

"Hey daddy" i trotted into the kitchen

"Hey princess" I know a daddy's girl.

"Princess, i'm going to your mothers grave would you like to come?" He said as he stood up with flowers in his hand. i was hesitating to whether of not i should go but why not? 

"Yeah, okay ill just get changed" I hopped upstairs and chucked on a pair of high wasted jeans and a red crop with red supras. I picked up the picture of me and my mum to lay it on her grave.

"You ready sweetheart?" Dad shouted from the kitchen

"Yeah nearly!" I grabbed my photo but My phone began ringing

"Hello?" I said confused

"Hey, Lucy?" I recognized that voice from somewhere?

"Hayley?" I was so not expecting this...

"yep, lets get to the point. Sorry a invitation didnt come because jay ..... PROPOSE!" She squealed down the phone. Selena and now this! Seriously? I just stared into space. He WHAT?! I chucked my phone at the other end of my room and stormed downstairs.

"Hunny You Okay-" I cut him off

"Ill be in the car" I said with tears falling. As my dad got into the car he opened his mouth but then closed it. Half way there my dad decided to make conversation, this cant be good.!

"What has justin done?" He sighed

"None of your business" I said quite rudely

"Wooh just because you in a mood doesnt mean i need cheek from you!"

"Im sorry but Its none of your business its between me and justin!" I looked out of the window trying to hide the tears.

"Your a jelous bitch again, let me guess?" He laughed while looking forward. Did he just actually say that? My dad? Really?

"Excuse me?"I said shocked

"Well you are, you can be a right bitch when your jelous hunny" Did he? Omg? Really? My dad?

"Dont hunny me, your being a douche to your own daughter, ha thanks alot DAD" I regretted everyword, i went to apoligize but then I then felt a red hot burn go across my cheek! Did he just? Slap me? I just sat there with my hand on my cheek.

"How could you, i was about to apoligize!" I said tears running down my red face

"You deserved it"

"Im calling justin" I said sternly, getting my phone out of my pocket.

"Oh no your not!" He has one hand on the wheel and the other trying to snatch my phone away but all of a sudden i shouted

"DAD WATCH OUT!" It just all went black.


14 Hours Later


Justin P.O.V

I was currently out with Khalil. I have to say this. I miss lucy so much, i want her back so badly but i know i cant, me and hayley are just friends but she probably thought different. She doesnt respect herself properly and that makes me sad. I keep getting texts and rings off hayley. She is annoying the teather out of me. Me and hayley arnt asact friends anymore. She tried kissing me and getting me into bed so i decided to take a break. She keeps bringing up ideas we should get married or 'You should propose'. Its so annoying, if i was to propose i would get down on one knee for lucy and only lucy! 

I then had a phone call, it said 'Baby<3' Lucy?

"Hello?" i said confused

"Hello, is this Mr Bieber?" There was a man on the other side  of the phone. I started to worry

"Who is this?" 

"I am PC Jack, Im ringing to inform you that Miss Davis has been in a accident." My world stopped when i heard them words come out of the phone.


"Im sorry sir, would-" I cut him off by putting the phone down and getting to the hospital to find my girl.!


Lucy P.O.V


I felt awful. I wanted to open my eyes but i was afraid. I opened one eye to see a man in white with a clipboard writing something. He then switched his head to me and shouted something but i couldn't hear what. I began to open both of my eyes, i was in a white room with machines everywhere. I started to panak and loose my breath

"W-water" I tryed to say without passing out. He instantly gave me a bottle of water so i took a sip and calmed down.

"D-Dad" I didnt even think before i called out the one name i was thinking of

"DAD" I kept calling with tears sliding down my cheeks.

"Lucy, i advise you to calm down please" He put a firm hand on my shoulder advising to lay back down. My dad is okay, my dad is okay, my dad is okay. i kept cursing. My dad was okay. Suddenly the two white doors flew open and a familier face came close. 

"j justin" I stuttered but instantly thought, hayley? Proposal?

"Lucy, baby are you okay?" Worried as he sounded, i kept thinking about proposal. I turned my back to him and let the tears fall. 

"Whats wrong?" 

"Hows hayley?" I instantly blurted out

"What do you mean?"

"The proposal? i knew you didnt love me!" I said with more tears flowing.

"What?" He sounded like he didnt know what i was talking about?

"SHe called me up and said you proposed to her" His facial expression changed from a confused face to a pissed face

"She what? Is that why you crashed cause you were.... were upset" He looked down and i could see he was beyond pissed

"So you didnt propose?" I said more happy than sad

"We arnt even together" He smiled then connected his lips with mine.

"I love you"

"I love you too princess" I instantly thought Princess? DAD!

"Is my dad okay?" 

"Want me to ask?" I nodded and he kissed my forehead and walked to the docter. I peeked to see what they were talking about. I saw justin speaking words i couldnt make out but then he put his head in his hands and crouched down. Oh No! 

"No no no no no no no no !" I was getting out the bed wripping leads out of my arms and chest. Justin quickly ran to me and tried to calm me down. I sobbed my heart out. My only family i had left. Gone.

"Baby shhh Baby" Justin had tears falling from his eyes. 

"N.o.t.h.i.s.i.s.n.t.h.a.p.p.e.n.i.n.g" I said inbetween sobs. 

"Baby shh everything will be alright. I promise!" His calming voice didnt calm me down, i was only thinking, Dad is dead because of me!

My fault again ...

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