The Nerd and the Jock

Ali is a major nerd, and no way athletic. Niall is a major Jock, who is struggle in some subjects. When one of their teachers has Ali tutor Niall, and Niall then offers to help her in PE. Will they fall for each other? Or will everything just be a big mistake? Read to find out.


2. Chapter 1


Niall's POV 


                     I was sitting in my Chemistry class listening to the teacher go on and on about lab safety rules when the bell rang. Finally it felt like a lifetime in that class. I was gathering my things when Mr. Smith said "Niall may I see you for moment." 

   After I finished gathering my books I walked over to his desk  Everyone had already left the classroom by now. " You wanted to see me Mr. Smith?" I asked.

 " Yes, Niall. You do realize that you are failing this class right?" He told me. I can't fail any classes, I will be kicked off the football (Soccer) team. 

 " Is there anything extra I can do?" I asked Mr.Smith.

 " Well, Since the semester is almost over, extra credit wouldn't raise your grade. Your only hope is to pass finals. Perhaps a tutor would help."  

" Okay. Ya, sure I'll get a tutor." I said.

" Niall meet your new tutor." He said pointing at a girl sitting in the back of the room. " Niall meet Ali, I hope you too will be spending a lot of time together." Then he left the room. 

I walked over to Ali to see her doing some math equations. " So, umm... When do you want to start?" I asked her, with hesitation.

 " Tomorrow." she said whispering. 

" Okay. " I said leaving. I had football practice now. I started walking to the locker rooms when I ran into my girlfriend Ella. 

" Hey Niall" She said 

" Hi Ella" I said giving her a kiss on the cheek. 

" I was thinking we could hang out tomorrow night." She said 

" I can't, and I can't talk now I will be late for practice. I will call you tonight." I said rushing away. I was so stressed right now. 


Ali's POV

 It was the last period of the day, Chemistry. When the bell rang for class to end everybody rushed out of the classroom. I decided to stay and finish up some homework. "Niall may I see you for a moment." My teacher Mr. Smith said.

 Niall Horan he was one of the school's most popular boys, along with his friends, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and Harry Styles. Niall walked over to Mr. Smith's desk. I saw them talking for bit. I just continued doing my homework. 

" Niall meet your new tutor." I heard Mr. Smith say.  The teachers always have me tutor people. I am one of the smartest kids at our school. 

" So umm... When do you want to start?" I heard Niall say. I didn't even realize he was standing right next to me. I was free tomorrow.

" Tomorrow" I said softly not looking up from my homework.

" Okay." He said, then walked out.  I then started gathering up my things. When I walked outside the classroom I saw Niall talking to his girlfriend, Ella Montgomery. 

 At our school there's the popular, who are very cute,every girl has a crush on, and are on the school's football team, Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry.  Then there are the popular girls who always get the lead roles in the play or are on the cheer leading squad, and of course dating the popular boys. Ella and Niall are a couple, Kristen Brown and Harry are a couple, Aria Patterson and Liam Payne, Zoe Carpenter and Zayn Malik, and then there's  Louis Tomlinson who is the only single one. He and his girlfriend had just broken up. 

  Niall then walked away and Ella looked my way. I quickly ran away. I don't talk to anyone if I don't have to. I'am very shy, and I don't have very many friends. I then decided to just walk home.

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